Keeping warm cheaply

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working late over the last few days but managed to pop into Lidl to pick up some bargains. I bought a lovely pair of walking boots from a local charity shop this year and I’ll be out in all weathers so I look out for thick warm socks. They are not cheap! I also wear socks indoors, along with slippers as I can’t abide having cold feet. I picked up two pairs of thick fleecy socks in Lidl for £1.99. I bought the purple ones. I’ll also get some for my daughter as a present. Socks and undies are some of the few things that I buy new.

If you have a store close to you, you may be able to grab a few pairs but be quick as at these prices, they’ll be marching out the door!

Love, a cosy footed Froogs xx


5 thoughts on “Keeping warm cheaply

  1. I shall pop in to have a look. My last wooly home socks came from the local market, a pack of 3 for £1.99. They were meant to be walking socks, but due to the amount we do, walking socks are one of the few things we spend a little more on.

    X x


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