Frugal fishy pie!

Oh yeah! I ate something today!!!!

Hello Dear reader,

There is always that feeling of trepidation after days of the room rocking and feeling and being really sick when you reach the stage of being too scared to put anything in your mouth! I have a cure all recipe that’s up there with chicken soup for its bland comfort value and that’s fishy pie.

1. Make plain – no salt – no butter (bit ambitious at this stage) mashed potato – set to one side.
2. Microwave some plain pollack.
3. Mix up a very plain and simple bechamel sauce and add a little cheese to flavour.
4. Mix cheese sauce and pollack – place in heat proof bowl.
5. fork mashed potato on top and grill until crispy.

(Usually I would add flaked smoked mackerel, flacked smoked haddock and prawns for a special fishy pie – but today it was very plain)

Eat, with a teaspoon!!! Can’t be too careful! Very slowly and sit near the door………….(enough on that!).

No GP appointments available in the end, so have to wait until tomorrow! Thanks so much for the migraine advice, I’m going tomorrow with lots of questions and names of medication. I, thankfully only get migraines at most three or four times a year and I have no triggers, sometimes they can even wake me in the middle of the night.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


18 thoughts on “Frugal fishy pie!

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Been there done that, but with mine I could not lift my head from the pillow for at least a week, there is lioght at the end of the tunnel though, I have not had one for at least 15 years, headache yes, migraine no….mine disappeared after the menopause.


  2. Hope you feel better very soon. I feel very lucky as I don't suffer from migraine but I have a friend who does and she is completely floored when she gets one.


  3. I get migraines about three times every two months. They last from 3-5days. I'm in bed that time, or throwing up. I feel like I want to die. I can't take the migraines medicines as I have to still be able to help my husband with our daughter in an emergency (she has severe epilepsy)but I'm a poor help at these times :o(
    Stress brings my migraines on. I lead a stressful life (as from the sounds of things you do) looking after my daughter and trying to juggle our £. Could you put your migraine down to a stressful time at the moment?
    I wish I had some really helpful advice for you FQ. But alas, I can't even help myself lol.
    Wear a woolly hat, keep as hydrated as you can -sipping lukewarm water?- get your GP to do something if you can my lovely.
    They are horrendous, and my heart goes out to you.
    Take care FQ. And i really hope your GP helps!


  4. Have they checked your blood pressure recently? I had the most awful migraine that really frightened me – thought was having stroke! – and the GP tested my BP and put me on BP meds as it was v high. With your stressful and responsible job I wouldn't be surprised if your BP is high. Sympathy from me anyway, that sounds a truly awful migraine. Hope you are going to take as many days off as you need to feel rested. They are scary things aren't they. Virtual hugs from a virtual stranger, haha!


  5. I call it cardboard food – for after one has been ill. start with mashed potatoes, and if feeling better add scrambled eggs… toast… etc. you see why it's called cardboard food, it's bland!


  6. Hello Froogs, just catching up after a weekend away. Im glad your feeling better. I too suffer from those dreaded migrains. Hopefully the dr can prescribe something that will help and not make it any worse.
    hugs to you.


  7. Hi Froog, I'm glad to see that you're back. I just joined your followers even though I followed on the side. I was without my gmail account for about a week as I was locked out but now I have my blog back. I'm glad that you had a good little vacation and that you are on target with your mortgage. I hope that you will feel better real soon. That fish pie looks real good and you are doing a super job being frugal. A book would be absolutely wonderful… JB


  8. I struggled with wine for years and found that several foods could be triggers — namely red wine, chocolate, processed meats (nitrates), and dried fruit (sulfites). My big discovery, though, was that DIET SODA caused about 95 percent of my serious migranes. When I gave those up, most of my headaches disappeared! Aspartame, especially, is associated with migraines.


  9. I watched the Food Hospital last night and they sorted out a diet for a 7 year old which got rid of his migraines. It was simplistic i.e. the investigation but there were 3 key supplement he had – magnesium, coezyme(spelling!) 10 & vitamin B2.

    He was banned all processed food, full fat milk – only allowed skimmed! Other things too like chocolate, oranges and cheese.



  10. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. I've never had a migraine, but my Mum has them and I've seen how bad they make her feel.

    I hope the doctor can get to the root cause of yours and help a bit.

    Sue xx


  11. I've just finished reading the whole of your blog and I am so pleased you are back!
    I have many debts I need to clear and you have given me the strength and inspiration to be super frugal and I am fully embracing it. Thank you so much for helping me – you have no idea how much it means.



  12. Hi Froogs I've been watching channel 4's Food Hospital and one condition featured was migrane. Please take a look at the programme,the results is eliminating some things from the diet were amazing,and it worked.


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