Saturday bargains!

 Hello dear reader,

I cracked under the strain today and spent £10! As it’s the 19th, I broke on the 19th day, and couldn’t resist a charity shop rummage. I bought a wool skirt by Marks and Spencer’s – Autograph, a leather hand bag and a scarf, which came to the massive sum of £8!!!

 My bargain of the day was my haul of vintage linens for 99p from eBay. I drove the 20 minutes to Plymouth to pick them up and then had a good dig in the hospice charity shop before I drove home again. I am short of pillow cases and napkins and will up-cycle the table clothes, all of which are too small for my table into  pillow cases. Most are old and linen and have those wonderful ‘Made in England’ labels and some say ‘Empire made’. There’s a whole load of lace too and I’ll make some decorative pillow cases too, for the spare room; I always afford visitors a lot more luxury than I need. I have ten tea towels, many napkins, some lovely decorative tray clothes which I will turn into something else as and when I need something. Nothing you can buy now meets the quality of old heavy linens.

I’ve also made seven pots of marmalade this morning (thanks to the friend who saves her jam jars for me xxxx). Dearly Beloved slept late this morning and was thrilled to find his favourite breakfast spread waiting for him when he came down; I prefer jam so I make this just for him. I’m now off to give the house a really good clean in readiness for visitors this afternoon. What are you up to today and have you found any bargains or made something today?

Until tomorrow,

Lots of love,



22 thoughts on “Saturday bargains!

  1. I have a very old linen tablecloth that is soft and well washed. Too big but I have the idea to use the cream linen to make presents of embroidered towels or pillowcases. Thanks for the reminder.

    I was going to a rummage sale today but decided against it. Too much gas and temptation.


  2. Gosh, you have been busy. I've done all the chores and am Just about to go out on my walk which will take me past the junk shop and charity shop where, no doubt, I shall have to stop to have a good root. You've got some good bargains there – I can't resist linens either. Please post up your marmalade recipe – I've never tried this and my DH also loves marmalade. (I'm a Marmite lover.)


  3. Are you making a Christmas pudding this weekend, Froogs? (It's Stir up Sunday) I saw your recipe for frugal mincemeat, couldn't remember if you make a pudding. One of the tray cloths would make a lovely cover for a pudding. I use foil to start with while I cook mine in the pressure cooker (makes the nicest pudding, I find and cheaper than having a steamer on all day) then when it is cold, I put new covers on and put a cloth over the top and tie it with string – looks appropriately Dickensian on the day


  4. I organised a Christmas Craft fair last night for our school, and made £25 selling my homemade cakes, so I did spend a bit of that on other stalls as it was all lovely homemade things. I got two wooden Christmas decorations, some handmade cards, a cuddly snowman for my son and some scented tealights, none of it cost very much and I had really good feedback from the sellers so I will do another one.


  5. I also love old linens. My MIL is cleaning out her place and asked what we would like, so I said table cloths would be great. I think I will do some cloth napkins from these it would be just the ticket. She also had some tea towels that were her moms. She grew flax and wove the linen into cloth-now that is frugal 🙂
    I am making some of my Christmas gifts this year. Jam from free raspberries, picked at both my son's gardens, and a Christmas stocking for my new Granddaughter, made from leftover scraps of Christmas fabric.
    It is -26C here this morning-just hoping to keep warm today!
    Love these latest topics. Thanks so much, Froogs.


  6. I am still waiting for everyone to get up! My granddaughter is spending the weekend. She is eight and loads of fun.
    I would cave too if I saw all those vintage linens for such a good price. I have all my mil's doilies. No one else wanted them and I couldn't believe it. Beautiful pieces. And the skirt, purse and knitted scarf are wonderful.
    Give away something you don't need and you will be even for the month!


  7. The clothing is lovely and a great deal. I am also envious of the old linens. I love them here til they disintegrate. The new ones are rubbish. I am cutting up homegrown beef for the freezer today, a huge undertaking, but wonderful to know the quality of our food. I would make marmalade if I could buy a kit like that. So clever.


  8. Your linen haul looks very interesting. I have been trying to see if I can convert some of my stuff into useful stuff not decorative.

    I am trying not to buy any stuff from charity shops at the moment. However, I have sold on Ebay: 3 handbags, 2 vintage cashmere jumpers, one newish cashmere jumper, one BRA, (good quality, R & P, only worn a couple of times, shape didn't suit me), a vintage coin purse, a black sparkly corset, tunic, gents jumper, some linen jeans, mens driving gloves, jeggings, shetland wool jumper which was lovely but made me look huge, a fairisle jumper, alpaca shawl – whewwwww I'm exhausted from packing them up.

    However, I did sell a lot at a bargain(ish) price although made a lot on the vintage cashmere which I'd had from my aunt yonks ago and didn't fit me anymore.

    The cash is there in my PayPal account. Some of it I will use to buy a hanging clothes airer for my landing.

    My mum says I should have had a second hand shop.


  9. You've had a productive day or day! I love all the finds from the charity shop and eBay. You can't get those kind of deals here. I'm sure I've said it before so forgive me for whining “Woe is me”, lol. Since I like the charity shop I usually limit myself to books for a dollar (I think that's around 62 pence).

    I've done all my chores, had a nice shower and put on some make-up, am going to have a home made sandwich and run out to the post office and charity shop to look for a warm jacket and such for my (student) nephew.


  10. wow nice bargains! I would love some of those old lacy tablecloths… swoon! I had a bargain saturday too, Jamie oliver cook book, gorgeous casserole dish and more (post about my finds on my blog), I love love love charity shops. I used to live in Plymouth – it's where I met my hubby 🙂 are you far from there?


  11. those linens are lovely..i have a little stash of gorgeous pillow cases that i use just for me and hubby the littlies are too small to appreciate them at the moment lol..i made marmalade this yr its gorgeous..i got 20 jars and as i am the only one who likes it i will be eating it for a while..
    Nice bargains by the way..i got myself a lovely glass vase for 50p from the charity shop..lovely..also found my littlest girl a lovely coat from next for £2..was a bit bothered to be honest as i had just splashed out and bought her big sister the exact same coat from next for £20..but now they have matching coats and both look lovely..
    enjoy your sunday froogs.


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