In the dark?

 Hello Dear Reader,

The nights are drawing in, but I really don’t mind. I love the passing seasons and I like the dark cosiness of this time of year. I have noticed though that I have to put the lights on now by six in the evening. I’m really aware of the extra energy costs at this time of year. I have a solar battery charger and a portable battery lamp that takes those batteries that I’ve charged for free. I have wall low energy lamps but need better light to mark school books by. Here’s my low energy and sustainable experiment in lighting and I can get two classes of books on one charge. I then feel compelled to go to bed…………………..the light has run out. It’s a way of using the sun and giving up on the day when the sun’s energy has gone.

My camera memory card and my netbook are not talking to each other tonight so I’ve taken the photo of me being lit by a solar charge with my webcam! As you can see, it’s blinding and quite bright enough to read or mark books by. Well, I’m quite cosy for the night, with washing drying by the fire and the log burner heating the house. As I said, I don’t mind the dark and I enjoy the changing seasons.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “In the dark?

  1. my camera memory card has been playing up too. Perhaps it is the change of seasons!
    Just about to prepare a school display about Diwali – festival of light – Leicester is going to be SO bright this coming weekend!much light pollution and enerygy consumption round here I am afraid!



  2. Hi FQ,
    I currently have 2 candles burning, no lights on.dd is at work and its always easier not to have lights on.Its quite mild here at the moment so not felt the need to have additional heating,which is great at the moment.I was able to get 2 full loads of washing dry today on the line.Dinner was out of the slow cooker and now its on again with a ham joint for dh sandwiches.
    I will be debt free


  3. I really wanted a mid green wall as I've got a very tall one (house with galleried landing, only tiny house though) After having new window, realised the new windows have frames that are thicker, letting less light in. Will have to think again about green walls, maybe have a smaller area green.

    I hope the roof repairs work, and we don't get more leaks.

    Washing out today nut took long time to dry.


  4. I love autumn and winter! Scarves and dark evenings, mulled wine when it gets really chilly! 🙂

    I keep having to walk round the house turning lights off after family members! It's like, c'mon guys, you all saw the “apologetic” letter from the electricity company about rising prices!


  5. not for marking by but for mood lighting as an alternative to candles is the solar garden lights. put outside in a bucket during the day and bring in like a bouquet at night, good enough to light your way to the loo in the pitch of night


  6. My garden solar lights died after three years use as the battery would no longer hold a charge. Couldn't open them up to see if I could change the battery so was not impressed with mine. I have a wind up torch which seems to be standing the test of time, though. I've had it about four years now and it is in use every day during the darker half of the year so it has paid its way as batteries would have cost me way more than the torch did. Even rechargeable batteries would have cost me more : )

    Not had any form of heating in use yet other than a hot water bottle on a couple of cooler nights.


  7. Yes, I wonder how much enery is used keeping lights on in empty rooms?
    We have a tall standard lamp with enery-efficient bulb in living room and a pair of candles on the mantle shelf, really cosy.


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