Throw money at it!

Hello readers xxxx and the new ones, and those who’ve become followers (makes me feel like a cult!)

Just to make sure I don’t and can’t spend any money this month, I’ve set a very tight budget. I’ve left £25 a week for transport, £30 a week for all groceries and nothing else! Nothing, not a bean! Every other penny is with Santander as I’ve paid down, or paid off as much mortgage capital as I can! Today, I paid off 0.5% of the balance! It’s not much, but it’s something!

It’s left me skint for the month but I own a little bit more of the bricks and mortar and nothing else can be wasted as there’s nothing left.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Throw money at it!

  1. When I read “Just to make sure I don't and can't spend any money this month” and looked at the photo, I half expected you to say that you had cemented your money into the wall haha.
    0.5% when speaking about a mortgage is a lot of money, so well done you.


  2. You are doing great. At least your debt is being paid and getting smaller. I think that you should appear on some popular show to tell how you are making ends meet in frugality and paying off your debts. JB


  3. Well done for your determination, I really admire your steadfastness in all this paying off.

    You truly are an inspiration to many, just look at your Follower numbers creeping up again.

    Maybe you are a cult…!! (But a good one….lol.)

    Sue xx


  4. Well done thats brilliant,
    I saw on a mfw diary a picture of a house all divided into little blocks, as the capital was paid a little box was shaded.Mt dh bought me flowers yesterday and lovely as they are i thought to myself that money could have gone into debt busting,
    Hope your feeling better now


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