Feeding two people well for £30 a week

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s case of low stock and empty cupboards here. I’ve just done my Tesco order and got it down to £30 for the two of us for at least a week and will probably stretch a lot longer. Here’s our menu plan for the week.

1.Cottage pie, brocolli and peas – cheaper if you use instant mash on top – it’s perfectly OK!

Call me peculiar! But we like this – on top of  cottage pie, or  for fish cakes and a pack is 20p

2.Sausage casserole, oven chips and a tin of peas.

3.Turkey casserole, half a baked potato each (2 minutes in the popty ping) and cauliflower.

I can do almost a month’s washing with this! I use half of what they suggest as I have very soft water.

4.Bacon Hotpot – see Hardup Hester’s recipe – I’ll serve it with a tin of tomatoes and a tin of carrots.

5.Fish cakes – make with 99p white fish, some dried parsley and the instant mash potato – it will make ten – we’ll eat four and freeze the rest. with some steamed mixed veg or a tin of peas.

9p!!!!! It leaves my long hair shiny and rinses out easily!

6.Turkey hotpot – turkey, carrots, onion, a stock cube topped with layers of onions and sliced potatoes served with broccoli and carrots.

7.Lasagne and garlic bread – all homemade of course!

Frozen veg is just as nutritious

8.Pasta carbonara – made with fried bacon pieces, cheese sauce (instant, cheap and it’ll do fine!) and pasta swirls (still 20p a bag)

9. Veggie cheesey pasta bake – steam or popty ping some cauli, broccoli and mixed veg, cook some pasta – combine veg and pasta, stir in cheese sauce, finish in the mini-oven for 20 minutes. – Serve with homemade bread.

Supplement the lot with porridge or toast for breakfast, warmed up left overs for lunch and I’ve well and truly have enough there to keep me going well into the next couple of weeks. How do I do it? Most of what I buy is ‘value’ – a pack of value mince will make two meals, a pack of value bacon bits will make two meals, as will a pack of value turkey leg pieces. I’ve always got the staples of pasta, tinned veg and loo rolls. We eat a mixture of fresh and frozen veg, some of our meals are ‘on toast’, plenty have no meat and we eat for balance and nutrition and try to keep our portions to a reasonable size without going hungry.

I’ll now be prowling the supermarkets at the end of their days trading, looking for reduced meat to freeze as I have the entire family here for Christmas. It will be cheap and cheerful, but everyone will be well fed and entertained.

I’m now off to hang washing in the garden, chop wood and sweep the house through, I may even get to wash the windows – there is brilliant sunshine here today.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


32 thoughts on “Feeding two people well for £30 a week

  1. Basics frozen peas, basics baked beans, pasta and basics canned tomatoes. If I have eggs and milk then there's always the makings of a meal int he cupboard.

    I confess I have always avoided instant mash – but will now have to do some costings and work out exactly how much it costs to use 'real' spuds on my cottage pie [which is always 'stretched' with some baked beans]

    I hope your tutor assembly went well this week!


  2. Made me think about the stuff I buy / keep in.

    Porridge always in, a good brekkie stand-by, also a handful in the bread-maker loaf.
    Tins of beans & peas, about the only tins I buy other than last-minute reduced.
    Cuppa soups, always a quick supper with a bit of toast.
    Potatoes, bought when reduced, they last ages in a dark cupboard.
    Onions, they last forever (almost) as well, they go in just about every slow cooker meat meal.
    Stock cubes, also go in the slow cooker with the meat.
    Gravy granules, beef and chicken, cheese sauce granules.
    Eggs, local egg producer, the rejects that the superstores don't want, by the tray, sometimes down to £1 for 30 small ones, un-washed but fresh.
    Pasta, cheap and keeps forever.
    Flour and dried yeast, we'll always have bread.
    Tea bags and coffee.
    Freezers full of last-minute whoopsies, whatever was at rock bottom from the cold shelf, meat, fish, cheese, chicken, cold meats, pies.
    Lentils, in case I get a nice ham shank or bacon/gammon joint, a slow cooker full of lentil soup's one of our favourites, a small joint or shank gives us a hot dinner with new potatoes & cauliflower cheese; some cold slices for sandwiches, and a lot of stock for the soup, it uses up any root veg lying about.

    Don't plan specific meals, just see what Tesco/Morrison/Asda over-ordered and plan round that, or something from the freezer if there's nothing going.


  3. Hi Green Flag – 9p baby shampoo, when shower gel was on offer for 9p – I bought 10! Loo rolls – 9 for 1.99 DB has an electric shaver, I use disposable razors for 29p for 10 – I bought Mitchum unscented anti-perspirant when it was half price for 89p a can – again, I bought 10 and they will last me a year – I use £4 of dog food a month, £1.80 on a huge bag of cat biscuits, a large 29p of bleach lasts a month, Tesco value dishwasher tabs are 1.99 for 30 and I use one tab a day – we use one tube of Tesco whitening toothpaste a month at 50p – some weeks I will buy tooth paste and some months oh and I spend 74p on tampons a month – it all usually comes to an average of £30 a week for food, cleaning products and toiletries


  4. fish cakes – I use white fish and ding it in the microwave to defrost it, I mash it into mashed potato, sprinkle in chopped dried parsley and some finely chopped and fried onions – i make into patties and then shallow fry them – it makes fish go a long way


