Inconvenient foods

Hello Dear Reader,
I was thinking today about how much I like getting in from work and ‘getting the dinner on’. I like standing in my kitchen and rubbing fat through flour, I like making pastry, standing in the window and washing cabbage leaves. I can’t think of anything nicer. I even like the break when I’ve got the ‘dinner in’ to go and light the fire. ο»Ώ
Of course, I like to pull something out of the freezer and heat it up or cook something I’ve prepared earlier. I know this is not convenient, and I know I have to wait for my food to be prepared and cooked. I know this takes time but every slice, grate or chop is done with love for myself and DB as we deserve to be well nourished.
There is nothing on earth comparable to the deliciousness of home cooking! Nothing I buy lives up to my expectations and really, I can do better! I also love ‘beating the system’ and not giving in to marketting, not giving in to big business!
Even better if I can grow it and cook it, or pick it for free and cook it. Even better if I can store it away and bring out a spoonful of summer sunshine onto a slice of toast in the middle of winter.
I’ve come home tonight and I’ve cooked a full roast dinner. Spud, veggies, stuffing and gravy. The meat will go through the slicer and go a very very long way. So, tonight……………’s to inconvenient food! Food that comes with scales on, skin on it, dirt that needs washing out, or even bugs in it that need squashing between your fingers. Raise a cuppa to home cooked, inconvenient food!

Now, as ever, I’ll hand this over to you dear reader. What inconvenience do you enjoy?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


30 thoughts on “Inconvenient foods

  1. Making coffee from scratch! I make lattes with a milk frother and a cafetiere! Saves the 16 miles round trip to Starbucks though (as well as the Β£2.50 coffee!), so maybe it's not as incovenient as I thought!


  2. Your dinner looks delicious. how do you do it so quickly after school?

    our daily inconvenience is…

    cleaning the fire in the morning and laying a new one…

    so in the evening, when I'm tired from a tough day at school I can enjoy a real fire. Just heavenly.

    And frugal too as we're only burning free wood.

    Sft x


  3. I love baking my own bread. First of all, I know exactly what's in it and can control the ingredients. Second of all, it tastes better and anything else. Third of all, it's really cheap to do. And in the interest of really really cheap food moments, I save the crumbs that come off the bread when I slice it. Put them in the refrig, and every once in a while, have enough breadcrumbs to top a dish. Now that's truly mingy!


  4. How I love inconvenience cooking! I love to sit down and see the meal that I've spent time on, get eaten in 10 minutes flat.

    And I love my inconvenient wood/coal stove. It takes time and effort for me to chop the wood, but she who chops her own wood is warm twice remember? I love to make a fire in the stove and wait for it to take hold on the wood. I love to wait, slightly shivering, for the fire to warm the stove and then the room.

    I love my home-knit socks. Sure it's easier and faster to go buy socks.. but how I love to spend long dark evenings knitting, how I love the feel of home/hand knitting on my toes, how I love to see the smiles when people get a pair as a present..

    oh I could go on.. and on.. and on.. πŸ™‚


  5. I concur with baking just about anything. Our added “inconvenience” is grinding grain for pancakes, muffins, and adding to my weekly loaves of bread. Builds the arm muscles! Those 100% spelt pancakes are incomparably delicious. πŸ™‚ I don't even look at box mixes any more.


  6. Hi Froogs, I dont always comment on your blog but I do read every day, usually my first port of call after dinner. Roast for us tonight too, I'm with you all the way, nothing tastes better than home cooking, home baking, home preserving and home making. The only additive is lashings of TLC and thats FREE!! I can't resist a bargain πŸ™‚


  7. I like hand washing too. I like washing my vintage bits of lace and embroidery, gently by hand, then rinsing and then a little – just a little – drop of fabric softener. It all then goes on my old wooden clothes horse and outside if sunny, in front of the kitchen stove if not…so calming …


  8. I like peeling veggies and cutting out the bad bits. It's inconvenient, real and earthy.

    I've been getting up at 5:45am these past few days to prepare food in my slow cooker before my family get up. It's inconvenient but coming home to the rich aromas and stress free evening is divine. (Posting about this tonight).

    Tightening my belt and being inspired as always by you and your blog πŸ™‚


  9. I love inconvenient food. Make nearly everything we eat from scratch. The taste is far superior to shop bought convenient food.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight. Sorry all the pie got eaten, not a scrap left for you πŸ™‚


  10. I love cooking inconveniently too! we have a little ritual, hubby tidies and washes dishes as i cook, i love this time together, we chat about our day and then the food is always amazing – better than any convenient meal! Same with our home baked bread and treats, i love the process πŸ™‚


  11. I'm with everyone else on the inconvienant thing, as I make 8 loaves of bread a week for the family. I convienantly have a kitchenaid stand mixer that my husband bought for my birthday years ago.

    This past spring we got 5 chickens that are now producing and i love to go collect the eggs.

    Our woodstove not only heats the house but provides a cooking surface to throw on a stew, soup, beans etc. Lovely smells waft through the house.


  12. I love the inconvenience of making a pudding. tonight shall be a bread and butter pudding and we will be all smiles of contentment afterwards. another inconvenient food on the go is hummus. 2 days ago i soaked to chickpeas, yesterday i cooked them, tomorrow i shall blend them with the garlic, lemon juice and tahini, some will be for stepdaughter 2s 21st on saturday night (a whole lot of inconvenience for 60), some will go into the freezer.


