Oh really………I hadn’t thought of that!

Hello dear Reader,

Anyone who watched the news yesterday would have been subjected to Wavy Dave’s diatribe on the state of the economy and the request that everyone paid off their debts. Oh really Dave, so we have to hang on in there. Most people are gripping on and only just by the tips of their finger tips. I was able to pay of the bulk of my debts when there was more money to earn and living costs are slightly higher. If anyone is to pay off their debts in the current economy here is what I would do.

1. Don’t spend any money on anything other than food and keeping a roof over your head.We did this and continue to do this. Only now, in the last month have we spent anything on our home and then it’s a means of keeping warm. I would hate another winter like the last when I could do nothing but huddle under blankets to keep warm.

2. Don’t eat out, don’t go out, don’t buy a paper or magazine. My treat was a paper or magazine that I or Dearly Beloved found on the train on the way home. We still haven’t eaten out.

3. You can not afford a tumble drier, central heating, more than one light on or anything on standby. We still don’t use heating, don’t have a drier and nothing’s on stand by.

4. You can not afford baths and get a shower timer – four minutes and out!

5. Do not buy any new clothes until your debts are gone.

6. Get a water meter and save all water for flushing the toilet. We still have a plastic bowl in every sink and wash our hands then tip the water down the sink.

7.Set a £2 a day per person food budget. It’s possible to eat well on that.

8. Don’t buy books, CDs or films – we borrow all ours from the library.

9. Every penny you earn after food and overheads must go to debt repayment – you’ll never pay off what you put off.

10. Save a tiny amount, you never know when your filling will fall out or your glasses will break.

11. Snowball your debts, pay the minimum on all but one and throw everything at one debt to pay if off quickly. Keep doing that debt by debt until it’s gone.

12. When your debts are gone, do the same with your mortgage – that’s a debt too. Keep lowering the capital and you’ll have a smaller interest charge per month.

13. Ignore others who spend money, they’ll regret not getting out of debt and secretly, they’ll wish they’d done what you’d done.

14. Wrap up and keep the heating off, go to bed with a hot water bottle and read, I did for a long time and it didn’t kill me.

15. Even if you have £2.46 spare at the end of the month, put it in savings or paying off a debt.

You don’t need Wavy Dave to tell you whilst there is me. Pay off your debts. You will never be free so long as you have them. Debt is slavery so set yourself free.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


21 thoughts on “Oh really………I hadn’t thought of that!

  1. I'm with you all the way FQ ….. never again will I get caught by banks and credit card companies …. cash is king as far as I am concerned from now on. If I aint got the cash I don't get it! Must add that my debts weren't accrued because I wasted money on luxuries it was purely on keeping our family afloat when the children were younger and getting them through the education system. We don't need rich kid Dave lecturing us on money management x


  2. Slowly my debt balances go down, more slowly my savings balance goes up…but it's a a start…I aim yo lower my utility bills a bit every month…

    As for no clothes dryer…do you have to iron many items? I can go without towels and sheets in the dryer, clothing I hang on the line and tumble for a few minutes to keep the wrinkles out…

    I do most work around the house in the day time with natural light and only use one light at night for reading or stitching…

    Frugal parking strategy…take the first available spot inside the lot to save gas and give yourself a farther walk inside…more free exercise!


  3. An excellent post Froogs. You make more sense than that long drawn out speech yesterday.

    Everyone of your tips works – I know I've been there, done that and am now wearing my future dusters (new t-shirt, then it will be gardening t-shirt, then it will be dusters (after cutting off the buttons for future use)!!).

    Number 11 is THE one to do as I found out 2 years ago when we began paying off our 3 credit cards. Choosing the one with the highest interest rates and chucking everything we had at it brought it tumbling done unbelievabley quickly, once that was done the others followed even faster.

    If we all get ourselves debt free by whatever means we can we are slaves to no-one, and we can listen to Wavy Dave and smile at him being two steps behind.

    Sue xx


  4. A very brilliant and sobering post Frugal Queen (I have been reading you for a while but not posted anything before). You really show the hard work and commitment it takes to get those debts paid off.
    I am fortunate to “only” have my mortgage and no other debts. With young children it is hard stash away some savings and to overpay the mortgage but we manage a little every month – anything over makes such a difference.


  5. Agree completely. Besides a mortgage, I haven't had a debt for a long time and never again will own a credit card or loan. I am about to move house which can be expensive, but I am determined not to get carried away when I need new things for the house, I will simply have to save for anything that I need in the renovation. Money will be tight, but I am learning ways to cut corners all the time. At the moment I am doing a spending diary to see how well I can do in October, and I recommend it for anyone who wonders where their money goes every month. My own personal spending problem is on books and I am getting to grips with that.


