Cooking an entire meal in a mini oven

Hello Dear Reader,

Again, now I learnt how, you can have some musical accompaniment from Show of Hands. Cousin Jack……….about the “English, living in our houses and the Spanish, fishing in our seas.” Locally caught fish is seasonal, expensive and rare. The supermarket sells fish for under £2 for six fillets of pollack. I need to take out a second mortgage to buy it locally caught. So, along with the music, is the cooking of some foreign but reasonably affordable fish.

Check out the value range fish. Turn it over and see what it is. It’s usually Pollack, a white fish, not unlike whiting. It’s good value for money and you can cook it from frozen.

Put a few fillets, with some thing butterish in the middle of some foil and wrap up like a pasty. I also shook some bottled lemon juice (cheaper than fresh and last for years in the fridge) over it.

I then did the same with some mixed frozen veg, but I just added a splash of water.

I gave a couple of small spuds a helping hand by zapping them in the microwave for a few minutes. I placed them all on a baking tray and popped them into the mini oven to all cook together. I could have saved foil and put the veg in with the fish.

Here they all are, baking away in the mini-oven. I then dug out of the back of the cupboard, some parsley sauce mix that I’d bought from Approved Foods when they had ten sachets for £1.

Simply blend with milk in a jug, zap in the micro wave with a stir half way.

Pour over fish and eat. Time was 30 minutes from start to finish and cost was under £1. This was an all I could be bothered to cook production from the frugal kitchen of Frugal Queen.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


6 thoughts on “Cooking an entire meal in a mini oven

  1. Just sent off another order to approved foods. Very impressed that THEY had remembered I had some credit on my account [I had forgotten]only £1.49 for a smashed jar in last package- but every little helps!!

    Fish is Fab

    blessings x


  2. I buy pollack and we like it; apparently people don't like the sound of the name so they rarely emblazon it across the packet. I don't see anything wrong with the name; cod and haddock have funny sounding names, if you think about it, and nobody complains about that.


  3. This shows how well you can eat for how little.

    Have you ever visited this Blog this shows how you can spend a similar amount of money….and eat VERY badly.

    It's a crying shame when you go round supermarkets and see people piling their trolleys up with boxes and boxes of this mass produced yucky food when they could be eating healthily for LESS money.

    You should write a book and teach everyone how it's done, in this credit crunch time you would make a fortune and be able to retire from teaching even earlier.

    Only drawback….would the supermarkets sell it for you in their cook book section….I doubt it somehow, these cheap meals are where they make their money believe it or not. I've just read a brilliant book that has opened my eyes to the supermarkets completely.

    Sue xx


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