Keep the heating off!

 Hi everyone!

I’m aiming to make a mortgage capital repayment on September’s pay day so I’m conscious of money. I’m going to make sure I use as little of everything this month. As little food, energy, water, diesel etc. I’ve already set myself the target to spend no money on anything by food and transport for the rest of the month.

As will all British Septembers, it can be warm on minute and chilly the next. I’m going to do everything I can to not put the heating on at all, for as long as possible. That’s perfectly OK if you’re moving around and keeping busy, but I’ve spent almost all of today working at my desk. After a while, I can feel myself seizing up from the cold. The only answer is to wrap up. Sleeveless tops, cami’s or vests are one solution. After all, no one can see me! Then a tee shirt. This keeps summer clothes in use………as extra layers. A fleece top is light, easy to find in jumbles or charity shops or cheap enough from shops like Primarni! My £5 Matalan blanket gets used a lot, over chairs to snuggle under whilst watching TV (add hot water bottle when it gets really cold!).

The greatest addition I’ve added recently are the beautiful wrist warmers that Foster Mummy made for me. I can type, knit, read, blog, mark books and  plan lessons in them. it gets really cold where I work too, so when I’m sat there working in the evenings after the heating has gone off, I can sit and mark books and stay warmer.

The bright red blanket lives on my office chair, unfortunately……….so does my cat! Closer inspection will find evidence of that! Other than just you, no one will see me. I’m going to do a thorough stock check tomorrow, some menu planning and then a clear out of all ‘in date’ food, as there’s now a permanent collection point for ‘Foodbank’ in my town! Does anyone else have a foodbank collection in their area? Can you spare a carton of UHT milk or box of cereals?

Any way, back to staying warm. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do when you’re confined to being sat in one room. Whilst I’m young and healthy, I can easily live with very little heating and it’s warm enough where I’m sitting tonight.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Keep the heating off!

  1. I'm like you and keep all my clothes in use most of the year, layering them up on colder days. I never could understand people putting summer clothes away (well, except for shorts, perhaps!) as I just wear more clothes in the winter! Vest tops become vests under shirts, which then get topped with jumpers, and then with bodywarmers, and fleeces over the top when it is really chilly. Leggings go under jeans or other trousers to keep legs warm when I am out in the garden in the freezing weather – have got lots of chickens, so I am out there for about an hour a day. Just got to be done, so I just have to wrap up.
    Love your blog, and congratulations on the repayments you are making!


  2. I've not yet started layering here yet, although I was just thinking of putting a cardigan over my fine ribbed woollen jumper. I've not had heating on or fire, although I have been halving the times I have had hot water on, WHY didn't I think of it last year – I know why, I didn't realise you could put it on manual, this complicated timer thingey.

    i'm in the North West. Hoping the house will be warmer as I've just had a porch recovered(replaced) and a new window, having the bottom bricked up. The old was down to floor in old style narrow cavity sealed units.

    I hope you get great pleasure in paying in that capital. I know I was delighted each time I did it. Then even more delighted when I cashed in my endownment and paid mortgage off, leaving about £200 in case I ever needed another one.

    Good luck and keep wrapped up.


  3. our house always used to be warm enough to wear shorts and Tshirts indoors in the winter, so my summer clothes never got packed away either. But thanks to the big energy companies and a mad man somewhere in northern africa this will no longer be possible. The shorts will go to the bottom of the wardrobe and the rest will be used to layer. My daughter will need training. She has never experienced this before. But we will get there. All the more reason to look forward to summer (and I used to love winters…. grrrr….)


  4. Hi! Firstly, KERNEWEK OV VY! 🙂 I'm just getting started trying to live a more frugal lifestyle myself! I was looking for frugal blogs and yours is lovely to read and has the infinite benefit of being based in Cornwall! 😀 Loved the pasty-making post for St. Piran's Day!

    Dyw genes. 🙂


  5. I've packed away the white jeans, shorts and skirts and a few pretty vest style tops for next summer but all the rest of my clothes, vests, t shirts etc get worn right through the year.

    Long sleeved tops under polo style t-shirts and then a jumper or fleece on top and then yet another jacket when I go out to feed and clean out the chooks. On the iciest of days I pop waterproof trousers over my jeans to walk the dogs and wear at least 2 pairs of socks in my wellies.

    In the house we are lucky to have the Aga churning out her heat in the kitchen so we tend not to put the heating on until about mid October, and this year even that will be on a lower setting. All I have to do is persuade my Lovely Hubby to 'wrap up' rather than 'turn up', he loves to wear his shorts and t shirts in the house all year round, luckily he is pretty hot bloodied so doesn't feel the cold too much as I sneak down the dial on the thermostat!!

    Sue xx


  6. Great post as always. It is definitely starting to get a chill in the air. Today is the first day I feel I really need to layer up, which is a feet in itself with a cast on one arm! Not many things will stretch over.

    I spent most of Saturday snuggled under a blanket asleep on the sofa due to my pain killers, nothing beats a good blanket to snuggle with apart from hubby of course.

    X x


  7. Gosh, Manpiano, I've never worn T shirts and shorts in the house in winter, even before the price hikes, far too stingy for that! I must say I used to have the heating on longer than I intend to do this year or certainly last year but having spent 7 years in the cold Peak District in an old stone farmhouse, that never became a habit, fortunately.

    I'm just going through the wardrobe swap now, putting away summery things and retrieving winter things from all over the house, as I've no storage!

    Let's hope we have a better winter than the last two years hey?


  8. I'm sitting wrapped in a quilt right this moment. We hate putting the heating on before October comes, and even then we're reluctant to leave it on for longer than about an hour!

    The quilt has now taken up permanent residence on the couch until further notice 🙂


  9. It's getting hot here and I plant to try and keep that aircond off at home as long as possible.

    Right now I have taken most of my clothes off while I'm at the computer. No one can see me in my knickers and bra so who cares 🙂

    I have a bottle of frozen water to sip and am content.


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