Cats, kindling, cooking and caravans

Hello Dear Reader,

Darling  Daughter is relaxed and has her feet up. Tabitha has moved into my office window sill and is keeping an eye on me.

It’s a bright sunny day so Dearly Beloved and I sawed and chopped kindling for the week.
The fire got going early as it’s grey and damp and I’ve a week’s washing to dry. Bobby Dazzler as usual felt he needed to help.
Scruffy/Big dog, saw no need to help but just fell asleep, legs akimbo in front of the fire.
 I then embarked on a bulk cooking session. I made a kilo of pastry and then started with cheese and bacon quiche. 
Chop and fry bacon, peppers and onion.
Beat together the eggs, milk (which makes it go further) and cheese. Pour the batter mix in the pastry cases first and then add the bacon and onions on top. Finally, float the slices or halves of tomatoes on top.
I then made the start on a batch of steak and kidney pies. Meat is so expensive that I add carrots and potatoes to make it stretch further. Fry the onions first.
Slice the braising steak into cubes. I find that braising steak is often the same price as stewing steak. From the front legs, but braising is usually flank. ~Finally, holding the core of the kidney (I used lambs), use cooks scissors to snip the kidney around it. Keep the chunks as big as possible or they’ll melt into the gravy.
Here’s the final stewed down filling; it had gently bubbled away for two hours on a low heat. Make sure the carrots are soft and the steak cubes with break easily with a fork. You want it melt in the mouth tender.
Here’s the final result. We ate a quiche for ‘tea’ with salad. Two quiches, three steak and kidney pies and half a dozen mince pies from the left over pasty. All cooked in the oven at once. 
I’ve also read a book today. An easy read and a romp through the lanes and byways as told by Maggie Smith-Bendall. A lovely cold day by the fire kind of book.
Nothing spent, washing drying by the fire, the kitchen smells lovely of home cooking and I even found time to relax with a book. Sometimes the simplest days are the best.
Until tomorrow,
Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxx

16 thoughts on “Cats, kindling, cooking and caravans

  1. We are just about out of kindling so will have to ask our neighbour (who's a gardener) to keep a look out for some. Your cooking looks great. I am going to attempt rissoles tomorrow (savoury mince in suet crust pastry) sliced like chelsea buns and baked in the oven. Haven't made them for ages.


  2. We have just finished the most delicious 'nursery supper' as requested by OH. Sausages, mash, baked beans, onion gravy, with the dregs of as bottle of red wine in.
    Raspberries from the garden (frozen in the summer) in jelly with ice cream…….scrummy, nice and full and feeling warm and cosy now.

    Love the picture of the dog in front of the fire!!


  3. We made soap today! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂 Already had coconut oil & palm shortening for cooking so I only had to get a sale bottle of olive and the lye. Its “cooking” itself under a lid and a towel.


  4. your food looks very tasty as always! I read that book this past January and found it fun and an easy-read as you say. Interesting to read about such a different lifestyle – itinerant, living-out-of-a-caravan and living more 'off the land' as it were.


  5. Hi Froogs, coming out of Lurkdom for a moment to say how much I love your blog. I think of you whenever I get tired of walking around turning off the lights that everyone in my house leave on all the time!
    Everything looks cosy and nice at your house today.
    Just wanted to tell Veiled Glory that it's possible to make soap (and everything else) without palm shortening. Rhonda at down to earth has a soap recipe that only uses coconut oil, olive oil and lye. I try to avoid
    Enjoy your weekend.


  6. Great blog today.
    Lucky you having a lovely view like that to work to.
    Cute photo of your cat.
    My daft dog likes to sleep like that.
    Your cooking looks nice. My daughter made an apple pie at school today and it looks yummy. Plan to make some veggie quiches tomorrow along with some soup to use up going out of date veg lurking at back of the fridge. Hope to blog about it tomorrow if I get time here:


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