Do I? Don’t I?

Hi everyone!

I’m back. We’ve been extra busy at school, but things are back to normal now. I have a dilemma to share with you all and maybe, you can give me some advice.

Seasoned wood is £100 a tonne or 2 cubic metres, either, or, it’s about the same. We’re about to have a tree down and we’ll chop it and save it for next year. I’m going to be laying down green wood for a while, and reap the benefits by seasoning it myself. I will also buy logs cut this year if I can get them any cheaper. It’s not a cheap option, but it is the most affordable and green option, or greenish……let me explain my dilemma.

I treat the A390 as a larder and often there are thinned trees; people leave the logs piled by the side of the road. If you are nuts enough to stop………….let me explain this dilemma too! I call the A38 and A390, the track of death. It’s a fast sweeping road, with blind bends, and a few straight stretches where people often risk over taking. Even though they are minor roads. The hedges and the trees come right up to the road edge and you have no view of what is coming. There are regular fatalities, especially on the A38. Very few people, will notice the remnants of tree surgery. However, I can hand on heart tell you of the damsons, the crab apples and sloes and not only that, I could take you to where it’s safe to pull over and where you should never try to turn right and never pull out into traffic.

On one such bend, where most people are just concentrating on staying on the road, there’s an old house set a little back and it’s surrounded by trees, or it was. They’ve had a few cut down and they are piled by the gate. Now, most people who want the fire wood, have the tree cut to log size but these are not, they have been left at about a metre long. They have been neatly piled and left. When people do that, they just assume people will help themselves.

So, here’s my question. Do I, or don’t I? Do I call into the house and ask? Do I just stop and help myself? I’m personally inclined to ask? They will take a lot of sawing and neither of us can or would operate a chain saw and we’ll have to stop in a dangerous place with our trailer. There is easily a month’s supply of heating and it’s there for the taking. So, do I, or don’t I?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


25 thoughts on “Do I? Don’t I?

  1. stop and ask
    and the owners may be able to suggest a safe place to stop properly with a trailer- or maybe move the logs to a slightly easier collection spot. or something.
    but PLEASE dont put yourself at risk, Froogs
    it's not just about saving pennies, it's about saving lives too!


  2. Nice to see you back. i would stop and ask,a months supply would be great.I have made my sloe gin and vodka. looking for rosehips at the moment want to make syrup.My winter prep is going well.DH went to see a friend of my sons yesterday as they need some roof repairs done, hes a mechanic.It has been decided they will trade jobs i get a winter service (plus cambelt changed)and he gets his roof repaired, with no money exchanged.Lined some of my curtains with fleece(tip from mse)
    trying to do everything possible to keep bills down.


  3. id go and ask. 1mtre long, id put a blanket on the back seat or boot and chuck a log in each time i passed. but id ask first. Funny story, a friend of mine who is from preston uk came to live in NZ, she went walking and came across wild peaches and helped herself, and went back with bags the next day then told us where they were….there is no such thing as wild peaches in NZ and she had helped herself to someones orchard that was at the end of a country lane and didnt have a fence (quite common practise) we had a huge laugh. we only have blackberry growing wild as such and usually it has been sprayed, so no foraging for us


  4. I go with asking then seeing if you can park trailer somewhere safe/move logs.

    ''Shy bairns get nowt'' as they say here!

    Am about to do the double curtain thing and get het extra balnkets out for the bed and the draft excluders – stockpiling soup and freezing left over veg to go into soup.

    FOund a site with great recipes for the micro wave – healthy adn cheap being their objective – real food works – baked bean soup!!! bloody lovely!



  5. Hi Froogs

    I see your dilemma, but I would much rather stop and ask – better to be safe than sorry, but then a month's heating is not to be sniffed at. If they are proper country folk too they would probably oblige and help you and/or might be able to assist with smaller logs. Worth a try and nothing ventured nothing gained. But please be safe at all costs.

    Sounds as though you have lots of autumn bounty down the same track as well. What is nice on a winter fire is fir cones as they give off a lovely resinous smell or orange and lemon peels thrown on too. The fir cones I always take a basket for to pick up on seasonal walks (something for nothing – I don't have an open fire at present, but I have friends who do.

    Nice to see you back




  6. I would stop and ask too….its not worth risking your life…..

    It cost me money but I consider it money well spent, I have had the big velvet curtain that was over the door and side panel in our old house, split into two curtains for the windows in our sitting room. I put them up today ready for the winter. Not sure how much it has cost waiting for the bill to come in.

    Yesterday we were at the garden and brought home a bounty of stuff, I have a large bucket full of pears and apples that had been blown off in the storm to process in the next couple of days…..


  7. God bless Angela!! What words of wisdom! Froogs, please take them to heart! When you get the wood home there are probably men with chain saws around who could use the extra money cutting the wood for you.


  8. I would ask since you can then leave a card and ask that they call you if they find anymore such wood. BUT nothing is worth more than your life and no one should stop on a busy road unless life and limb are involved.

    You would not be considering the danger unless it is actually present. But the danger is much like the danger on a ladder. It only takes one accident to ruin a life.


  9. Id stop and ask, what the worst that can happen. they say no. the best is that you get the wood, plus is you ask then you can park in a safet spot on the property. Its a win win situation


  10. I would say if they've done the work and left the wood there neatly – then that means its theirs and they will be coming back for it.

    I would take it as being obvious that the wood belongs to whoever cut the tree – unless they had put a “help yourself” sign there and that they would be most unhappy if they came back to find it gone and I would be in trouble with them if they came back to find me helping myself.

    So – the thought wouldnt have crossed my mind to take it and I would say “Leave well alone”.

    If you still feel unsure – then ring on their doorbell and ask them if they are willing to sell it to you. If you're lucky – they will charge you a good price for it. If you're even luckier – they will give it to you for free.

    Sorry its not what you wish to hear.


  11. and ceridwen, if the people wanted it, they would move it near their house or at least have cut it into logs – I'm going to ask for it today, it's green wood and worth nothing on the open market for a year and unless it's cut to size and chopped to logs – I'll tell you the news later xx and oddny – I'll delete your email address xxx


  12. Oh bum! I called in to see an old couple, who told me if only I'd called in earlier then I could have it, but they'd offered it to someone who came by and asked yesterday and was coming back with a trailer today. They said I could take some of the wood, they thought the people who were coming wouldn't mind, but as it had been promised, I declined her kind offer.! I should have been quicker!


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