  5. good menu for £30 a week but where is food for breakfast, cooked meat for sandwiches? I spend much the same for me and hubby but that includes, toiletries, cat food, cat litter. I get a bag of potatoes for £1.28 which lasts us about four weeks
    our meals for tea…
    saturday – bag of frozen pork chops,2.50 – use one chop, I make sweet n sour (value tin)
    sun – use two chops for sunday dinner, value stuffing, value mixed veg, value batter for yorkshires
    mon – rest of chops, pork casserole & tesco dumpling mix 55p, value mixed veg
    tues – mince, cost £1.10(divide into three portions) – make shepherds pie
    wed – lasagne – pasta sauce , 39p fill it out with tin value meatballs 44p
    thurs – use last of mince, onions and mushrooms left from tues & wed to make filling, to make cornish pasties
    fri – value fish portions 97p and large bag of chips 1.09 (last us a month)

    Josie x


  6. Wow thats fab. We have been vey good of late but I know we could do even better if we tried harder.

    I buy almost all own value brands and they taste fine. All our bread is home made and tastes so much nicer than shop brought bread.

    X x


  7. It looks like a well balanced menu for the week.

    I like that you've included everything within the £30 too, it's something I aim to do in the New Year, so it's inspirational.

    We are spending some of our Christmas holiday working out our budget for next year to kick start our mammoth saving plan.

    Sue xx


  8. 9p for shampoo! I was robbed with my Sainsbury's Basic's at 33p. Great meal plans. I buy lots of value food (except meat)and it's all been fine. Aldi's tampons are cheapest anywhere.
    Will try your fish cake recipe.


  9. Hi, sorry to butt in but just had to say to JOSIE please don't buy dumpling mix, its so much cheaper to buy suet and make your own. I use 1 and a half eggcupfuls of suet to 3 eggcupfuls of self raising flour, mixed with a little water this makes 4 lovely tasty dumplings.


  10. Hi Frugal Queen,
    I can't get over the prices you pay for stuff like shampoo! I live in the US and have been paying sometimes $5 for a bottle of shampoo. I even think your prices on food are so low. I live in the Northeastern part of New Jersey (USA) and I know our prices are quite high here but I've never heard of such low prices anywhere over here. You seem to do such a good job with your budgeting. I really admire that. Love reading your blog.


  11. Well I just did our shopping for the week. Converting Canadian dollars to pounds, we spent approx 93.58 pounds . I know that our gas(petrol) is much cheaper,as well as our electricity and natural gas, so I am not complaining, just showing the difference. I have been trying to cut back, but we have had a year of major increases in all catagories, so it is a challenge for sure.


  12. I always have instant or as I call it fake spud in the pantry, it is so economical for on top of shepherds pie, in soups to add bulk and anything else that needs a little extra padding. That includes curries I know not very authentic but needs must.


  13. I can't believe how expensive our groceries are here in Australia. Thank heavens we don't have to pay to heat our houses as much. I use Mitchum deodorant and it is always about $3.90. At current exchange rate around 1 pound 30p. And it is never much cheaper – maybe 20 cents. And I could never get shampoo for 40 cents, compared with your 19p shampoo.

    What about fresh fruit in your weekly eating? It's summer here and I love having a mango (around $1.50 each) or a peach (still quite expensive , $7.00 a kilo) or a banana ($4 a kilo).


  14. Hi Jen – I only eat local fresh fruit when it's in season, no fruit available at the moment, I get my vit c and anti oxidants from the cheap green leafy veg that I eat, plenty of cabbage, and broccoli which are cheap and I eat dark green veg every day


  15. Froogs-what is the proportion of fish to potatoes for your fish cakes? TIA

    Kearny girl-CT here. Do you ever shop at Shoprite? they often carry shampoo on sale for 49-89/bottle with a limit of 4 of each “scent”-stock up for the year. Even though I use color care shampoo, I use Suave, tresemme or Loreal -any bought on sale with a cpn, etc. For conditioner (longer, wavey/curly hair) i use whatever is cheap. I must be doing something right as I get many compliments on my hair. HTH


  16. Brilliant, we use loads of the Tesco value range and sometimes really do prefer it. We buy value biscuits, they are less sweet, vaue crisps, value kitchen towel, foil, cling film, tomatoes, pasta. The sainsburys value range is extensive and good, especially the different cheeses and barn eggs 69p for 6.
    I blimmin love porridge with either value syrup or strawberry or homemade blackberry jam.
    Most of our budget goes on fresh fruit for Twiget 🙂
    Twiggy x


  17. Brilliant, we use loads of the Tesco value range and sometimes really do prefer it. We buy value biscuits, they are less sweet, vaue crisps, value kitchen towel, foil, cling film, tomatoes, pasta. The sainsburys value range is extensive and good, especially the different cheeses and barn eggs 69p for 6.
    I blimmin love porridge with either value syrup or strawberry or homemade blackberry jam.
    Most of our budget goes on fresh fruit for Twiget 🙂
    Twiggy x


  18. Wow, I've jusy checked online with Tesco and in just over a year that baby shampoo has gone from 9p to 46p!! Is that about 500% more?! Crazy! Altho 9p was quite crazy to start with – but very good for their customers lol. I love to buy something that is a single digit price :o) x


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