Make it last and find alternatives

Hi everyone,

A good shampoo, in my opinion, has a good cap you can balance the bottle on and get every drop out of. I never fuss whether a conditioner claims it will make my hair glossy, I just want it to control the static and allow me to pass a comb through it. I’m just as unbothered by the claims of shampoo bottle either. They either clean your hair or they don’t. I use shower gel if I’ve run out of shampoo and the other way round if I’ve run out of shower gel! Cleans everything!

Don’t get sucked in by the claims of toiletries. A 36p shower gel will wash you just as clean as one bought for £1 and 50p shampoo will do just fine.

What economy brand have you tried this week? What will do ‘just fine’ for you?

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


22 thoughts on “Make it last and find alternatives

  1. Like you, I go for the Boots basic brand. And when it is about 1″ from the bottom, I put a ittle bit of water in to thin it down.

    thanks for kind comment on my blog – the encouragement of friends is one of the greatest [free] diet aids ever!


  2. Hi Froogs,
    The 9p baby shampoo from The Big T does the job as far as I`m concerned – washes my fine hair, great for washing the dogs, with a drop of tea-tree added. Only thing cheaper would be not washing! Ha ha!


  3. During a recent sale at a pharmacy i managed to pick a larhe quantity of branded hair conditioner buy 1 get 2 free and it was reduced to 23 p so 3 bottles for 23p.
    Finding it cold at the moment indoors.the gloves you are wearing in yesterdays blogg are virtually the same as the ones i have knitted for dh.
    Made my rosehip syrup today ,its so sweet.


  4. Tesco Value spaghetti! 36p a kilo, against their “Discount brand” at 99p a kilo makes it a no-brainer. My OH has been using the Tesco Shower gel for ages and finds it perfectly good, he also buys the big bottles of supermarket own brand shampoo and they last him forever! How about thing you WON'T compromise on though? Ours are Nescafe coffee and posh loo-roll – preferably Charmin or whatever they call it these days.


  5. we have a shop here called the reject shop. It stocks brands that normally are made for the international market. Like asia, it stockes name brand shampoo and conditioners for only $3 to $6 dollars as compared to $8 to god only knows how much. So once every three months or so I spend about $25 to $30 dollars and stock up. I know people who spend this a month on their shampoo. and we buy the same product.


  6. I tried morrisons budget brand coffee – mistake – have taken it into work and got gold morrisions coffee – a whoel 58p more expensive but drinkable.

    Other than that still using lacure ala Aldi skin care range – perfectly good!!


  7. I always buy ASDA's own wholemeal and strong bread flour and their Smart Price SR flour. ASDA sell their smart price pickle for sandwiches at 25p, whereas the next one is 65p. Then even higher.

    I used to buy Sensodyne toothpaste until I found that Co-op and Home Bargains sold a sensitive one for around 75p.

    For coffee I like that new stuff, is it Millican? or have just bought some Aldi Fairtrade which is nice too.


  8. I am filling my liquid soap dispensers with Tesco bath foam at the moment, its only 40p a litre and lasts ages. I also use the Sainsbury instant custard 10p a packet. I much prefer it to the Tesco one.
    I agree with Robyn about the coffee its got to be Nescafe. I have cut down the amount I drink though which must be a good thing.


  9. I use a large pump bottle for shampoo and one for body wash. One small pump amount is fine for each. Helps us so much to control the amount used. I keep refilling it from bottles bought on sale and stockpiled. We use the cheapest Walmart Equate or Suave brand and have for years and years. $1.38 for a huge bottle.


  10. This Summer, I lucked out on Freecycle. A woman was culling all personal care products with scents, as her DH had developed allergies to them. I hit the mother lode! (See my blog for photos of just what I received). I kept about 90% of it, passed along what we couldn't use to another Freecycler who was thrilled with her lot. We ended up with multiple sample sized soaps, shampoos, conditioners, presumably from Hotel stays. We've been using them since I picked up this largesse, and we're down to 4 mini bottles of shampoo-all different brands, no bother. Like you said, if you find brand X doesn't work so well for you,tomorrow try brand Y. Came a great time as my DH was laid off around that time. I also still have some hair sprays, mini mouthwash that we have yet to use. We used liquid hand soap, bars both mini and regular all up. I also have about 20 bottles/jars/tubes of all sizes, brands etc (some very expensive designer labels, according to DD)of various lotions for drier skin. I am still oilier, well into my 40's pushing 50, but my arms, legs, feet do get dry, especially in the Winter. I won't have to buy any lotion this year, probably not next either! : ) Addiitionally, I have received numerous sample packs from manufacturers and freebies through coupons as well on personal care products lately. great deal!


