It’s feeling wintery in frugal towers today.

Hello reader,
Not surprisingly, we’ve picked ourselves up out of the shock of finding out we’re officially skint again and we’re getting on with it. We’ve heard on the news that we’re heading into very warm weather and it could be 26 degrees later on in the week! I’m looking forward to it because it’s really chilly and wet here today. I got up really early to do the washing and get it outside to get some of it dry. It really makes a difference if some of it can blow through. I then got of to Lidl as early as possible because I had a big list and not much money. I’m having to cut back to a budget of £37.50 a week for food as we’ve had to adjust the whole budget to cope with rising energy direct debits, increased mortgage payment direct debits and we’ve had to increase the amounts we pay into our saving funds. We’re actually back to where we were when I had debts to pay. I can just count my blessings that they’ve gone because I’d never make ends meet if I still had to pay them!

 I’ve bulk cooked today and I’m still battery less so you’ll just have to make do! I’ve made 8 servings of cottage pie, six serving of chicken casserole (I’ve boned out chicken thighs for this) and 6 servings of fish pie. They all fitted in the oven on one batch and were all cooked in 45 minutes including getting the oven up to heat. No cakes though, we’re too waist conscious now!

The only real hassle of being skint in weather like this, is the struggle of getting wet washing dry. It was raining by midday and there’s no sun forecast until Wednesday. My house looks like Widow Twanky’s at the moment, with bedding and towels over doors and shirts and trousers hung over every available clothes line. I even placed the clothes stand near the oven with the door open (safe distance of course) once I’d finished cooking.

We have a momentous occasion on Monday. The tree that has been blocking the light for years is coming down. It will then take us a while to chop it into logs and stack it for next year’s heating.

I have plenty to do all weekend. I’m catching up on all the books I have to mark…………..120! and that’s not all of them. So you know where I’ll be for the next ten hours! Plus, I’m busily lesson planning. The good thing about a job that keeps you working all weekend, every weekend is that you’re too busy to spend any money.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


19 thoughts on “It’s feeling wintery in frugal towers today.

  1. Sorry to add to your misery but its a glorious day here today, just nip up with the washing it will soon dry LOL.

    I too read that next week is going to be unseasonably warm, but then we will be plunged into the depths of winter with snow!! uugghhhhh….

    As long as its fine when we go to York I do not mind..OH wants a nostalgia trip to Robin Hoods Bay where his parents took him on holiday some 60 years ago. Whats the betting it will have changed somewhat?


  2. FQ, we seem to be trudging right along besides you! My washer has a torn gasket so it sporadically leaks onto the cellar cement floor. DH ordered the replacement and is set to replace it today. Meanwhile, college DD came home for the weekend, bringing her laundry with her. WOuldn't you know that we are in a stretch of 6 days of rain? No end in sight and as of last night when DD went to machine dry her laundry, the dryer that I only use 6 months out of the year is making a horrific noise, and DH suspects that it needs a belt replacment. Sigh . . .bad timing. I hate for laundry to build up, will wait a day if needed as usually the weather will change by then. No such luck at the moment. So . . I have all of DD's laundry hanging down cellar as well as one load of clothing from the rest of the family that HAD to get done for the upcoming week (frequently worn items such as trousers, shorts, pants, my work clothes, underclothing)I also have some drying on a folding clothes rack. There is a dehumidifier stationed in that area to keep the cellar from becoming musty. I plan on setting up a box fan down there as well to speed up the drying.

    Your 37.5 euros/2 people weekly grocery budget is equal to my $600 American (according to an on line convertor). Not easy, but it can be done. As you demonstrate: home cooking, planning ahead, planning menus, using inexpensive ingredients, foraging, home gardening and preserving all go far to meet that goal!
    Best of luck to you! Stay strong!


  3. What a wonderful, positive, post. I spent the afternoon on the beach with the dog. It was hot and sunny with no breeze. Cost nothing and I sat on a rock thinking how lucky I was. Cost nothing and gave me so much pleasure. Sometimes the best things are free!


  4. Eek! Must be a shock to have to reduce your budget again! It's totally possible to live on £37 a week though. I was living on less than £30 whilst at uni (feeding one person rather than two, but I always found it proportionately more expensive than group-cooking so you'll be fine!)

    Also, dunno where you are in the county but I'm in mid-Kernow and it's meant to be mainly sunny on Tuesday too! Extra washing day! 🙂


  5. Hi bryallen,

    I'll be shut in at work on Tuesday, I leave for work at 6.45 and get home about six in the evening, so I'll miss any sunshine. I never get a chance to do any housework on a weekday xxx


  6. So sorry, you must feel like you are trying to run up the down escalator. I have noticed that Lidls and Aldi are matching the supermarkets on a lot of stuff (although their veggies are much cheaper. If it is true that Tesco are going to try and take on Lidl and Aldi in particular by reducing the cost of real basics, that might help a bit because they will follow suit – hope so, anyway.


  7. You mentioned about wood a couple of times in your posts, i was wondering if you've tried the paper bricks? i got one on ebay for £15 and have made about 200 bricks but dont have a fire to burn them in!!! its crazy… anyway made from just old newspapers- very frugal 🙂 also theyre ment to burn for around 2 hours in a wood burner, has anyone tried them?


  8. You're so efficient in the kitchen. It takes me forever to make a few things for freezing it seems.

    What are those darkish things in the cake pans? They look like cakes of some kind but I see you said you didn't make any.


  9. hi joyful, my camera batteries are dead and I haven't recharged them yet, so no photos today, all of the photos are from else where in my blog. the dark cake is fruit cake, densely packed with dried fruit, it keeps for ages. I didn't make any today, I will make one next week for christmas for family


  10. life is like that, you have to roll with the punches. You are a marvel. My house always looks like a chinese laundry. Heres a tip, even if it is raining put the cloths near a window where the rain is not coming through and leave it open. even a slight breese will help to dry the cloths. Sorry about the spelling but the sed key is not working on my keyboard. all the rest work so I am not going to replace it yet.


  11. Ok, got it! The cakes look delicious. I like dark Christmas cake. Maybe if you have batteries ready by the time you make cake, you can post photos of your cake making 🙂 If not, don't worry. Happy cake making anyway.


  12. Yes, know the feeling too. Just had a window fitted and found a pool of water on the window sill. Apparently problem high up on roof, water previously dripped down in front of the flat window. Get a bay – water drips straight into it!

    Still, roofer quoted a fairly reasonable figure, lots less than I thought. There are still decent folk out there.


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