Nope, no shopping today either!

 Hello readers,

This is for one person, you, the one who asked me. Well here it is. You asked how do you stop shopping. Well it’s like this……………just stop doing it! How did I give up smoking, I stopped putting them in my mouth and lighting them! I stopped buying them! How did I stop shopping, I didn’t open the door and I didn’t go in! Drug addicts are always addicts but they don’t always have to be users. I still have compulsive behaviour. I just direct it somewhere else.

My blog today is all about the living you can do and not go in shops.

You may well shop because you’re bored…………..what the duck? Emotional shopping? Do you really get anything out of it? Remember! Their job is to get your money off you. If you have so much you can spread it around then give it to Cancer Research, the Salvation Army or Oxfam, give it to the chuffin’ dogs home, but do something a lot more worth while than shopping for rubbish I bet you just don’t need.

I didn’t run up huge debts shopping, I ran them up on keeping my house upright and fighting the ex in court to keep my children, and then on my education! I’ve always thought that shops were dens of sin, peddling pretty trinkets to people with no self worth. There was my answer, look down on dirty capitalism and commercialism and refuse to dirty your hands with their filth. I now have a whole host of things I do instead of shopping.

1. Read library books.
2.Walk every where, it takes up your day and keeps your arse from sliding down your legs.
3. Do the housework without electricity, it takes up your day and stops the bingo wings from flapping in the wind.
4. Grow food…………most of the muck in supermarkets is rubbish anyway.
5. Volunteer in the community.
6.Visit your neighbours……….mine are smashing and I do like the occasional chat.
7. Make what you need, whether jam or sloe gin.
8. Recycle old clothes into quilts.
9. Cook everything from scratch.
10. Learn to knit or crochet.
11. Work in a charity shop………I’m nosey, so I’d love the comings and goings.
12. Exercise, for free by running or walking – see #2 for validation as to why you should.
13. Share your faith with others and be part of a church community – or not!
14. Be a conservation volunteer, part of coast watch, take part in beach cleans………..

 I’m going to leave the rest to my readers. What do you do, that costs nothing, that keeps you out of shops. How do you advise people not to go shopping. Personally I would rather gouge my eyes out with lolly sticks than even look through shop windows! There are so many ways to live, I choose to live mine away from commercialism and make, mend or grow it myself.

Until tomorrow,

Lots of love,

Froogs xxxx


28 thoughts on “Nope, no shopping today either!

  1. I had a shopping experience lately. I went to Plymouth for the day to get some things to make Christmas presents with. I was AMAZED at the tat that the shops were pedalling! Joke gifts that would make someone smile once and then get lost as clutter cost £5 or more! Ridiculous!

    I've never been one for clothes shopping but in the past I used to be one for buying candles or books that I didn't even enjoy. Now I've not been “shopping” as an actvity for years and don't miss it. Hope that the reader you mentioned can give it up too! That's one expensive hobby!


  2. Nothing you could buy could match up to the beauty of nature!

    I agree, get out and enjoy!

    Sft x

    Oh, and if you do get the consumer itch, go and shop in a Charity shop or buy a birthday/christmas gift for someone.


  3. Im not the worlds best shopper, i must be one of the few women that hate clothes shopping. I do go to the supermarkets quite often,i do tend to buy things when they have glitches and offers.I do grow things, dont do takeaways(im in debt and i would rather the money went to them)I have learnt to shop within a budget and prob eat better than ever now.Im content with being at home so dont feel im missing out on much.


  4. How do I stay out of the shops, easy I just dont get in the car and drive there. I dont like going so for me to make the effort I really need to go. So i now shop for food about once every three to four weeks. I live out of the pantry and I grow lots of the food we eat. we have always been frugal because we bought land, and its payed off. We are even able to grow our own meat. when people tell me Im a tightass, a badge I wear with honour, I just smile and think to myself, yeah this tightass has no morgage!


  5. I really enjoyed this post and I love the quote in green. Alernative to shopping – spending time with the family – plenty of things that are free or dirt cheap – walks, bike rides, jigsaws, games etc. i like the way you think of it as compulsive behaviour and an addiction that needs to be tackled head on x


  6. I figured out a long time ago that “don't shop for recreation” saves a LOT of money. Of course…it helped that I really never enjoyed shopping.

