Sloe, sloe, quick, quick, sloe!

 Hi everyone,

Take a look around your hedgerows. This has been a really good year for sloes, damsons and apples. Everywhere I look, the hedgerows are dripping with fruit. Clusters of damsons and sloes are hanging off the hedgerows like bunches of grapes. All spring, I looked for blossom and recorded where to find hedgerow fruit. Lay bys, field gateways and car parks are on my list. It’s amazing how hedgerow fruit can turn into boozy winter nights by the fire and gifts for friends and relatives.

We eat sloe jelly with roast lamb or roast chicken. We sip sloe gin in the winter. On my way home, I drop into lay bys and have a shuffle around in the hedge. Tonight I picked sloes and some crab apples. Come back tomorrow night for some jammin’, jellyingin’ and booze making! The best part, is that the main ingredient is free.

What do you grab from the hedgerows to add to your larder or gift baskets?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


17 thoughts on “Sloe, sloe, quick, quick, sloe!

  1. Everything, Rose hips, haws, elderberries sloes crab apples, horseradish rowan berries bullace. You can make all sorts of goodies including wine making too. Don't throw your sloes away after macerating just drain them well, melt some chocolate and put your sloes into them and then flatten out and you will have alcohlic sloe chocolates to give for Chrimbo too. You can vary the changes with light dark or milk. Or use them in an alcoholic trifle sparingly.

    I am currently processing a load of elderberries, or elderberry jelly, spiced elderberry jelly, pontack sauce, chutney, hedgepick pie filling (bottling) etc. The elderberries for the wine will be collected in a few days or so.

    You are only limited by your own imagination.




  2. Hey Froogs, looking forward to your next post on what to do with all this stuff (I'm running out of room for the alcoholic potions ;o)
    What I'm dragging from the hedges at the moment is Willow after she's found out that all manner of furry stuff's in there!


  3. Apples, plums, blackberries this year. Sadly the hedgerows our way don't grow BodenBlossoms!

    I am considering nettles, I must find a good recipe [and presumably, heavy duity gloves].


  4. Blackberries and apples. I shall be collecting sloes this weekend as I discovered a large quantity on my dog walk this week. Looking forward to your blogs on what do with all these finds.


  5. There's lots of brambles full of blackberries around here so everytime I go for a walk I take a small box and pick some and then make crumbles or cakes, delicious.

    The funny thing is it was my son who after a Forest School lesson one day a couple of years back had the idea of going to look for blackberries.


  6. I actually found a few sloes when out for a walk but there were not many so I have made apple and sloe jelly as I had to use twice as many apples as I had sloes to make it worthwhile. The jelly is sweet enough to have on toast as well as with meat. I don't always manage to find sloes round here so I was pleased to find any. I haven't found any elderberries whatsoever however and the blackberries were very poor and small so my jam is very pippy – but a wonderful flavour : )


  7. I'm processing everything I find at the moment, I have just found a lovely patch of RoseHips so the doggy walk will pass them this morning.

    All our Damson trees are so weighed down this year (we must have about 12 on the farm, so I am picking and freezing all the ones I can reach, the rest I leave for the birds, and the ones that fall into Chicken World are keeping all the girls very happy!!

    Well done FM on the Boden cardi….something I've never managed to find on my foraging expeditions!

    Sue xx


  8. your sole jam looks amazing, i never knew what they looked like so will now be keeping my eye for some… there are some crab apples in full bloom on a patch of green at the end of our road so i will be making some jelly with them x


  9. I've had sloes/crabapples/blackberries okay this year.

    My damsons all got picked – every last one before I got to them. I was monitoring ones in an area VERY local to me and when I went for them – not a trace. Still annoyed – as whoever took “my share” of them (as well as their own and several other peoples' worth) has meant I havent been able to get any damsons at all this year thanks to them


  10. I thought you were meant to wait till the first frosts to pick your sloes? Or at least chuck them in the freezer for a day, alters the taste or texture or something?


  11. Plums, sloes, blackberries (although this year they were a bit early so not much picked) & apples.

    I've got tons of jam to make!

    I keep meaning to do nettles but so far have been too cowardly, don't know why.

    Fostermummy's find was hilarious!


  12. Hi Frugal Queen – I am a teacher also (in FE however) so empathise and sympathise with your termly related cycle, but wanted to tell you how utterly inspired I am at your blog. I have been lurking since the a good while back but since you have posted about paying off all debts bar your mortgage I had to let you know you have inspired me to pay off my loans early.

    Good luck with downsizing,and respect for taking on and succeeding in one of the most challenging – yet rewarding – professions. XX


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