Adding it up and counting the costs.

 Hello dear reader,

This month feels like a round of spend, spend, spending and not my usual frugal self. First of all, we bought a tonne of logs and paid for the heating up front at £100. I then totalled up my personal spending and I have bought make up and a new pair of shoes and have spent £30.25, which as you can imagine is a lot to spend on myself in a month.

We’ve stuck to a food budget of £140 for the month and our combined travel costs have come to £205. We’ve had no debts or bills to pay (other than direct debits which are all accounted for) so out total spend, in terms of cash that left our hands came to £475.25. We’ve paid the mortgage interest payment as usual and all the rest will go towards a capital repayment!

I haven’t really done much at all this month. I’ve made a few chutneys and jellies but all the rest has just been about work.

Do you total up your spending daily? Weekly or monthly? I try to aim for a few months where we don’t spend a single penny. I think I’m going to have to rein in the spending next month!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


13 thoughts on “Adding it up and counting the costs.

  1. That's still bloody good going! 🙂
    Your wood is a once a year thing really anyway – especially with weather like this week!

    I've just blown £17 on a single meal. Grumble grumble! Was The Boyfriend's mum's birthday meal so I couldn't really go frugal with it, but still that's a week's worth of food for me at the moment!!


  2. I have a huge problem with spending money and actually remembering what I've spent…I think your blog will be really helpful 🙂 I have a lot of debt yet I can spend £80 in a day on things I don't need…I think you do amazingly well to stick to that budget for food and not spend more than you do on yourself, I definitely want to try to learn from your posts! x


  3. I do love a no spend month. I do achieve them quite regularly but this month has been too much outlay, more than I wanted to spend. I need a haircut but can't bring myselfvto pay for one & will probably cut it myself again! Xx


  4. I used to keep a spreadsheet. I did that for a year. It got me into better habits. But it drove my husband crazy. Since we weren't over-spending, he asked me to stop worrying about tracking every last cent. So I don't any more. But I am glad I did it because it got me in the right state of mind to think before I buy.

    And as always, keep doing what *you* are doing, because you are doing such a great job!


  5. I keep a weekly track of spending and have found the way that works best for me is to simply take a certain amount of cash out once a week and never use the card, that way, when it is gone, it is gone. Will £100 of wood really last the winter? I ask because I am keen to get a wood burning stove when I move and was unsure of the actual usage costs.


  6. Don't really keep track. We seem to spend so litle.
    Bills all paid Standing Order, car filled up with Debit Card.
    Cash used for shopping and the occasional charity shop purchase.
    Usually use the self-service tills in supermarket, and just get cash back when the pocket runs out.
    Maybe do the excercise one month, might be interesting.


  7. I have had a terrible month. Overspent like mad.
    This month will be different.
    Normally I give myself 300€ for our food budget, but my freezer is quiet full, so I will try and reduce that to 200€ and eat what we have, except for the weekly essentials.
    By the way, how are you getting on with your regime? I have lost 32lbs and I am planing to stop in the next couple of weeks, just need to lose another 3lbs.
    Would be interested to hear if you have started the consolidation phase. there are not many people who talk about that but loads who blog about the cruise.


  8. You do so well with your spending and are an inspiration to the rest of us, so a huge thank you for that.

    My spending this month has been a pain! I have had to spend a fortune on getting to work via train as I can't drive at the moment and whilst I get it back it takes a while. We have had to replace our shower and bathroom heater, which won't be fitted until next week. (so even costs into the new month!) We shall also have to replace one maybe two storage heaters next month too. This month has seen us replacing a few broken electrical gadgets and preparing our winter wardrobe too.

    I am really pleased that I have got most of my Xmas gifts so that won't be a drain on funds too much the next few months.

    X x


  9. Yes, I try to track everything. I've split it out into “bank account”, “money to live off” and “petrol accrual”.

    The bank account gets tracked in a cashbook. On payday each month, I deduct everything I can think of (all the standing orders and direct debits, my “money to live off” allowance and the petrol accrual) from my bank balance so that anything that is left is the “real” bank balance at the end of the month. The allowance money and the petrol acrual then get their own columns in the cash book. When I withdraw cash for my allowance or buy petrol, I add that money back in from its acrual then deduct it again from the balance so that the true balance is always shown. (You can tell I'm an accountant – double entry to the core.)

    I've been tracking my Money to Live Off allowance using an app on my phone. I'm sort-of happy with it. It's more convenient than writing everything down and I can export it to a spredsheet. In theory, I use it for my bank account, too, but it's not sophisticated enough to cope with me. The app doesn't have a budgetting facility, which I'd need to do things to my satisfaction.

    – Pam


  10. I too spent a lot this month.

    Council rates for the whole coming year. Bodycorp for the next 3 months. Power and water for the past 2 months.

    A new mobile phone contract (free phone). Dinner out with old work friends. A hard drive for my computer.

    Maybe I should write a post about it. It's so interesting to compare the cost of things around the world.


  11. I think you've done really well this month! I suppose we always think we can do better though despite others thinking we have done well.
    One thing I wonder when you tot up your weekly or monthly spend – do you average it out? So yes you may have spent £100 on logs but if that lasts you all winter it is the equivalent of £20 a month. Or is average spend just a way of deluding myself that I haven't really spent much money this month!


  12. Putting down every penny I spend. That thought scares me to death! Did you have problems with that when you started? Or is it just me? I don't know if I could face that everyday. I can see where it needs to be done, but I feel I would have to be a warrior to pull that off.


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