No spend Sunday………….no spend any day!!!

 Hello Readers,

Thanks again to all 2357 of you who logged on and read yesterday, to the two newbies who’ve become followers and everyone who reads this. I had a fab day being fed wonderfully by Foster Mummy yesterday. We both discussed our blogs and how they let us count and see the balance of all our days. As I look back through mine, I am repeatedly reminded that I have a wonderful life. Today is another wonderful day to add to the list.

We’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, all the laundry is done and drying outside in the most incredible sunshine. Four more slices of beech tree have been chopped down and stacked. I’ve made a huge casserole for today and tomorrow. Maybe even some to take to work for lunch too. I now have the rest of the day and evening in my office getting ready for work tomorrow. If I make a start now, I’ll be done by bedtime.

This weekend, like most others, involved spending no money what so ever. For many people reading this, that will seem unusual. You may well have just gone to the shops for something to do. If that is you, and you want to change, then don’t wait any longer. Commit your finances on pay day, transfer any spare money somewhere useful, such as your pension, your mortgage and especially your debts if you have any. Why not start your journey with one day a week, where you don’t spend any money. Then, try and build it up until you just shop once and don’t go into a shop any other day at all! Even though I’m debt free, I still make sure I do that and then it’s up to me to amuse myself for free when I’m not at work!
Until tomorrow,
Love Froogs xx

15 thoughts on “No spend Sunday………….no spend any day!!!

  1. Yesterday was a no spend day for me. But today I purchased a long wanted upholstery/craft stapler, 2 plastic stacking storage boxes for toys and earring hooks for my bottle top upcycled earrings I'm making as gifts and maybe to sell.

    These purchases we though hard and long about them. The only item I'm not sure about now is the stacking boxes. I'm not sure they will last a lifetime. I'll give myself a week to test them and decide. If I'm not happy at the end of the week I will ask for a refund.

    Well done Froogs – always my inspiration 🙂


  2. I too have had a no spend day. Tomorrow I have four WI members at my house to make a Christmas rag rug wreath. The basis is from an old sack which contained bird nuts. All rags used are old clothes. We shall have a productive no spend day with an advent wreath ready for this christmas and many others too.

    Dianne – Herefordshire


  3. No spending for me today…will pack my lunch for work and drink only water…

    Your followers might want to check out …I recently found it and have started keeping track of every cent…free and much easier to do it online…makes me even more mindful of my spending habits…

    as always froogs, thanks for your wonderful blog!!!


  4. It's been a glorious day here today. I, too, got a lot done and also found time for a walk. No shops, no spending, just enjoying. Oh, and not cooking either as we ate leftovers. Hope you have a good week.
    Love from Mum


  5. almost a no spend day but I did have to order some printer ink, which I cam claim some money back on. Expensive stuff as my printer does not like being fed refillable cartridges.

    Does anyone else ever find themselves thinking “what would Frugal Queen do?” when you think you *need* to buy something? It's happened to me a few times now! And FQ always makes do with what she has, which is always the answer.


  6. Yippeeeee!

    Popped by on the off chance you were back posting & thrilled to find you are.

    Came home from Sainsbugs with £45 of shopping for the princely sum of £1.39 due to offers and spending points. That covers 4 more dinners and 2 more christmas presents.

    A low spend day for me then!



  7. most days are no spend days here, I have even now got the shopping down to once a month, except for perishables which I replace as needed such as milk. hummmm maybe I should think about a milking cow.


  8. I am one of your newbies – probably racked up a large amount of your page views for the last week!

    You've inspired me to start tackling my debts (even though it seems scarily insurmountable!), I can do small things. For instance, I have two dinners in the oven right now and plan on not going out for any food this week. Then, I will set up auto-withdrawl with my work directly into an account I use to pay my credit card bill. Won't have to think about it! Whew, that was a relief!

    Carry on, Froogs. 🙂

    Anna – Virginia, USA.


  9. I too am one of your newbies, and am really enjoying your blog!

    Today was meant to be a no spend day for me aswell… I just bought tissues thanks to a streaming cold and matches cos mine went missing. But that's it for the day hopefully.

    I live in North Africa, where it's not always easy to have no spend days. Quite a number of food items HAVE to be bought on a daily basis… but minimal sending works for me just as well .



  10. Great post and very relevant to me personally at this moment as I'm trying to have as many 'no spend days' as I can. I want to try to wean myself off internet shopping and going to shops (even charity shops!)

    Have you got any suggestions on how to keep out of shops? Or perhaps you could do one of your blog posts on filling in the hours/ things to do/amusing yourself instead of shopping.

    I for one would be very grateful on your views.

    Linda xx


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