Keeping down the costs

Hello dear reader,

I’m really beginning to worry about the constant rise in prices; even sausages are expensive. I’m now buying my meat from a local butchers close to here who specialised in bulk amounts for customers. So, I buy 3 kilos of bacon pieces at a time and divide it and freeze it myself, I also buy pork loins, chicken pieces and sausages as well as beef of all descriptions but in larger portions. Even if you save money that way, it’s still expensive. The answer is obviously meatless days (which we have plenty of) and smaller amounts of meat when we do eat it.

Our supper tonight consisted of one and a half sausages each, with some bacon chunks, all fried together with onions and mushrooms and a sauce made of tinned tomatoes, water and some gravy thickening. Plenty of peas and carrots and a desert spoon of mashed spuds each. It’s certainly a big meal to have on a Sunday evening, but DB has built another shed today (it’s beginning to look at bit like the little house on the prairie out there!) so I thought I’d rustle up something hot. I made sure I cooked the veg on one gas ring with the steamer and nothing took too long to cook. To save on energy, I’ve cooked tomorrow’s supper (play it again Sam) and it’s in the fridge ready to be dinged tomorrow night.

It’s a constant struggle to stick to a budget and eat relatively healthily. Not exactly the lean chicken breast and salad that I would prefer but it’s hearty, honest and nutritious. When any of us think of the struggles our grannies had to feed our mums and dads on rations and a nationwide lack of food, I really shouldn’t grumble about prices.

Photo above is who Froogs will turn into if she does any more scrimping! Or may be she’s already there?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


15 thoughts on “Keeping down the costs

  1. That cooker is almost like the one my Mum just got rid of, except the plate rack had been removed. She bought a graded one a few weeks ago. Her old one came from Richmonds, a company in our own home town. At one time I worked there for the Production Director.

    Mum certainly got her money's worth!


  2. Your dinners look delicious-love the richly colored gravy. Planned overs as I call them, are a working gal's salvation. Just pop them into the nuker, you're all set.


  3. Na, FQ, that's not you; that's not an energy saving light bulb!
    I've been cutting down portions over the last few years and something I've done recently is make curry with less meat and adding beans or chickpeas. From there, it was easy to make chickpea and squash curry and we didn't miss meat at all.


  4. I just saw the size of your garden! Do you grow any food? When we did we hardly spent anything on food july aug sept and saved a lot year round, also hens are such a great investment – free if you get ex battery, live on practically nothing but scraps and fresh free eggs all year! when your on such a tight budget it could really help? xx


  5. Froogs
    Do you have to buy gluten free sausages – I know you try to avoid wheat? If so, you may be interested to know that nearly all Marks and Sparks sausages are gluten free even though they don't emphasise the fact – they use pea starch as a binder. Although they may be expensive compared with ordinary sausages they are cheap compared with special gluten free sausages, and much tastier


  6. I,too, have trouble buying meats. I leave that up to Pop, who has never before, looked at prices,but I think he does now.We use alternate protein quite often. Pop doesn't fret as much as he once did, since meat(and everything else)has gotten so ridiculously expensive.


  7. Your dinner looks very tasty, we had a similar affair but with a chicken leg each. Rising food prices are terrifying,I seem to get such a lot less for my money these days and always use to compare prices, find deals etc. Keep up the top money saving tips Froogs !!
    twiggy x


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