I choose this life!

Hello Dear Reader,

In the outside world, some people may be really busy preparing for Christmas. They may have spent the weekend shopping. This weekend has been about housework and preparing for school work. It may seem to some people that I’m somewhat tied to my home and that I’m either working at work or working at home. What ever I do, I’ve chosen to do it.

I was up early today, ironing and putting away laundry. I’ve worked most of the day in my office on school work. It’s my choice. I’ve had another day of not spending any money.

We had a very simple lunch ‘hog’s pudding’ with salad. Hog’s pudding is a large white sausage, made from pork and already cooked when you buy it. I’ve sliced it and dry fired in on a griddle pan. Served with preserved beetroot, stored red onions and some romaine lettuce, which was the ‘on offer’ salad of two for Β£1 this week. A spoon of coleslaw finished it off. A very simple meal today.

I was awake early and started another book, ‘Mister Teacher’ very much in the same vein a Gervaise Phinn and his tales from the classroom. I was drawn to this library book as the teacher wrote about his time teaching in a tiny village primary school, in the 70’s, which was when I went to a tiny village primary school. It’s as touching as it is funny. If you see it in your library, it’s well worth a read. I find I read more on these dark nights, when I go to bed earlier to beat off the cold.

The more I look at my life, the more I want it to be simple, with as little consumerism as possible. Simple, frugal and with less stuff!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


16 thoughts on “I choose this life!

  1. I certainly wouldn't knock it! We've also had a quiet weekend at home, a nice young couple from Poland who are going to be helping us with some work to the house came over this morning and we had a lovely time drinking coffee and hearing from them about Christmas in Poland. I've been wrapping some modest but still carefully-chosen presents for family members and writing some Christmas cards (I like to write a proper message and special wishes for each person, so it takes a while). Home is where it's at for me, too!



  2. I have been at home too this weekend, spending time with family, my christmas shopping has been done online, making the most of deals and glitcches, and buying things the munchkins will find useful and to get away from the mad rushes and consumerism, this month is all about family for me, We will be heading out to some national trust properties over the next 2 weeks making the most of their christmas goings ons, and we will take a flask of tea and some ccake πŸ™‚


  3. im making pressys again this year, everyone is getting pillowcases that im personalising (i have bought the plain slips but at 60% off). a school friend of fb said xmas was going to be stink because she has been put back to 3 days at work, i said she could make stuff, her reply…oh the kids and grandkids expect brand new flashy things, well duh who gave them that idea?? it annoys me that people think xmas is about price tags.


  4. I am always amazed at the wonderful meals you create on your 'frugal budget', nothing short of magic !
    The sausage looks delicious…
    I am trying my hardest to simply my life, I'm a home-body too, it's where I'm most comfortable, despite still being in the work-force πŸ˜‰



  5. I did spend a lot of my Sunday in the city centre. We took a little girl into see the Christmas lights and decorations. We helped her shop for her family. My daughter shopped and I bought a few hand made decorations. I am trying so hard to be frugal and the best frugal advice after my day out is “Stay Home”.


  6. I too have been at home this weekend putting up christmas decorations and cleaning the garage. I've made a hanging basket and christmas swags with found materials from my yard and on my doggie walks. My windmill palm is finally big enough to wrap twinkly lights around the bottom 4'
    of it.

    Cheers… To keeping it simple!



  7. You are 100% right… sometimes we have to be aware that we choose this life…

    Your meal and time at home sound wonderful…. I have also been enjoying good home cooking and my dogs…It's a great day when I don't have to go out driving around!

    Thank you for your posts, they really are wonderful!


  8. a very powerful lesson. I wish I could make my mother understand that she's chosen to be miserable, and that she could choose not to be. The bad things in life that happen to her are apparently everyone else's fault. She would have a lot to learn from you.


  9. a very powerful lesson. I wish I could make my mother understand that she's chosen to be miserable, and that she could choose not to be. The bad things in life that happen to her are apparently everyone else's fault. She would have a lot to learn from you.


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