Cold Icy Blast

Good evening dear reader,

Picture this! Lovely warm lounge, one end of Frugal towers is quite warm………….the other end has a chilly blast whistling in from the Urals! The home made quilt is on the bed, hot water bottles are in the bed warming it to gas mark 6. There is no heating other than the wood stove and the rest of the house is cold. Every cup of tea in the kitchen, or trip to the loo, requires a trip into the chill zone. Night time is like the above pictures. No details needed, just imagine it yourself..

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


17 thoughts on “Cold Icy Blast

  1. We still have no heat here in Devon. No Aga on yet, we are saving so much fuel. No woodburner on this Winter yet either, so saving us from using up our home chopped wood too. I cooked a hot meal to warm us up inside our bodies; a cheap meal of minced beef with home chopped onion and tomatoes, long spaghetti and some frozen peas. Am wearing my fleece for warmth and my 'Legal Lover' and I are both working on our computers in bed with our duvets to warm our feet. Every day of not using our fuel counts!


  2. Your not on your own hun. We have one storage heater on but nothing else. All doors stay closed, the curtains get closed as soon as it gets dusk to keep the heat in. All the curtains have thick liners on and even the main doors have curtains over to keep the heat in. My mother says its like stepping back in time, bless her!

    X x


  3. I fell on my sword last night and put the heating on, we have storage heaters in the sitting room and kitchen and convector heaters in the bedrooms. At our age we cannot afford to be cold.
    The convectors are on a time switch and set on low so they come on just before we go to bed and go off after half an hour, then come on just before we get up in the morning. Our bedroom is not large so it soon heats up. bottles in the bed make it nice and cosy.

    The thermostatically controlled oil rad in the hall keeps the temp there comforable, again its on very low. The heater in the bath room we switch on manually after 11pm and then off when we go in for our shower in the morning.

    I am going to read the meter tonight when we go to bed and then again in the morning just to see how much power it uses. We will have to turn the heaters up as it gets colder. just now they are providing background heat.

    By the way you need an eco fan for your stove, it will push the convected heat from your stove out around the room, we had one for the stove in the cottage and it kept the kitchen end warm all trhough last winter. I bought ours off ebay and sold it through ebay when we moved. They are about £70.


  4. my house is freezing.I have totally tried to prepare for winter,thermal linings. fleece as linings.door curtains etc.Think i might have to give in and put it on low morning and night.


  5. I caved earlier this week and turned on the aircond. But the past 2 days has brought some light rain – so the weather is bareable again and aircond is staying off.

    The electricity bill has been way too high and going part time (cut back in pay) is only 4 months away.


  6. Trying to emulate some of your frugal ways, I have decided to try leaving the heating off until November 1st. It's alright so far as long as I stay in my bed with a hottie, lots of layers of clothing and a handmade cowl but I think I'll be very glad when I do turn it on.


  7. My god Froogs! Haven't ya got any troosers? LOL!

    I wish I could have a log burner… chimney or suitable outside wall and me all electric too! Boo hoo!

    Sandie xx


  8. Getting cold up here in the wilds of Cumbria, had to put the gas heating on for an hour yesterday.
    Just aquired a pair of (freeccycled) full height curtains and a recycled curtain rail for the front door and put them up. It's a double glazed front door.
    Makes quite a difference.


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