Shut away indoors!

 After a nice quiet weekend, I lost last night to a battle with my innards. I spent most of the night racing backwards and forwards to the porcelain and by the morning I hadn’t yet closed my eyes. I’ve been stuck at home all day and by lunch time, I gave up and went back to bed. I haven’t even managed to get out and walk the dogs today so I’ve encouraged them out into the garden as often as I can. I’ve felt better this evening and I walked them around the garden and looked out across my little Cornish town. It’s a friendly little place, surrounded by farms. I love the way farmers drive their tractors to the chippy, or to the newsagents. If they are cutting silage, or trundling around with trailers full of fleece, or boxes of swede or spuds, it can get really busy with tractors.

Dearly Beloved, who grew up in a city centre, still loves the tractors! He took the photo below of a traffic jam in Liskeard!

When it snowed, anyone with a tractor was really useful. Bewildered farmers were found lost and wandering around the Co-op with a shopping list as they’d been sent to ‘town’ to get some supplies.

It’s not a bad place to be holed up for the day. It’s a pity I’ve felt so rough though and I’m ready to get back to bed now. There’s nothing worse that losing a night’s sleep.

What is that makes your home town or village fun or special? Any farmers and tractors in your Co-op car park?

Love Froogs xxx


15 thoughts on “Shut away indoors!

  1. Yarmouth (the Norfolk one; no-one there calls it “Great” Yarmouth) is enhanced by the landaus; horse drawn carriages that go up and down the horrible, tacky seafront, giving it a much needed touch of class. When they are going to or from work, you can often find yourself sat next to one in traffic. A great improvement, in my opinion.


  2. We are in a village and the house across the road has some farm hands. It is not unusual to see a small tractor parked across the road in their drive. I adore tractor's. the first vehicle I ever attempted to drive was a fordston major. My family have worked on farms for generations and I have some lovely pictures of them with tractor's and horses. nothing beats the site, sound and smell of a combine harvester at work!


  3. We stayed at Polruan this summer and visited Liskeard a couple of times. I thought it a lovely little town, we had lunch and bought the kids school uniform there. Cornwall is my favourite place, a shame we can usually only get there once a year.


  4. So sorry to hear you are under the weather, I do hope you feel better soon.

    I live in a busy town so don't see to many tractors out and about. Although that said we can be in rural country side in under 30 minutes.

    My town feels special due to the ethnic mix of people and cultures.

    X x


  5. oh yes lots of farm equipment being driven from farm to farm here. also because we all live on acreage, we have ride on mowers and many a husband has been known to dissapear and go visiting the neighbours halfway through mowing the lawns. it really is funny.


  6. Yep there are tractors everywhere here (even bits of one on my kitchen table on a regular basis).

    The village shop in the next village is often to be found with a tractor or two in its little car park, and every trip off our farm necessitates me driving onto the verge to let a tractor pass, oh the fun of countryside living.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, we all seem to have been knocked off our feet in Blogland with one thing or another this week.

    Sue xx


  7. Hi!!:) I have been a follower of your blog for a while and love reading it. I live in the States, in South Carolina. In a very little small industrial town. We have 8 acres and my dad (he's 64) loves to ride his tractor all over the place. We couldn't ride to the grocery store or on the highway. Your part of the world sounds wonderful!


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