  6. A very sobering and brilliant post – I have read your blog for a while but this is the first time I have posted.
    I am fortunate in that we “only” have a mortgage debt. It is very hard with 2 young children and only one income to save and to overpay but we manage a little every month – even a small overpayment of £50 a month makes a big difference ( I hope!)


  7. I dont have any debts but that doesnt mean I'm minted. Due to the state of the economy and low interest rates, I have to save and save and scrimp ever more to try to amass a decent amount for my old age.I never spent what I didnt have. Never believed in credit cards and the like.


  8. Great post Froogs, I wish that everyone who is in that totally overwhelmed helpless state of mind that dsecends sometimes could read your posts and see it is possible, dammed hard, but possible. Yay to no ironing, not used one for years, and looked extremely presentable when meeting clients etc (no, not those sort of clients!!) As you say it is all in the smoothing and hanging up of your washing.


  9. We are fortunate to be a young couple with no debts. We do however have dreams of our future from being able to afford our daughters first bike etc all the way up possibly owning our own home!
    With all the money problems going on with the country though I also feel a lot safer knowing we have our own back up system, and that we can survive on the bare minimum.


  10. I was doing ok, reducing debt, until the utility bills went up and my ex lost his job…do I am down £200/month as he can't pay em any maintenance and paying off debt is something I dream of. Trouble is, the less electric/gas you use, the more expensive it gets and that's driving me absolutely nuts. I cut usage in half compared to 2 years ago, but I am still paying the same.


  11. Thanks for the info Froogs…my only clothes that need to go in the dryer are my work scrubs…the big parking lot I go to is work, the hopsital has many places to park…as long as there is no threat of ice I park in the lot farthest away…the only shopping I do is for necessary items…food and sundries…I hit farm markets on the way to work…


  12. When I heard him say “we are all in this together” I laughed out loud! Somehow I can't see him foraging as I have been doing because it is the only way he can afford fruit. I have had frugality forced upon me by redundancy, and no benefits because I have savings – a small nest egg which was intended to be my security blanket in my retirement. I will be 60 soon, but I have to wait till I am nearly 63 for a pension and meanwhile watch my security blanket dwindle. I felt really alone and misunderstood until I found the frugalist blogs and now I feel that I have a supportive community and it's lovely. I have just discovered your blog and have read it from the beginning, and what an epic tale it is! How lovely to have found it just as you have become debt free. I have learned such a lot from you, and have had my already adjusted attitude adjusted even further. As you have said, I am much happier now with my simpler life style.
    Just a couple of things that people may find useful – as well as sprouted seeds I grow microgreens (much info on Youtube) as a source of cheap salady-type food and I use Hot UK Deals to track bargains and to send for freebies. I get to know, for example, about Tesco buy 1 get 2 free deals without trawling around the shops and I've had free toothpaste, coffee, biscuits and other treats. Approved Foods has been one of my favourite finds and I buy luxuries (cheaply) as well as staples to keep my spirits up.
    Please keep up the good work, I've so enjoyed getting to know you, learning from you and exploring the blogs that you follow


  13. You're so right – I bet Wavy Dave wouldn't know a debt if it hit him on the nose – he's worth plenty – I bet he's been secretly reading your blog and getting tips from you for his speeches 🙂


  14. Well – I think it was time that this message was given in a way. It shouldnt be necessary – but for some it clearly is. There was a very self-justifying article by a woman in the paper today who clearly doesnt “get it” that her debt is her fault/her responsibity and isnt even seriously trying to get rid of it. The debt was acquired from buying designer clothing in the first place – ie not unexpected necessary expenses or loss of income. She then went on to:
    – have her husband give up his salary to do some further study shortly after they got married
    – had a child that year
    – had another child 3 years later

    and is now complaining that her landlord has just doubled her rent. Rent? In other words – she took on husband giving up income and she?/they? decided to have two children – all whilst she was not only in debt, but they are living in rented accommdation. But – she still doesnt seem to have realised that this particular “buck stops with her”. There are plenty more like her – getting in debt for frivolous reasons/taking on major expenses whilst still in debt/etc. So – it is about time people in that position were told to “Wake up and smell the coffee and take personal responsibility”.

    You have been working hard on clearing your debt and dont appear to have taken on extra “responsibilities” whilst doing so – so that is acknowledging “personal responsibility” – but there are a lot of people out there still with their head in the sand and blaming everyone except themselves for their situation.


  15. PLEASE don't turn this blog into a political one – I can read plenty of those if I want to, but one of the joys of this is that it's not used for political axe-grinding. Remember also that the situation we are in now nationally was NOT created whilst the Conservatives were in power!


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