How much? How little?

Hello Dear Reader,

I often wonder how much or how little we need. I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by moors and wilderness. I’m happiest when I can take care of the people I love and people who need me. I don’t need much and suppose I don’t want much. I’m looking forward to time off, some crafting, some thrifting, wood chopping and looking after friends and family. I’m looking forward to time at home, time to take care of the house, to cook, to stack wood.

The older I get, the less I need.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


15 thoughts on “How much? How little?

  1. Since the demise of the “old me” and my previous life in the rat-race along with my ex wife, frugalism (is that a word?) became a necessity. All I got from a 35 year marriage was 6 black plastic bags half full of some clothes, and a massive debt.

    Since the start of the “new me” I've come to the conclusion that I neither needed or even wanted all the shiney (spelling?) trappings that I seemed to be forever chasing, that my ex thought were essential. I don't really miss the chain-smoking habit nor the excessive alcohol comsumption or even the new cars and numerous credit cards. However much I earned I seemed to spend more.

    I now live with my new wife (who I didn't meet until after the seperation) on a small fraction of what I used to earn. And I think I've realised how little we actually need, or indeed want.

    Since my wife became a wheelchair user, I'm a full-time carer, house-husband and everything else, and I'm happiest spending time with her.

    I doubt if my ex is as happy with her new (millionaire) boyfriend.

    Yes, the older I get the less I need.


  2. I find it true that the older I get
    the less I want or need. Since retirement I find I need fewer clothes. I gave all my nursing uniforms to others when I retired.
    My clothing is simple,and easy care.
    I eat less and I can make a kettle of
    soup or stew last a week or more.
    I also freeze leftovers for meals
    another week.
    I deeply enjoy time with family and friends. I enjoy knitting and crochet and make most of the gifts
    I give to others.


  3. I have wondered the same thing when on holidays with just a suitcase and the little you find in rental properties. I think the things we surround ourselves with are often just there to try to recreate the innocence of those times, except that we often get carried away. Cherrie


  4. If only we could teach our grown up children this, maybe life would get simpler, quicker for them, and they wouldn't waste time striving to earn money they don't need for things they don't need.

    I have all I need and am at last content.

    Sue xx


  5. Having spent yesterday out hunting with my dog and come home with a pheasant and two wood pigeons It made me think just how lucky we are to have shops. It is jolly hard work collecting your own food but very satisfying and there is nothing like free food.


  6. It could be age, but it is also a mind set.

    We are having a very small Christmas, FIL, him and me.

    presents? I want and need for nothing. I am blessed at this time. So we are going to get 1 amazon voucher and 1 card with money on it for Marks and Spencers. then if we need underwear etc or something that is on amazon later in the year we will use those. The spirit of Christmas will be with us all year. Yes we could save the money. But things are tightly balanced. and you often go with out if you think you can make do. we will use them in desperation. In my mind it makes sense.

    Completely agree, I seem to need less and less. is that maturity or down shifting?


  7. I'm a late in life mom, I don't need as much as I once did. With teenagers still at home, I try to be as thrifty as possible. First on my list is the health and happiness of my kids…not always cheap but worth it. That doesn't mean they have the latest gizmo or gadget…far from it! Once they are grown and living their own lives, my needs will be minimal. I, too, love walking on old country lanes and the peaceful feeling that comes with it 🙂


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