Winter quarters

Winter office with feline PA.

 Hello Dear Reader,

I plan most of my lessons and do most of my marking at home. My office is too chilly and my fingers went numb. I gave in and lit the fire. I’m using a small side table as my winter desk and I’ve marked essays and planned lessons on my little netbook. I’ve done so in the heat of the fire. My firewood stock has ensured we haven’t had any need for any other heating.

I bought the table for £15 in a junk shop and painted it with ivory egg shell paint. It does mean I have to keep popping upstairs for things I need from the office. I really don’t mind shrinking my house for the winter. How does your house shrink in the winter? Or, if you’re on the other side of the planet? Does your house grow as you move into the outdoor kitchen or under the veranda.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


15 thoughts on “Winter quarters

  1. My house grows a new room altogether in the Summer when we have the front door of our back to back open every day and evening when we're in. It leads straight into the yard and makes the whole house feel bigger. It comes as a bit of a shock in the colder weather when the house 'shrinks' again.


  2. as there is only the two of us we tend to only use the kitchen, family room, the bathrooms and our bedroom. The heating vents in all the other rooms as more or less shut off so it diverts heat to the rooms we use.

    We love our wood burning insert.

    Gill in Canada

    P.S. we are having a heat wave at the moment, with temperatures in the high 20's……


  3. We have gas logs in our den/family room and so we retreat there when cold weather comes. And we never go upstairs or heat or cool it unless we have company.

    Enjoy your blog. As a retired teacher, I empathize with the papers to grade and lesson plans to make.


  4. I'm another whose verandah is about to become another room. We eat dinner most nights there in summer. And then we the whole pool area comes into its own. (I know a pool is not frugal – but it is so lovely.)


  5. I really couldn't shrink my house any more! It's already pint sized. As I said before, the wood burner sounds great.

    Just discovered the roof needs the tiles taking off to examine why there's a great leak going into the bay window in driving rain! Very painful financially that is.


  6. We live in the southern United States where it gets very hot in the summer so we don't use our upstairs at all, doing all our living on the ground floor, luckily our bedroom is downstairs. Then as Autumn comes on and it cools down we start using the upstairs tv room and my craft room as hot air rises and it stays warmer up there.


  7. I live in Devon and still haven't lit our woodburner yet. We have an Aga in the kitchen but that is off too, has been all Summer to save fuel. Have just had an oil delivery for the Aga but we are saving it for the snow that has been forecast at the end of the month! So it has been warm cardi's for me lately. I work from home so don't get to warm up anywhere else either, unless I go shopping and I try not to do too much of that!


  8. Our house is a bit of an odd layout so it's hard to shrink it but the spare room (the attic room) is generally closed off, with very minimal heating to prevent damp/freezing problems.

    We are lucky though that the main content rooms are the house are stacked on top of each other – the office where we spend our days at the bottom, the living room (evenings) above that, then the bedroom above the living room – so we benefit a lot from heat rising.

    We've got woodburners in both our living room & office — we've had the latter lit a few times over the last few weeks but to dry out the space (after a leak/damp problem) rather than for heat. Our ambient without-heating room temperature in the office & living room is still 18-20C/65-68F which, with a jumper, is more than warm enough for us!


  9. We tend to move around a lot during the day and manage to stay quite warm at the moment but in the evening we blast the front room with the fan heater and close the door. Once warm the heater goes off. We've not put the central heating on for winter yet.

    I'd love a log burner.
    Love from Mum


  10. We batten down the hatches for winter – the heating only goes on as a last resort! Unfortunately, here in inner London we can't have a wood burner – we could only have a double-burn stove that is smokeless. The cost of the stove and of opening up our fireplace is a bit prohibitive.

    However, we invested in some double-glazed sash windows for our house this year, and are looking forward to reaping the rewards in terms of comfort and heating costs. It will make a nice change from the draughty sash frames and chilly glass that we have lived with up to now.

    I've just paid for my mother to have a new radiator installed in the living room of her flat – the original one was curved to fit in a bay window recess, which lost a lost of its thermal value, and was also much too small for the room. I am hoping it helps keep her warm this winter and also there is an element of self-interest as I pay her heating bills!



  11. This is really interesting. I live in a 2 bed HA house, which is all electric! My brother in law lives in the identical house across the road. Our electricity bill is nearly half of his. I do all my laundry at night on economy 7,rarely use TD, line dry everything and in winter just give it an extra spin and then out it goes or onto racks over heaters and clothes horse over night. We have heaters on timers, rarely use big oven, close all curtains at dusk and have door curtains and sausage draught excluders. Because we also suffer from mould/condensation I use the extractor fan when cooking and open windows for at least an hour daily. We are happy as long as our living room is 18 degrees – yet BIL comes here and puts his hat on!


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