May the best house win.

 Hello Dear Reader,

I love the gentle yet pervading aroma of a woodfire through out the house and the smell of clean and drying laundry. The sun left us early today and by three o’clock it’s become over cast and smoke is curling out of the houses in the valley below. If I don’t get the washing smartly, then my knickers will smell like kippers!

I was watching some facile bunch of plastic no bodies showing people around their houses and the simple premise of the TV programme was that the house judged the best won. I looked at all the houses and thought: there’s no where to stack any wood in that front room, where are they going to hang the washing and there’s no where warm to leave bread to rise. I didn’t think any of them were winners! Nil points from Froogs then!

My house is warming from the stove, the scent of drying sheets is filling the air, I have a stew bubbling away and all is good in the world. My house wouldn’t win any style awards but it simply does the job. It keeps us warm and safe.

What do you love about your simple frugal home? or would you like to change?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


17 thoughts on “May the best house win.

  1. I've caught bits of that programme this week too FQ …. what a shower of **** they are! There's not much in my home that was bought brand spanking new but what I have was chosen carefully and frugally or buckshee if possible. One little luxury that I would like is a wood burning stove …. a girl can dream can't she!


  2. I love the scent of a wood burning stove. If I was your neighbor I would come over to borrow a cup of sugar and stay awhile!
    I sometimes watch those “house” shows also and I used to think, “who can afford those places?” Well, now I know. Not many, if all the “for sale” or “short sale” signs are any judge. Many, many people bit off more than they could chew and are now watching their dreams crumble away. I just hate to think of all those dreams shattered and families crushed. We frugals may not have the newest or biggest but we definitely have the best.


  3. what do I love about my frugal home? most of the curtains and wood furniture are from ebay, the most expensive I've bought is a carved oak tv cabinet, great for hiding all your clutter, it cost just £15!

    Josie x


  4. That show is carp..shallow is how my hubby described it..
    What do i love about my all of it..most of it from ebay,charity shops or i have made it..i love my home-made cushions so much better than bought ones and bigger…i love the smell of it house has laudry and bread mixed in with cake smells and all sorts..lovely and i really truly wouldn't want it any other way..would you?

    love sara


  5. In my younger days, I thought our first little home would be just a starter home for us. My husband and our three young children stuffed ourselves into it and 25 yrs later the kids are gone out into the world and the house seems bigger (except last night when they all showed up for dinner-six adults and 5 kids under the age of 5-yikes!)
    We have a wood stove on the lower floor and a fireplace insert in the living room.
    Over the years we have replaced flooring, painted and generally fixed up what needed to be repaired, but never have we renovated just for fun! Such a waste goes on on some of these shows.
    If I want art for the walls, I frame a few photos from our trips into the wilderness, or pictures of family. If I want blankets, I will make quilts. If I want furniture I will shop for the best that I can afford and keep it for years and years. I reupholster and refinish if I have too.
    For the last ten years we have run a home business doing quilting and worked full time as well. . Our little house has done us proud.


  6. Oh, I love that our sofas are 2nd hand Laura ashley-£50 and £185 respectively. Our vintage oak dining table from an antiques shop for £100. Our kitchen chairs-bought 6 from ebay for £15, kept 2 and sold other 4 for £10. Painted our antique white, they are heavy oak and beautiful…I could go on..

    I love that we are burning free wood in the wood burner. Saving the coal we did pay for…for REALLY COLD WEATHER!

    Sft x


  7. I think that those shows are as hollow as bubbles.

    We built our two story house about 35 years ago using trees from our land and we got a local small mill to make our lumber, although we had to purchase some plywood for the floors.

    We use a wood stove and burn wood from our land and even the small branches and twigs. Nothing is wasted.

    I can cook soups and stews on my wood stove as well as skillet dinners and soups made from vegetables from my own garden and our own meat when the power is out or whenever I want.

