Rising costs of energy!

Nationwide disgrace and total numpty!

Dear Huhne the goon!

Here we go again some snotty posh Tory (Liberal in disguise!) telling us how to cope with rising prices – it takes the biscuit – it really does! I bet he’s not wrapped up in a blanket with one bar of his gas fire on for one hour a day because it’s all he can afford! I bet he doesn’t sniff his clothes before he decides to wash them (or get his Polish cleaner to wash them!) I bet he doesn’t have a shower timer or always have pee swishing around in his toilet! Why is it that some wally like this slimy toad thinks it’s OK to give us advice. Chris! You should be wringing your hands with shame!

Gas and electricity costs more than the average family can afford. Families on low incomes, pensioners, ill people on disability benefits, young mothers on small part time incomes, sick people on statutory sick pay recovering from surgery are going to have a cold, cold winter. According to Huhney’s advice, all we have to do is find the lowest tariff, get your walls insulated and put a sweater on! Well here’s  a message for you Huhney! A saving of £100 a year on average bills of £1400 for a family would hardly be noticeable when you’re bringing three children up on minimum wage!

“We want people to check their tariffs, we want people to switch to cheaper tariffs and we want people to take advantage of the free offers that there are to insulate their homes so they can protect themselves from rising bills this winter,”

I want us all to go a stage further. I want to see consumers do a lot more to say ‘get stuffed’ to the energy companies. Get a thermostat and set if to 17 degrees, get a lot of jumpers, use wind up torches and lanterns, go to bed early with a hot water bottle and have more cuddles. Just boycott the flamin’ energy companies as much as you can! I’ve not used the gas for anything but the gas hob for two weeks and I’m going to keep going. If I have to grope around in fluffy slippers with a battery lamp charged by the sun then I flamin’ well will!

OK, so I’m a bit extreme but the prices are a national shame and I am not going to give them my money! I would appeal to all of you to find any affordable alternatives you possibly can. Stuff them! Don’t give them your money!

Huhne! You can take your hollow advice and stuff it in your ministerial brief case!

Until tomorrow,

Froogs (blowing raspberries at said twonk on Channel 4 news)


22 thoughts on “Rising costs of energy!

  1. What a load of shite (not your post Froogs I hasten to add). If it was really just a question of finding the cheapest tarrif we wouldn't have this problem. Surely they could start findng better renewable energy (not bloody inefficient wind turbines) rather than relying on as (which we have no means of storing, flog to Europe and then have to buy back at inflated prices) and fossil fuels.
    I vote for lots of reindeer skin for clothing, it's warm enough for the Inuits it ought to be warm enough for us 😉


  2. Love it! You certainly have your gander up today. Quite right, too. We are putting off turning on the central heating and I hope we can manage with the open fire for as long as possible. That and the electric blanket. I am busy knitting socks, too!


  3. I'm sick of hearing about how they ' understand' , and blogged about it last week when the new unemployment figures came out.Apparently the cabinet contains 21 millionaires , so how exactly do they understand what it's like to be me , whose income is just above the poverty level?


  4. You're so right. Sorting out the best deal is one thing more able prople but I spent many years of my life working with adults who have problems with basic skills – reading, writing and numeracy – and they wouldn't be able to do this.
    These policies are aimed to further disadvantage the disadvantaged be they older, ill, or disabled in any way.


  5. hear hear!!
    I'm fed up with politicians trying to appear sympathetic, here is Aus while we are having lots of airline delays they just used government jets to fly all the politicians home for holidays!


  6. Wow! This is sounding like the U.S.
    We have a President who is trying to have the Energy Dept. just forge ahead with his energy policy since he couldn't get it through Congress. That is going to push up energy rates big time. UGH!


  7. Well said. Numpty indeed, these idiots should try living in the real world sometime! We are having snow up here in the highlands already and it's freezing but I'm sure we'll be fine if we just switch tarrif! I am living in jumpers already and am looking out our hot water bottles. Hoping winter wont be as bad as the predictions.


  8. They all need to walk for a week in somebody elses shoes. I have not had any form of heat on yet. I will stick it out as long as possible. We all have choices to make and I choose to spend money on broadband because its important to me. I sit here in layers of clothing and a fleece blanket in winter.