    I have been cleaning today. Included in the mess were several boxes of Christmas decor given to me by a friend. I love this girl to death, but she shops, shops, shops. And she loves “stuff”–which is mostly clutter to me. She is 10 years older than I am. My house is paid for. She gets payments every month on a “reverse mortgage,” meaning that she is sapping the value of her home.

    My basic social activities include: reading library books (have been in book clubs, although not right now), member of a gourmet dinner group (had a fabulous 4-course meal Saturday night that would have easily cost $45-$50 and paid $13.65 for my share), and play pinochle once a week with my girl friends. Pinochle doesn't include betting and we don't take side bets, either–just a fun, cheap afternoon. I also do many of the activities that Froogs mentioned. I've been involved in volunteer work for years.


  7. I stopped shopping four years ago after a surgery went bad. Not the surgeon's fault, gallbladder was hooked up wrong. Anyway I was in the hospital for five days and had tubes coming out of me for another week, and then felt lousy for two weeks after that. After that one month, it was like my obsession was gone. And I have made sure it didn't come back. I think if you stop going into shops for three weeks, the worst is over. I still think about shopping, but the craving is gone. I walk, read, stitch, clean, go to meetings and see friends and family. Play games, take free classes for hobbies and home repair, keep a journal (or two or three), listen to music, or watch movies on TV.


  8. looks like youre preaching to the converted froogs.
    how do people shop for recreation? ive never understood that, when i do shop its somewhere specific for something, i cant fathom just “going to the shops”


  9. Board games, tv on demand on my laptop, “early nights” , playing the piano. I still get the urge to splurge – but I take out a fixed amount and ONLY go to charity shops: that way everyone wins!
    FM x


  10. Spend quality time with your family, now my life is less consumerist, I look back with sickness at all the time we spent shopping, for things we “needed”, and then complaining I had no time to be with my kids. My day is so much richer for gettignout of the shops and being able to spend good time with my children and family, and shopping that i do need is done onlien using discount codes to beet the shops at their own game 🙂


  11. I'm an avid charity shop shopper and an avid car booter! I sell what I can for profit on ebay and manage to furnish my home for a fraction of the 'new' cost. As for normal shops, I walk on by. If I don't see it, I can't be tempted!


  12. I live on a fixed income. I keep busy with knitting and crocheting for shelters, and chemo caps for
    the cancer center.I read and enjoy
    free concerts which are held in churches during the cold months and in the parks in better weather. This
    is a great way to get together with
    friends. We also share pot luck dinners, followed by doing craft projects together or watching a movie
    which someone bring with them.
    It costs very little or nothing.


  13. I live 40 miles one way from the nearest shop so that helps. I try to buy everything experienced as opposed to new. No one will ever accuse me of being a fashion plate. I always think long and hard about any purchase. It helps that I hate shopping to begin with so usually quit partway through my shopping expeditions. I would rather walk in the woods than in any shop. We raise a few veg but are full time with our cattle herd. I raise my own chickens and eggs. I barter for stuff. I do a lot of volunteer work and people are generous to me like the one who gave me four large boxes full of yarn which will make a couple of afghans this winter. We have no debt at all and live so well within our means that I have friends who think I am poor. I could care less.


  14. I'm very lucky in that my desire to shop is about looking at pretty things. It's not about possessing them. I have passed the need to make my house a home, I can do that on a wing and a prayer now by shopping in my own cupboards which hold things I love rather than what I am told to love by the commercial world. Or I can make things myself. I get huge kicks out of making from scratch or less and that means not spending a penny on the 'correct' products. I have no advise to pass on as I think each person needs to find the will to look for their own trigger and release points. As well as the will I believe that takes time but you can overcome it by constantly reading sites such as this which help to prick your consciense all the time. Cherrie


  15. Another brilliant post.

    I have a little tag line in the right hand column on my Blog it says –

    ' Do you have what you need?
    Do you need what you have? '

    If I don't have something I need I buy it, if I have something I don't need I give it away to someone who does need it, or sell at a car boot or donate to charity.

    It keeps me balanced

    I have few needs now and pass shops without a glance, I wander round the supermarket and buy the few things I can't make myself, take their offers and refuse to part with my cash for their clever scams.

