Warm thoughts!

Hello reader,

Thanks for dropping by. I’m feeling very rich today. Last winter I almost froze my fingers off and this winter is looking so much warmer. The fire wood has arrived. My pile of logs cost £100 and I consider it to be money well spent if it means we can be warm and I can dry my clothes.

I will be able to swtich my gas central heating off completely and make do with what I have. I consider the fire to be ‘pre-payment’. I’ll also get fit carrying the wood to the side of the house to stack up to have ready and close to the fire. Now all I have to do is hold off lighting it until it gets really cold so I can make what I have last as long as possible.

I’m feeling rich and smug because I’ve put the money aside and now I’m able afford to get wood delivered without spending hours on my life either on the hunt or on the scrounge for it. This is what wealthy people do! They phone up, order wood and pay some one to deliver it. In true Cornish style, we just hid the money in a safe and waterproof place in the garden and the delivery man just left us the receipt in its place.

What do you have or do that makes you feel rich? I almost danced around the logs when I saw them…..bring on the snow!!!!

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


21 thoughts on “Warm thoughts!

  1. You are indeed rich having a fire. We rent and although there are chimneys they are not used – there are gas fires there which are not connected,(both disconnected by the Landlord's safety checker). I believe in order to use the chimneys we would have to have a liner put in the chimney as the house is well over £160 years old. So we do not have a choice; although a new boiler was put in earlier in the year which is one that heats the water as you run it. I am glad that you have stocked up – but I would still be looking for bits of kindling that you come across in the countryside to supplement it. You should be warm as toast. We don't have much (at the moment – I am the only one working) but what we do have is a roof over our heads, food in our belly and heat if and when we want it. Anything else is a bonus God willing.

    Take care and I am pleased that the fire will enable the gas to be turned off; from past experience a good fire can keep the whole house extremely warm and toasty – its just the brghh first thing in the morning that makes you get dressed rapidly.




  2. I have the love of a wonderful man who has supported me for the last 30 years, the love of my 2 happy, healthy girls, and the love of my mum. I live in a house that I love, even though it still needs lots doing to it, and I have good neighbours. I have sacks full of potatoes, onions and shallots,a freezer full of French beans, courgettes and sweetcorn which were all grown at the allotment and cost very little. I still have 7 rows of potatoes to harvest, and rows of parsnips that are just waiting for the first frosts as then they will sweeten. I have jars of homemade jam in the cupboard. I have wool and fabric and the knowhow to turn those things into unique pieces for our home and as gifts. I have enough that I am able to share these things with family, friends and neighbours I am rich indeed.


  3. I have been preparing for cold weather. I put up new window seals.
    I have completed making a “new” quilt
    out of two older thin ones. At present I am crocheting a heavy afghan out of three bags of charity
    yarn. We are having very cool temps which should not be here until the
    end of Oct. or mid Nov. I keep warm
    with the heavy afghan as I progress on it. I am trying my best to keep
    from putting the heat on before November.


  4. When I compare our life with that lived by many in the world, I feel immensely rich. Payday is Friday and we still have at least a month's food in store; almost all is home made made “readymeals” or will be home made. We live within our income and pay our bills on time. There's over £100 on the credit card but all of the money is put aside to pay it when the bill comes in, and what we spent it on was economy size foods and treats bought online from budgetted money. Through times of poverty we learned to live on very little and now we have a little breathing space we feel like millionaires.


  5. My books make me feel rich. When I was first married I only allowed myself to buy one book a year and I still felt guilty about it. Now, I buy as many as I want and I have found so many sources for getting them very cheap like library book sales, Paperback Swap, and Amazon. When I look at my bookshelves I feel well prepared 🙂


  6. I look at a huge heap of bags containing firewood in the OH's workshop, and know that there are probably enough bags to keep the woodburner going for 2 winters, and I count myself very blessed indeed.

    I also have a storecupboard of food, freezers full of fruit and veg, and I am confident that we will eat well this winter, whatever the weather! I will also have enough to share with my neighbours if we have bad weather so they can't get to the shops.

    I am knitting wristwarmers, and looking forward to winter evenings by the fire.


  7. I love my fire, so much I now have two in the house. We are lucky to have been able to get some wood cheap because we were able to pay for it in bulk. We now have about 4 years worth at home. we just have to split it. Easy now we have saved and purchased our motor run wood splitter.
    Also we have grown our own meat and when we butcher the animal and fill our freeser I look at it and I feel very rich.


  8. Ahh, the awesome feeling of the warmth of a fire. We paid NZ$320.00 for 6 cubic metres of split, delivered wood last year. If you buy it in summer, it is cheaper. For the first time since being in this house for 6 years, we had a warm winter. We also got the house insulated – ceilings, floor & walls. There is nothing like it. Enjoy the toasty feeling!
    And I love a full pantry & freezer – every time I look in either I feel rich.


  9. I feel lucky,after cutting our own wood for several years ( which IS knackering ) we now get our wood delivered in 2 m lenghs so we have to cut them down to 50 cm. It's cheaper buying it that way, the wood burner is the only heating we use in the house. It costs us 450 euros a year in heating,for 11 cubic meters. We would like to build a system behind the fire with copper water pipes to also use the heat off the fire to heat our hot water, thats in the…live in hope ” idea box “
    For the kindleling we save all our garden trimmings and put them into bundles, once they are completely dry all it needs is a match, it's been years since I stopped buying fire-lighters.
    I love your blog, the way you talk about everyday life.
    I'm a cumbrian lass who's been living in France for over 25 years, I love it here, but you manage to give me a little taste of home. Thankyou.
    Carol Frugal in Couxovie.


  10. Pattypan – we found ourselves in the same position last year so decided to put in a flue liner and log burner ourselves. To do it yourself is so much cheaper (although granted, it is not the most fun job in the world).

    We bought the parts bit by bit as we could afford them and found a cheap second hand woodburner – the whole lot cost under £400 – it would have cost £2,000+ if we had installed it professionally. I recon we have made our money back and it is well worth it for the lovely heat – our storage heaters cost a fortune to run and give out virtually nothing.


  11. I thank God every night for the roof over our heads, that we can go to bed warm and safe and fed and that my family are healthy. I may not have money to spend like I used to but I am richer than millions of people around the world who lead difficult lives and have nothing.
    Count your blessings. That's also the secret to happiness.


  12. Waking up pain-free makes every day a joy!
    I do love a good pile of logs. We're sorted. Jon spotted a skipful of wood on eBay over the summer and snaffled it for 99p. Should keep us toasty warm until our next holiday. x


  13. I'm very content with my lot and that makes me feel rich, my lovely son, lovely hubby and I've just been grubbing round on my allotment enjoying myself, it only cost me £12.50 to rent this year and has given us unlimited fun!!
    Twiggy x


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