It’s the journey of it all………

Dear Reader,
Here’s another blog inspired by you, by the comments you leave and everything you have said. A reoccurring question seems to be ‘How do you do it?’ How do you do it when you work full time? How do you do it when you have a long commute each day? I do it, alongside a job that I love because I believe in living life. I don’t want to put anything off any more. I didn’t want to delay paying off debts any more. I didn’t want to put back getting and finishing my own education any more! I didn’t want to live a hand to mouth minimum wage life any more.
My life is now full of today and tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow. I have so much to be grateful for and I’m enjoying it. I still have dreams, ambition and I’m not there yet. I’m still on the journey of it all, and like the song says, it doesn’t matter if I get there. If that’s the case, which it is, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get there.

I’m up early today as I’ve picked the last of the tomatoes and I’ve pulled the vines and bamboo support canes out of the pots and thrown them into compost corner. I’m up early because the sun is shining and I’ve been able to hang out some washing. I also have curtains washing so they can be hung in the beautiful Cornish sunshine.

I’m not frugalling away my life and I know some of you think………..’let loose, live a bit’, well let me tell you, this is my life and (especially on a sunny day) it’s just fine. It’s a terrible cliche to anyone to say, just do it. If your flat is damp and cold, get a better job, save money, pay off your debts and move to a better home. If your house is too big and you are rattling around in it, get a lodger or foreign students to come and pay you to keep you company! It makes me sound like a broken record but we all need to get some verbs in our lives and get living and enjoying it.

I used to believe that what I owned, what I did, places I visited and people I knew made me happy. I now know I am responsible for my own happiness. If you have ambitions, dreams then get out there and do something about it. It doesn’t matter if I get there, it’s just the journey of it all.
Until tomorrow,
Love Froogs xxxx

21 thoughts on “It’s the journey of it all………

  1. That sums it all up beautifully Froogs. Next time I find myself thinking how nice it would be just to get out there and spend some money I'll re-read that. Thank you!


  2. Lovely post froogs…i too believed it was what i had or didn't have that defined more..i am debt free after being inspired by your blog and others..i love my life,its simple and the pleasure i get everyday from doing things for myself and my family is worth the journey ..i have learnt so much about myself and what needed to change..i love cooking meals for my family,making them little things with scraps of fabric,knitting scarves and wrist warmers from balls of wool that i got cheap from charity shops…my life is so different from the woman i was last year..and you know what..i wouldn't change my life for anything..
    love sara


  3. My Mum spent her entire life waiting for 'Mr Right with money' to turn up. One of the last things she said to me before she died was 'I should have stayed with your Dad, he'd have taken care or me' very sad.
    Hugs Hester


  4. I totally agree. Frugality is not boring, and when you don't get sidetracked by many frivolous things (shopping sprees, and then cluttered surroundings full of the things you bought) and really focus on something you want to achieve, everything feels different. Like, more serene and peaceful.


  5. A brilliant post, I agree with every word and since I've been putting this into practice everything seems 'right'.

    I spent 24 years of my life living with Mr Wrong (who by the way was called Mr Wright) who spent, spent, spent, mostly on alcohol, because…. 'don't worry we will win the lottery one day and pay it all back'.

    Once I bit the bullet and left and picked up the pieces of my life, earned the money to live, took happiness from the little things and my family, that's when life began to get better. I don't regret the past for a moment, it made me who I am, but I relish the future.

    If YOU don't LIVE your life WHO will?

    Sue xx


  6. Your post today is why I always look for your blog first! The path you are taking is the path we all should strive to be on. The end of our journey in this life takes us all to the same door, so we must make the journey “the thing”. You have nailed it! Bless you. I am way behind you, but I have decided on this path too. If you look behind you, you will just barely see me, but hopefully I will catch up. And enjoy every step!


  7. I think that what's frustrating, is when you're in the middle of it or the home stretch. It's good to keep the goal of “freedom” in mind.

    I can't wait to sell our house so I can get rid of the high-paying job I have. I hate it. You're right. Money isn't or shouldn't be the goal. The more you get paid does not mean the better off you are.

    Your focus and perspective are right on.


  8. Too true. As John Lennon wrote in his song Beautiful Boy, 'Life is just what happens to you while you're busy making other plans, '. This is life, here and now, enjoy it.
    Love from Mum


  9. another lovely post froogs…I find being frugal a fun challenge…still treat myself to a scented candle or a sweet now and then…but appreciate it so much more…

    yesterday I wanted to pop out and buy a few pumpkins for fall decorating…then ended up just hooking myself a new little rug…check out my blog if you'd like to see it…

    no money spent and it will last forever…


  10. This is the blog I have been looking for!! I have loads of personal debt although it is a lot less than it was!! I need to get back to being frugal and stop being tempted by nonsense! I'm not materialistic as such but shiny things do attract me at times!
    I need to use any spare money to pay bits off – not matter how little! I'm hoping you will all help me get back on track!!



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