    If you buy 'stuff' you have to dust it or care for it…..I don't like dusting and the only things I care for are the people and animals I love!

    At last I feel in control.

    Sue xx


  16. When you do need to shop take a list and stick with it. Don't go down the aisles with the tempting tat. If you can go to specialist shops – such as butchers or greengrocers if they are available – because they only sell the stuff you are buying anyway and aren't trying to hawk anything else. Something like 30% of supermarket purchases are things people never set out to buy when they entered the store.

    Instead of using cards to pay, draw out an amount of cash at the start of the week or month to buy groceries with and stick within that. Make sure its enough to cover the planned meals but then you realise you can't buy any ready meals or take aways or eat out because it will eat up the budget for a other meals. Using cash can help you concentrate.

    Most adults in the Developed West could go three years without needing to buy any more clothes. Mark the day you realise this on a calendar and see how long you can go before you actually need to replace something.


  17. Brilliant post! I do not shop for pleasure as I don't like being in crowded places and I don't enjoy shopping at all. If I have to go to town I am always saddened to see groups of youngsters hanging around the shopping centres in their leisure time. When I was young my friends and I would have been at the park or out on our bikes.


  18. I only go into town on planned visits when I do need somthing and only go in the shops I need. Today I am off to the butchers but will only go there and then home. I have had to wean myself from browsing because it makes me want things I didn't even realise existed!


  19. Every time I throw away stuff I count how much I have tossed or given away. Eye opening to say the least. I am fighting my compulsion to buy magazines. How I love my craft magazines. But I am getting there. My library is great but they do not stock my favourites.

    My children can be very wasteful. I have been known to hand them a $20 and say “Can you throw that away?” Generally they say no and we add up what they have wasted. Another eye opener.

    Tonight I have had a long talk with a much loved aunt who has had a dreadful few years. She has always given us sweets for Christmas and believe me with three diabetics in the house it isn't a kind gift. Together we have agreed to support charities instead of gifts. I am buying 100 meals for an orphanage etc and she is buying a sewing to be given to someone in the third world. Much better for us all.


  20. O i love this shopping came to an abrupt halt 6 yrs ago when i had an emergency c-section..really knocked me for 6..i didn't leave the house for months..steadily recovered but i found i didn't actually want to go shopping…i do my shop online,nip to the local butchers and make a majority of my own bread and cakes..hubby got an allotment and that has saved us no end of money..also i had another c-section 3 yrs ago so i had to recover from that and i still don't miss going out…in fact not going out had enabled us to pay off our debts 2 yrs earlier than we had planned for..
    I do lots of things with my 2 girls and our best thing is baking a cake together and then sitting down to read a book whilst eating our cake…
    We have started to make our own christmas decorations and we are loving it..
    love ya froogs


  21. So many people use the word addiction when describing what are just habits. People need to stop convincing themselves that death is certain if they cannot buy that new purse or drive a certain car. For crying out loud there are people in the world with nothing. Materialism makes me want to puke.

    Addiction is a very real and crushing thing. To glibly attach the word addiction to every habit someone has is to lessen the severity of it. I have a brother who has been a drug addict for the past 30 years. He is an addict. He cannot seem to overcome. His reality is not the same as some princess who just has to have that coach purse, consequences be damned. Just stop shopping. Just quit buying.


  22. In the mornings I do chores and/or gardening and in the afternoons I play – volunteering at the Charity Shop, walking, knitting, crocheting, playing with friends. Life is full and varied. Yes I do go into shops and I am quite able to come out again with nothing. I have enough time to shop for 'reduced' food and enough time to stretch that food into nourishing meals. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.
    Love from Mum


  23. I shop when I am bored so I make lists of everything I need to do before the kids get home from school and I then don't have time to shop! I get my satisfaction from making sure everything on my list has been ticked off! Means the house is running more efficiently as well! Cx


  24. Birdwatching, visiting museums on free days (carefully skirting around the gift shop!), going to visiting author talks or musical performances at my alma mater University which are almost always free for alumna and we get free nibblies sometimes, too. Play card games/other games with family.



  25. Hi There,

    I am addicted to your blog! I found it the other day and I am slowly working my way through every one of your posts.

    I really do love the green quote… Not to mention the rest of your blog… :o)

    I haven't finished reading yet, you have me hooked!


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