  13. Dear Froogs, just found your blog! You are so right – there is a pleasure in cooking dinner and watching one's children hoover it up in the knowledge that it is good for them. The thing is to never ever ever sit down first when coming home from work. I am trying to gradually fill my freezer so those days where I am particularly tired, I can whip out something I prepared a little earlier. Linda


  14. I'm with Jane here, my only inconvenience is having to don my wellies to go and get the veggies for tea…..but when you come back with surprise items and a couple of free range eggs to, it's not really that inconvenient.

    At this time of year though virtually everything is harvested, blanched and tucked up for the winter in the freezer….so there's no inconvenience at all…my very own ready meals.

    Sue xx


  15. I love the ritual involved in making my own from scratch. I'll stick on some cool tunes and happily make my own bread, quiches, pesto sauce or stew some fruit for the freezer.
    I enjoy mundane stuff like peeling spuds, too x


  16. I loved this post. All the cooking I do is inconveniant! But I never have and never will consider it to be a waste of time. I find it therapeutic to stand and chop onions, veg and to make a good meal for my family. I take pleasure in making sure there will be leftovers for another day.


  17. At the moment I am over cooking but many meals here are prepared from basics. they have to be with my food allergies.

    My favourite inconvenience, and it is indulgence too, is to knit or crochet the things we use. It isn't any cheaper and sometimes more expensive but when it is cold there is nothing like a homemade sock or snuggling under a quilt. When I want a quick craft fix I paper craft. I love to have something of me to give.


  18. geat post, my most inconvenient meal (next to a ful sunday roast) is a cooked breakfast with all the trimmings………and I mean all, bubble and squeak fried bread black pud. Its a balancing act to get it all on the plate but it goes down a treat in this house.

    We often have a midweek roast too, but generally this is leftovers tarted up with fresh bits



  19. Wow, I'm truly humbled to be in the presence of you all. Y'all would have made excellent pioneer women. I'm afraid I like my conveniences of food preparation and clean-up a little too well. But I'll play along: I like the inconvenience of saying no to my child and not always letting him have his own way. It would be a lot easier to always give in, but the inconvenient, hard job of parenting well is worth it. As you all well know, it's hard to find the right balance of work, school, play, time spent with family, time spent with friends, early bedtimes, not too much TV etc.


  20. I love to grind my own flour (ok, so I didn't grow it), but it is so much fresher than store bought whole wheat flour. It makes the best bread and goodies. I make my own jams, and pickles.
    Our growing season is very short, but I do get some tomatoes and lettuce going in the greenhouse. I grow herbs and dry them for my cooking. We love good, tasty food.


  21. I make my own ricotta, I'm lucky that I live in a rural area and our local dairy sells unhomogenised milk (OMG it is soooooo deicious). That, some heat and a lemon or two and my own delicious ricotta cheese. Would you say 10 minutes of work is inconvenient?

    Also Froogs, you might like to scan your library for a copy of “A Year of Slow Food” it is amazing, each 'week' in the year, the writers discuss what's in season, what they've cooked and give a recipe and a 'real time' it too in preparation.


  22. I like inconvenient foods because it's cheaper, but better. It takes a lot of space in my freezer (I have 2 big, but 3 kids and 4 people that needs a diner) but I don't regret it. I'm proud and always surprised to see all food and things we stocked for saving money and time for us.

    So, sometimes, I must take a long time to do all that prepared food for my family, but when I need it (because i'm lazy, tired, sick or unavailable), it a real pleasure to take food on morning and put it in fridge for the supper. It saves time, energy and money.

    This help us to avoid restaurants, take out and gives us the feeling of eating well. In fact, it's not longer to chose meal before going to work and heat that for supper. No stress, no lost time to take a lunch outside.
    Since I've been pregnant, I do a lot of prepared meals. We dot a lot of portions and different meals and it's so pratical. So, to me, inconvenient foods are not. They are life savers ;). Yes, it takes time, but if you do a lot of food (twice a lasagna, for example), it won't be longer and you will have something in the freezer in the same time πŸ˜‰

    I have a huge list of what to do for a year to freeze in the freezer. I do about 10 lasagnas (5 meat lasagnas and 5 chicken and vegetable lasagna) (this year, I'll do my own pasta, no need to boil them), 10 pizzas (meat and vegetables), 15 chicken pie and 15 pork pie, some sheperd pie and some other food that I did twice. I froze some baked chicken, burger pork and meatloaf. It's very usefull to have them ready to use, and when I need some changes, and few time for cooking, I take them ;).

    If I have time, I'll take time to make my own pastas, pizza bread, cookies, muffins, etc. I even do my dog cookies with bread choped (in french, we call it chapelure) that I recuperate from our home bread. We do a lot of canning (spaghetti sauce, chicken broth, etc.), me and my husband. He does too bread, yogurt, and takes a part of doing food (for prepared meals).

    We have just one family incoming, so, we must do a lot with less ;). But we feel rich. It would be bad for us to be rich with money, but having a poor spirit. We are both richs ;).


  23. I loved reading your blog that day, having experienced the same sense of well-being myself.After cyling home from work, I enjoyed a lovely walk in the park with our dog(marvelling at the autumn colours ). A wave of tiredness went as soon as I started to chop and prepare vegetarian lasagne. I loved putting in extra garlic and celery to nourish.
    My favourite inconvenient food is Vegetable curry with paneer cheese.It uses up lots of veg and is quicker than a take-out which takes 45 minutes to deliver!


  24. I think all our meals are inconvenient type, made from scratch, the only tins I open are baked beans and marrowfat peas.
    About once a month we have fish & chips from the local chippy, that's the only meal I don't make. Make bread in the bread-maker.
    Dunno if it counts, but brew my own beer as well, much more inconvenient than buying cans, but so much more satisfying to drink your own brew, tastes better as well.
    And make wine, takes a long time and the results are sometimes not perfect, but again it's nice to sample your own made booze.


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