Tomorrow’s chip wrappers.

Hello Dear Reader,

Dearly Beloved has been a train Womble today and has brought home bundles of newspapers. He must have looked a sight with bundles of them inside his coat as he cycled back from the station! He walks from one end of the train to the other and came home with out usual evening reading material (we haven’t bought a paper in years!) and we now accumulate these to light our stove with.

Have you ‘wombled’ anything recently?

See you tomorrow,

Love a nice and toasty Froogs xxx


10 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s chip wrappers.

  1. Hi! from Connecticut USA.I love your Blog.I made about 48 jars of apples sauce and 4 jars of apple juice from free crabapples.found at parks,sidewalks around my town.I pickup a working sewing machine and iron quilt rack on the curb.I also pickup bottles and cans,that other people have throw on the ground. We have a 5 cent depositon each, I average $ 40.00 a month.Within my family and friends we are networking to fill each other needs. I needed a new travel coffee mug , my cousin has two new ones for me, I have given her recently a clothes drying rack and green beans , tomatoes from the garden. I used to watch the dollars , now I watch the nichols.Thankyou for takeing the time to write your Blog. Best Wishes Roxy


  2. all the time..we collect cans from where ever we can-can, glen brings home the paper from work when someone discards them which is most days. our local high school is doing some demolition and has a sign out free firewoood x demo, so i rang a friend who is having a few days off work and hes been down and got 3 ute loads, the builders said hardly anyone has taken the offer up, because its warm folks arent thinking of next winter, dumb arses. thought youd like to know its 25 degrees here today, windy and warm,


  3. One cat uses newspapers so we have two neighbors collect theirs for us in large trash bags. We swap every so often for new bags. Nice way to recycle. We also trade house watching for old Economist magazines that would be trashed. Good trade for us and less trash for them. I love this trading.


  4. Its funny, last night I told DH to do the same on the train to work as I got the idea from you on a previous blog post. We are getting our old fireplace working in a few weeks so scavenging all we can to get started!


  5. Great expression 'wombled'.

    We womble anything going. Cans for my parents to collect Tesco points, free wood from our walks, palettes from my husband's delivery, newspapers from my parents, potatoes that my parents have gleaned from a farmer's field (with permission, alot of our furniture.

    If we hadn't wombled then we wouldn't be in the financial position we are today.


    Sft x


  6. We have permission from the local DIY chain to help ourselves to any timber and pallets in their skip and we also relieved a nearby building site of its old joists and sleepers, all for our fire, too.


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