One long siesta and paella (ish)

The cheek of it……………….they don’t pay any rent!

 Hello readers and the new followers (you’ve been sucked into my version of the Truman show…….welcome to my little bubble!).

I arrived home to a very quiet house. It’s all right for some! Here’s the resident fluffy Bichons doing what they do best………………….nothing! The resident bed testers barely move all day. There is a dent in my bed………………which dogs, will you hear this! You are not allowed on! Have formed into a groove through a day of just sleeping!

Nose in the direction of the kitchen.

 They soon look lively when I come home and start cooking something. It’s all a bit iffits here! If it’s in the cupboard, you can have it. I had the back end of a pack of lardons, some skinned and boned chicken thighs, a quarter of a chorizo sausage, some rice, some frozen veg and a tin of chopped tomatoes with basil and garlic. I made a sort of paella. (Foster Mummy bought me some lovely saffron spices back from her holiday in the summer, which I’ve managed to dye my hands yellow with too)

The result was a huge pan full, some for supper this evening and some for lunch tubs to heat up at work tomorrow. I’m now off out to walk off some of the supper and stretch their fluffy legs. Today’s spend…..nothing at all.

Until tomorrow,



13 thoughts on “One long siesta and paella (ish)

  1. I noticed Tesco were selling a ready made paella today, £4 for a teeny tiny plastic box which looked like it was mainly rice. So expensive.

    Yours looks delicious!


  2. Your iffits made me laugh – my weekly menu plan consists of 3 nights cooked meals, 3 nights of planned leftovers and 1 of ifits. (only 2 of us). Keep up the good work!


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