No takeaways in this house

 Hello readers!

It’s Friday night. Once, in the dark and almost forgotten past, we always used to have a take away on a Friday night. Now, we just cook every meal at home and such wastefulness is a thing of the very distant past. I defrosted some puff pastry from the bottom of the freezer. Oh, by the way, if you have time to make your own puff pastry, you have a lovely life and you don’t have enough work to do. I, on the other hand have been at work all day and buy it on offer or when it’s about to ‘go out of date’.  I rolled out the pastry and set it to one side. I then squidged the centre out of three sausages and rolled it into one long sausage. I chopped and fried some lardons, a few crinkly mushrooms, an onion and, once soft, laid that along the bottom of the savoury plait, smeared some home made damson chutney on top and then balanced the sausage meat on top.

I cut and ‘plaited’ the pastry and baked in a hot oven. We ate it with some runner beans and peas…………it was just divine!

Here’s the melt in your mouth, gooey, and yet crunchy and all found lurking in the back of the freezer or fridge savoury sausage plait. There’s plenty left for lunches next week.

I’m off to sit with both the doggies, who will be trying to get inside my jumper as all the fireworks go off tonight.

Until tomorrow,

All my love, Froogs xxxx


18 thoughts on “No takeaways in this house

  1. Looks lovely Froogs. We too are going to open a packet of premade puff pastry bought on offer tomorrow but we're having it as Fidget Pie
    Have a good frugal weekend


  2. Yummy 🙂

    Due to being ill and working *odd* shifts I have fallen into the habit of *buying* meals every day lately 😦 Which we can NOT afford.

    We know my husbands work contract expires in May – which will plunge us to my income – which only JUST covers the rent with not alot left over and we have mouths to feed.

    We are trying to throw money at our savings to help tide us over until he gets another job…

    This weekend I plan to organise myself and pre-cook meals for the week.

    I am going to start by digging in the freezer and working out exactly whats in there. Then organising the pantry will be the next step.


  3. oh and froogs… can you please give me some ideas that I can use for soggy celery, snow pea sprouts, bean sprouts and other salad vege that are just slightly past eating normally?

    I am thinking I might try throwing them into a quiche.


  4. Funnily enough I've stocked up on my pastry collection with the same recipe in mind. I also use puff pastry to rustle up tarts (sounds a bit dubious but I mean the food variety!). I've also bought some filo to make samosa type parcels to use up veg.


  5. That looks divine! We used to make sausage plaits at school in home ec. takes me back that does!

    I'm off to go and see whats lurking in my freezer just incase I have enough stuff to make this for tea. thanks Froogs.

    X x


  6. Ooh yes that looks lovely. I have some puff pastry in the freezer and am working out what to do with it so might well this. We very rarely get takeaway these days. Much prefer to eat homemade and it saves us so much money. Some friends of ours have takeaway at least once a week – such an expense!


  7. You are so good at creating yummy looking meals. I have never been able to make things from scratch. I have to follow recipes and am afraid to veer from them.

    That meal looks delicious. No take out food ever looked so good.


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