Luxury fine dining

Hello dear readers,

We had a ‘roast dinner’ tonight! Left over cooked veggies, sausages wrapped in bacon, carrots and sprouts. I love sprouts but I know many of you won’t. It’s also a bit early for sprouts and I must admit, they weren’t the best I’d ever had. I shopped in Aldi this week as they have very good vegetables at very good prices and the bag of sprouts were 59p. We only eat a few at a time, so they’ll last for ages. Some thick hot gravy and I think our meal for pennies is actually a meal fit for a king.

As I drove to work, I heard that families are giving up ‘luxuries’ to get by – well I’m not giving up my ‘luxuries’. Luxury for me means I am well fed, luxury means I am warm, luxury means I am adequately clothed, luxury means I have a secure roof over my head and luxury means I have a job and I can pay my bills. We all have different views but I feel exceptionally rich  when my fire is lit, my plate is full and I truly want for nothing more. If you shift your perspective; you’ll find you have a lot more luxury in life and suddenly, your standard of living is raised and you’re living really well!

What are your ‘luxuries’, what do you have that your truly appreciate and know you’re lucky to have!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


33 thoughts on “Luxury fine dining

  1. Looks like a Christmas dinner to me!
    I like to be brought a cup of tea in bed each morning and then I go downstairs and make toast (which we eat in bed). The only downside to this is crumbs in the bed so clean sheets are a little luxury aswell.
    Love from Mum


  2. Luxury is being retired. I dont like shopping at all so it is good I love the clothes that I have. Luxury is a well fitted pair of sandals for summer and running shoes for winter. Luxury is being able to take proper care of our pets who give us so much.

    If I won a million dollars, I would probably continue to live just as I do now.


  3. Having a bath or shower and that lovely really clean feeling. My electric blanket which makes bed so snuggly – not really a luxury as I get joint pains if I am cold in bed and then can't sleep.


  4. The dinner looks divine! I love sprouts, especially roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with garlic and salt. yummy. That to me is a luxury right now as we've tightened the economic belt so tightly I don't even need my Spanx anymore! 😉


  5. Love sprouts. your dinner looks lush.

    Also loving Aldi right now. From next week we are only going to shop in Aldi and the local butchers. I can no longer justify shopping at the larger supermarkets. They cost alot more than Aldi and brand names are a thing of the past, for us. My luxury is broad band and my laptop. they keep me in touch with the world.


  6. Luxury for me is being able to take maternity leave to spend to spend time with my baby. A bag of Brussel sprouts in oz would be $10! Food in the uk is so cheap.When I was in London last year I did all my shopping at the waitrose in marylebone and everything was half the price of stuff here and my London friends thought waitrose was expensive. Love the blog x


  7. Running water, good health (touch wood) a roof over my head and being safe from persecution, a job and a loving husband. These are priceless luxuries that come before anything else.

    However if we're talking material things then I totally love: my memory foam mattress (total luxury I know….and I did get it at a bargain price when the other mattress was no longer bearable for my back) and the clean bedding on it. The thermal lined backed curtains I purchased recently which allow us to have the heating on much less. The posh shower gels I got with gift vouchers that I use in a quick hot shower in the morning and my little car for longer necessary journeys because public transport is stupidly expensive and pretty cr*p where I live.


  8. We got a really low-ball offer on our house that is on the market. We turned it down as the person didn't know the real value of the house. I thought of that as I fell asleep in my huge bedroom, in our king-sized bet, on 100% cotton sheets with fluffy pillows. People think we live in a questionable neighborhood — but because we are not house poor and because we can find bargains, we have a good life. Wall to wall carpet, a furry dog and cat. A hot shower in the morning. Life is good!


  9. A house that I love in a good area, and a wonderful husband who is ready, willing and able to renovate it! If that wasn't the case we couldn't have bought the house as we couldn't have paid workmen to tackle all the jobs that J has.


  10. I take the view that once the basic needs are taken care of (food, water, shelter, fuel, clothing) then we should view anything else as a luxury and a privilidge.

    I think it's a luxury to be able to have a decent coffee or good cheese. It's certainly a luxury to be able to have pets, the internet connection, a car and the occassional day out somewhere.


  11. My luxury is time, with time I can grow and make from scratch the foods that keep us well fed, I can chop the wood that keeps us warm, I can walk the dogs through the fields in the fresh air and tire them out, I can keep the house clean and make a home for my Lovely Hubby to come home to after a long and hard day at work.

    If I didn't do what I do, he couldn't cope with the pressures of his high powered and very important job.

    So my luxury is not 'going out to work' but being the full time Managing Director of a succesful company that is, thank goodness, based at home.

    Time so precious and so luxurious.

    Sue xx


  12. Luxury is my lovely hubby making my breakfast each morning with a lovely cuppa, being able to make a trip to see family in England and Ireland and feeling a real sense of belonging. Also the little things like daylight savings and the time to just enjoy the extra light at home outside when you finish work.

    Have just come home after 10 weeks away and have mostly caught up on reading all your fantastic posts since we left. Have to say we spent a week with my cousin and her husband in Cornwall (London Apprentice) which took me back to being a little girl. We are so saving to make the trip again in the future.

    Thank you



  13. I came to your site via Frugal Matters who has you on her blogroll.

    I never knew that there was a whole community behind this concept!

    My luxuries are the Armani footspa, a roll of sandpaper and a butler to sandpaper my foot corns down. I save a fortune in socks that way.


  14. I too love sprouts. They do say they are better once the frost has been at them!
    I wonder what luxuries people are having to give up. Poor things. It should be far more newsworthy that pensioners and others have to make the choice between being warm or eating.


  15. Craving sprouts now! I'll be stalking the market tomorrow at closing time for a bargain.
    Luxury? A night out with friends in the pub with a bottle of wine and a curry afterwards. x


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