  11. when you have an empty conditioner or shampoo bottle take the top off and throw it in with a towel wash in the washing machine. always leaves towels soft and even though it seems like its all gone there must be some residue in there. this was passed on from my grandma lol who never wasted anything.


  12. We do our shopping at ASDA and buy a lot of products from their own brand such as pasta, washing up liquid, toilet paper, kitchen towels, etc. However I find that it pays to always check and compare prices as sometimes ASDA's Smart price products are actually more expensive than other brands. One example is the butter, 2 weeks ago ASDA's Smart price butter was a lot more expensive per kg than another branded butter!

    My hasband always things down shampoos and washing up liquid when they're near the end, personally I don't do it I like the foam bit and the thinning it down makes a lot less foam and we use the supermarket own brands too. When the toothpaste is running out we cut the end of the tube and scrub the inside with the toothbrush, that way we can get a few more brushings out of it.


  13. unfortunately i didn't have the best of experiences with vaule shampoo and conditioners and although it seemed fine for quite a while my hair slowly became dryer and dryer to the point it was almost ruined so i now stick to original source but get them from poundland

    my advice to anyone using very cheap hair products with dry hair is to regularly use a homemade hair treatment like coconut or olive oil and honey although that can be costly in itself


  14. I never buy shampoo / conditioner/ shower gel etc retail but buy all my toiletries at the boot sale. I've just finished up a humungous bottle of Tigi 'Bed Head' shampoo that cost me 10p – way cheaper than anything I can find in the shops.


  15. I honestly don't like cheap shampoo. I would love to be able to afford salon products but they are ridiculous. I use coupons to buy better quality drug store products and mix them with “professional” products if I can find those on clearance. I also mix the deep conditioner that comes with hair color kits with regular conditioner.

    One of the best way I know of to get the most out of shampoo and conditioners, is to use a comb to thoroughly comb product in — and also to comb it out when rinsing. More product gets in and out of your hair and you don't have to use (or waste) as much.


  16. I turn all my bottles upside down, whether they be shampoo, bubble bath or washing-up liquid or tomatoe and brown sauce, (my son used to do this too when at uni, he got laughed at but other students realised there was tomato sauce left when they were broke!). I even do it at work with the washing-up liquid annoys the two “young” girls no-end and they proceed to turn it up the correct way! I use cheap tesco shower foam in the soap dispensers. I have taken to purchasing cheap carrots and celery and slicing them up and freezing them for stewpacks with an onion. I use clothes pegs for open packets much cheaper than buying those special clips!
    I'm afraid it has to be Kellogs cereal though!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


  17. Just wondering if you had considered a non static comb or brush? If you have nice soft hair anyway, you could stop buying conditioner? I bought a small natural bristle smoothing brush for a fiver a few years ago and don't suffer static any more.


  18. Must haves for me:- Nescafe Gold Blend coffee, local free range eggs and rarely eat chicken, I cannot bear to think of those poor creatures all crammed in and having deformed bones etc, I have choice they do not. White vinegar not fabric conditioner, I stock up on shampoos and toiletries at car boots and charity shops, find some really posh stuff sometimes (and yes I know I should really look into what companies don't animal test). No judgement intended here – just my own way.


  19. I use sainsburys basics shampoo and conditioner long time since I bought any as I knew the price was going up so I bought in bulk when they had there 3rd off sale bit its about 33 ish pence per ltr and about the same in price fro the conditioner (500ml) however it is so thick that i put about a 3rd of the 500ml bottle into a ltr bottle and fill with water till its the consistancey of thin gravy does the job fine, and if I am having to be extra careful i use water I got from another source( i know uber mean of me lol)
    thankis for a fab post


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