  9. Numptey indeed! I was also incensed hearing that last night. Our house was insulated by the HA 2 years ago and we switched electricity suppliers earlier in the year, but our previous supplier made it more than difficult for us to do so. Because we were on a monthly budget plan and had arrears of over £100 (from when my son lived here) they refused to allow us to change until we had a zero balance! How are people on pre-paid meters etc supposed t switch? Yet more of the low income/vunerable people being targeted and patronized!


  10. Power bills scare me to death, we have no option but to use electricity, our apartment has storage heaters in the sitting room and kitchen, a towel rail in the bathroom and convector heaters in the bedrooms. Our stove is an inefficient electic one. No way am I buying a new stove for a rented property so I just use the hob. We are on the first floor and have the lost, there is a high level of insulation in already and it is imossible to do the walls in a property unless the other 3 apartments agree to it being done. The heating will have to go on tonight its too cold in our sitting room now. I have been using the convector heater in the bedroom for an hour for a couple of nights so its warm when we go to bed. We use hot water bottles to heat the bed and I have a quilt on over the duvet for when it gets really cold.

    We changed our supplier when we moved in and got onto a fixed tarrif until next April, but then I have to start the search for another cheap supplier.

    We are lucky that up to now we can afford to heat the place properly, but heaven knows how we will get on if the prices go up much more, it will be a case of heat or eat.

    Neither of us gets pension credit so we just get the straight £200 fuel allowance, nothing extra for us……


  11. OK – sit down and concentrate…..
    IT'S HIS JOB. That is what he is there for – and frankly I think ANY attempt to get the energy companies to a) simplify their pricing so it can be understood by all and b) reduce their prices is good, surely? There really is no point in shooting the messenger….otherwise we may as well start having a go at the teachers for the appalling state of education in a good proportion of this country, hmmmm?

    As for the renewable energy thing, that's an easy drum to bang, but not so easy to come up with answers I'm afraid. Nuclear is the obvious solution to the currently requirements for more, and more cost-effective power, but the sheer amount of scaremongering from people who don't understand it properly will rule out that particular hot potato being picked up and run with I suspect.


  12. What a total arsehole this man is; agree with the general feeling, let the middle-class tosser spend a winter in a council house on minimum wage and see how well he copes whilst switching to the cheapest energy supplier, getting insulated and wearing sweaters.

    I get really pissed off with these prats in their cosseted and privelaged little lives telling the rest of us mere mortals how to run our affairs.

    Yeah Froogs, you might come accross as a bit extreme, but if everybody adopted your strategy, eventually the message might just penetrate through to the people like him who are in a position to do something. Like fixing a national tariff for power with reasonable profit margins.
    The same as we used to have until some fucking genius decided to sell off the power suppliers into private enterpprise.

    Biggest complaint is the rip-off practice of charging rent for the meter, wether you use any power or not. So you can be as extreme as you like, but they still get their pound of flesh and the VAT so that the top people can keep up their Rolls Royce lifestyle while the majority of us suffer to support them.


  13. I really sympathise. I read about the inflation and the prices of everything rising, and I wonder how much longer it can go on ? Not encouraging them, but no wonder there are riots and fed up citizens… the youth might feel again that they have “no future” so why bother ? This can't come to any good.


  14. Good on you FQ. He really does look gormless in that photo.

    I would love to see him or any other cabinet minister spend the whole winter living as we do, they wouldn't survive past the first snowflake.

    No heating on yet for me, am opting this winter for cuddling too, so are my cats as they are all piled on the sofa with me as I type this!

    L xx


  15. Just to add….what's the bloody point in switching anyway when all they do is write to you2 days before you're due to 'go live' with them to say “Sorry, we're having to put our prices up…” which is *exactly* what happened to me this year when I switched from the ar5eholes also known as British Gas to a lesser known supplier, recommended by USwitch.

    They live in a bloody dream world.


  16. Thing is, if no one uses the utilities, then gas and hydro companies will say they have to raise the rates to compensate. It is a no win situation.

    Very thankful that things are no so dire in Canada.


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