Using free winter water

 Hello again Dear Reader,

The weather is fantastic today. It’s chilly but dry and sunny. Again, I was able to get outside to do ‘garden jobs’. As I said yesterday, I don’t like the gym or what seems like pointless going no where exercise, but I do enjoy hard work. I must have had a good upper body work out, both today and yesterday as my triceps are still aching, so good work went on again in the bingo wing area! I should patent this work out. Today’s is called ‘scrubbing the step’.

First of all, get an old broom handle, that snapped half way and you couldn’t repair and run it up and down the cracks between the paving slabs and get all the moss and grass out! This makes the triceps ache!

 Now your slabs are moss free, get some water from your butt! No jokes please! We’ve all got gallons of it sitting there, nothing to water in the garden. So now’s the time to get the soap and scrubbing brush and get your patio, steps, deck or paths a good clean.

 The weeds before my very sophisticated broken broom handle weed remover tackled them.

 Get the water onto the step, or where ever needs it, give is a tiniest squirt of bleach and washing up liquid and now put your back into it, get those shoulders working and get scrubbing.

 Now rinse, when you do so, keep scrubbing, it’ll keep cleaning it.

I’ve only done a small section today, but will continue to do a bit more each week, using the water from the butt and not the tap. We also use this water for rinsing the car when we wash it. It also got bucketed in (whilst I remembered) and a couple of buckets are by the loo to flush it. That’s another work out I should patent………carrying buckets!

Now my lovelies, here’s my challenge to you………get out and use up the water in your butts……….let me know how!


4 thoughts on “Using free winter water

  1. We have a water butt underneath the deck. As we live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, we have lots of water. The butt can fill up every two days. We flush our toilets with this all winter long. I do have a bad back so I don't do much of the carrying. My husband does that, but if I take small buckets I can do it and should do it more often. Nothing wrong with my legs!


  2. DH has connected 2 waterbutts together with a pipe between the bottom of both, then connected the top of one of the butts to the pipework that feeds the downstairs toilet cistern. As long as it rains we are free to wee! And the bonus is no lugging great buckets of water! The system can be easily changed back to the main when rain fails us though.


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