Utter luxury!

Hello dear reader,

It’s so cold, I’ve worked late and come home to a lit fire. Being careful with money and putting every penny into the mortgage capital repayments leaves little money for looking or smelling nice. Every so often, I splash out on good toiletries. Then, I make them last. I race my way though a tin of lovely talc in at least six months! I keep soap dry and a bar can last for weeks and if I get hold of some shower gel, I know I can make it last for a very long time. Each day begins and ends with a top to toe wash in one bowl of hot water, which I then flush the loo with. About mid week, I wash my hair and have a five minute shower…………..it’s total luxury!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


7 thoughts on “Utter luxury!

  1. One thing I can say we are lucky about in the US, is that water is not as expensive as it is for you in the UK. But I can see that happening, which is another reason why I am downsizing our future. We have to run quite a bit of water before it gets warm because the hotwater tank is in the basement and that is far away from the kitchen and bathrooms!

    Your blog has made me much more conscious of the economic impact of water consumption. Thanks for that!


  2. We are on a water meter here too, so we have to be very careful with it. I had a very shallow bath this morning which saved water. As I have sensitive skin I have to be careful what products I use or else I come out in lumps and rashes all over. So I can't use really cheap stuff, I use Johnson's baby soap! If it won't hurt a baby it won't hurt me! I also use baby foam bath, I have used Johnson's baby bath for years but have recently found that Tesco make value baby foam bath for just 9p, I tried it and it's fine:-) My children use it too now. I also save money but not buying talculm powder at all. My bathroom is cold as it is unheated, so my soap always dries out quickly. The only time it is ever heated is by a thermastat comtrolled fan heater when we are actually in the bath. It's good to hear of others being frugal too, then you know that it's not just you. Thanks, Froogs.


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