How much?!

Hello dear reader,

It’s so hot tonight that we had to wait until it was dark to take the dogs out. At 8.30 pm, it was still 22 degrees outside! It’s unseasonably warm. Ever in the search for a bargain, we called into the Co-op for any last minute reductions. There were none. Rarely for us, we fancied a bar of chocolate. I went looking for an old favourite, Turkish Delight.

They had none!

They had this instead.

A little 50g bar was 75p! When did that happen? It was 50p the last time I bought one and I’m sure it was this year. A 33% increase! But, we then spotted a special offer and bought 3 bars of Cadbury’s for £1!!!!

It’s a very very rare treat and I won’t repeat it for a while. £1 for a treat is affordable and a lovely thing to have on a Saturday night. What have you treated yourself to that was really cheap and lovely?

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “How much?!

  1. Hello, I have been reading your blog daily for quite a while now but haven't commented before. A few weeks ago I spotted some reduced price plants in my local supermarket late one evening. They were planted in pretty plant pots and I purchased four plants in pots for 20p each; a grand total of 80p! They cheered up my kitchen and became part of the decor. Two plants had bright red flowers and the other two were bright yellow. A cheap and cheery addition to my home and they will flower again next year:-)


  2. its not food but an object.Tesco have had a huge sale recently which wasnt advertised and it was hit and miss if you found a reduced item,i was lucky and found a sewing machine reduced from £89 to £9.19.Its lovely and i was able to repair loads of clothes.


  3. I used a buy one get one free for a coffee drink. The only time I get a fancy drink is with a coupon. A special treat for us is a plain coffee at a bookstore with lovely music. We can spend hours there.


  4. A “new” shirt. Gents white dress shirt, quality brand, short sleeves, fits perfect, doubt if it's been worn more than a couple of times, didn't even need ironed, £1 charity shop (reduced fron £2.50)
    Cheers me up to find something decent quality at this sort of price, it made my day.


  5. I didn't! My best treat yesterday was probably the beans from our garden, still going strong, to go with home made salmon fish cakes (tinned salmon!)
    Oh & I made a banana & walnut loaf which was another treat.


  6. I found some AWESOME reduced items in tesco this friday, 5p avocados!!! they are a serious treat for me normally as they're 98p each so i never buy them but i got 5 and they are perfect – so chuffed and really really enjoying the treat, tastes all the better at 5p 🙂 also got 5p mixed leaf salads, 10p ham, 10p tropicana grape juice and lots more!


  7. if you like chocolate and want a bar fo eating I heartily recomend sainsbrys basics they are not only in plain and milk but white too.
    When I first started to buy them they were 29p have gone up to just over the 33p ish mark but it VERY good eating chocolate and works very well in cooking as well.
    unlike tescos value which is very waxy and flavourless. I was told once that the sainsburys chocolate came from the terrys factory but I have no hard evedance of that.
    Happy munching


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