    I've have plenty of windows on the south side to use the sun as source of heat and light when the sun is shining and I have blinds that let the light through but keep the heat out on hot days.

    I have a clothesline and dry outside when nice but admit that I have to use my dryer when it's cold as we have lots of barn cloths that needs washing and drying although I can dry clothes by the heat of the stove if needed.
    With our triplets calves that were born recently I've been in the barn a lot as we get lots of visitors.

    Life is not always easy but we feel good about being able to at least able to sustain ourselves and eating healthy as possible and buying great treasures at the thrift stores.

    We belong to a very successful Co-op and buy in bulk when on sales and save a lot on grocery , and household appliances but I stay away from junk and processed food as much as possible. JB


  8. Just wondering . . . You have your wood heater going at the moment, and do bulk cook ups, but do you actually cook on or in your heater? I'm jealous of your fire (we co-habitate with one of “those people” and live in “those” houses. And it's yuk. No character. I was brought up on a farm, and long for a wood fire. Read your blog everyday, and look forward to seeing more adventures from you. Love from Australia.


  9. My husband describes our house as 'looking lived in'! The kitchen isn't fancy but fairly modern as the cupboard doors and worktops were replaced by my hubby and dad a couple of years ago (B&Q's best!). The fridge is covered with photos and pictures drawn by our daughters. The sc is cooking a stew for tomorrow and has filled the house with a lovely welcoming smell.
    Our dining table was bought 16 years ago for £25 from an antique/junk shop and is still going strong. Our tv was given to us from my parents as they replaced their's with a huge fancy flat screen one. There is nothing wrong with it, it just needed a digital box to go with it.
    We have clothes maidens (full of clothes) upstairs on the landing and in the spare bedroom.
    We bought 2 new sofas which I love from DFS just over 3 and a half years ago and I still consider them to be new. I just make sure that they are looked after as I don't intend to replace them for a long time!
    Our house is a (frugal)home, it certainly isn't a show house!


  10. I think our check list is a little different to the norm. lol. All my frugal to do? have list is almost done. Wood stove, clothes horses for dying washing, path to clothes line, solar power. Only connecting water tank to house to go really. Oh and a new chicken coup. Still in the design stage. Getting there and yes I wouldnt win any glamour house award either.


  11. I absolutely love my huge patio with a view. The patio is great for summer entertaining and the view is great all year round. But it is way too cold in this place and I've no wood fireplace. If I could I'd love windows on two or three sides and change the ventilation so it's no so cold; both to help with placement of heaters. Otherwise I love my place.


  12. I love the house I am in at the moment. The layout and open planning really suits our family. Unfortunately, the siting on the block is incorrect. In summer the front of the house – 2 bedrooms and the lovely big lounge – receive the sun full on and DON'T get any breeze through them. That is so necessary in hot, humid climates. Even though the block's position to the road could not be changed as it is long and narrow, the builders could have putjust two windows into different positions to enable the window to blow up or down the hallway and relieve the heat from all the rooms in the house. Awnings to stop the sun coming in directly to these three rooms would be another cheap way of fixing the problem and one I would employ if the house was my own. Thanks for the opportunity to rant. Cherrie


  13. I saw that show in the week, what a load of shite spoken by pretentious poseurs. My home doesn't have character (1970's) but lots of second-hand and hand made bits and pieces that make it a home.
    Love your blog btw, recently found it.


  14. I love that when I look around everything we own, it is what we have bought and paid for up front, that we chose it together and that we will keep it forever.

    I love that the open fire burns free wood from the farm, that the clothes are neatly folded and drying on top of the Aga, that the dogs and cats are snoozing contentedly in their beds.

    I love the fact that wherever our home is we can call it our own and it's full of love.

    The only thing I don't like is the huge size of this house and the single glazing, but… fingers crossed we have found a little 2 bed place that we can turn into our temporary home while we save for our 'forever place'.

    Sue xx


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