a message for N power

Here’s an open message to N Power, my utility provider!

You along with the other robbing country folk have now increased our energy prices by 20% this year. I’m being so very very careful. I have not used gas for the last 10 days. I’ve not heated any water, or used the hob or had any radiators on. I’m loving the warmer weather as I can dry washing outside and I’m heating the house with wood.

Tonight, I moved lots of wood, stacked it and sorted it, chopped some and brought the weekend’s wood indoors and placed it in baskets. I gardened, put hanging baskets and the last of the tomato plants in the compost heap. I didn’t light the fire for a while because I was so warm from the jobs I had to do. I washed clothes and they are drying in front of the wood stove. None of this has involved much bought energy. Again, I’m lighting the room with one eco bulb and this blog is being typed from the light of a  solar charged lamp. I’ve had micro mini showers, I’ve flushed the loo with shower water caught into a huge blue plastic box. To all the energy companies…………………..you can take your price increases and stuff them! I’ve no spare money for lights and gas so bog off……I’m not paying and I’m doing without!


13 thoughts on “a message for N power

  1. me too FQ. My mission is not to use the heating till at least November! I may be at the other end of the country but we are a hardy lot – all us fringes of the englandshire! Bed is early in my house and for heat I have a walking talking hot water bottle and extra blankets on the bed. We have showers despite having gas though weeny did get a bath yesterday. No gas for cooking and mostly eaten toasties and cold food this week. Oh yes I have your flank on this one!


  2. I agree with Louise, here in Oz the rates have been going up up up! Its amazing that they are even able to go out in public without having thing thrown at them!!!


  3. Im was freezing this morning,but that heating is not going on, blanket around my legs whilst im on the laptop.water goes on for about 3/4 hour for the days hot water,my dishwasher has been broken for aabout 2 months so have to was up by hand.
    Dont really know how else i can cut back,
    Its all very depressing.


  4. You are so right. I'm not putting heating on until we need to hopefully as far into November as is possible. I've managed to keep our bills down given we are a family of 5 & the youngest is 5. It is hard work but I changed to Eon and have done well.


  5. Well done, I love your attitude. We are with Eon and according to their energy tracker have managed to use 23% less gas and electric, so far, than last year. I'm continually aware of what is taking power, sometimes to my husbands annoyance.


  6. Good for you FQ! I love your attitude!

    It's finally clicked with me (after many years) not to rely on the government (of any political persuasion) to look after me whether it's regarding pensions, care in my golden years, health or savings.

    Through following your blog and the MoneySavingExpert site I am gradually building up the skills to take care of myself and spookily I am actually relishing the challenge. If you are able, I think the more you can take responsibility and rely on yourself the better and more fulfilling life can be.

    I love your answer to costly heating – chop wood! Brilliant. You are not a moaner you just get on with what must be done – if more people adopted your outlook and actions I think this country would be happier and in better shape.

    Have a fab weekend

    L xx


  7. The utilities have been raising prices because we are getting so good at not using them as much. The water people called on us to conserve water and we did. The people of the Seattle area used only as much water this spring and summer that was used in the spring and summer of 1957. Did we get thanked? Did we get a pat on the back? The water utilities are now increasing our cost by 20% because of the revenue they have lost. We would have been better off running the reservoirs dry.


  8. if you use very little energy (gas or leccy), you do know, that your bill has actually gone up by 30-40%?
    The Utility Companies have increased the unit price of the first so many units by more than the rest, and the 15-20% price hikes have been the average.
    I use less energy than 2 years ago, but pay more for the privilege. yay…NOT
    The government is going to do something though, I think they are just not sure what yet..


  9. Yes madpiano, between the “rental” of the meter and the expensive first units used, reducing consumption actually increases the cost per unit dramatically.
    Just a pack of robbing bankers.


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