It feels like winter!

Hi everyone,

I was checking back through last years blog and I didn’t start to feel the cold until November. It was just as well as it snowed for two weeks solid in December and I didn’t turn the heating off at all then. Today, it just seems to be extremely cold. I’m very well wrapped up and must get some fingerless gloves to wear whilst I’m preparing my school work. I’ve actually conceded defeat and I’m in bed, with the notebook and I’m working from there. However, even though there’s no heating of any sort, the house remains a cosy 16 degrees. I pull the curtains shut as soon as I get home, I keep warm by staying in the kitchen where I cook and then I make sure I have plenty of clothes on.

I’ve got two hot water bottles, one on my back and one by my feet! I’ve also brought the blanket upstairs from the sofa and that’s on the bed too along with the home made quilt. This all sounds a bit drastic, but I can recommend it. I can read, prepare for work, catch up on blogs and we’re really warm.

Does anyone out there resort to getting to bed early to help beat the fuel costs?

Until tomorrow and I just might nod off in the warmth,

Love Froogs


13 thoughts on “It feels like winter!

  1. On the Yarn Harlot's blog she tells about how she, her sister and brother compete to see who can last the longest without turning on the heat every fall, and she lives in Toronto! Gets really chilly there.
    I turn off lights and use the new less watt bulbs. It runs about 13 watts for a bulb that gives off the brightness of 60 watts. I keep our furnace at 68 F. in the winter and down to 60 F. at night. We wear jackets and sometimes knitted hats in the house.


  2. Yes, it's cold up here in the North West, the wind makes it feel colder. There is a sweet crochet pattern for fingerless mitts on Attic24 website if you search for it. Oh, just found it for you. It's
    I crocheted the work bag in greens and lilac and am going to make the wrist warmers for a friend. Have just finished some knitted ones for me and I made up the pattern with moss stitch and rib


  3. Not so far this year, but last year for sure we were in bed early because of the cold.

    You also frequently found me sitting under a blanket on the couch with a hooded jumper on if it was a particularly chilly night, rather than leave the heating on for an extra hour.


  4. This year winter seems to have come very early, but not cold enough for heating or even the gas fire yet, even up here in Cumbria.
    Heating is put on for 1 hour when it gets very cold through the day, and set to fire up for 1 hour about 12:00 midnight and again at 6:00 am, stops the water pipes freezing.
    Gas fire put on just until the room's warmed up. Hot water bottles used, thermal dressing gowns, socks kept on.


  5. I've leaped into my pyjamas both school nights and under a blanket with animals to work on the laptop too!
    Only difference is that my mob all stay downstairs, so we snuggle with them on the sofa until bedtime.
    If you'd like a pair of fingerless mitts, text me and I'll get my needles working – it's about time we had a nice lunch anyway!!
    FM xx


  6. I'm currently sitting, cosily dressed in fleecy pyjamas, socks, fleecy slipper boots and my fleecy dressing gown.

    If it gets any colder, I'll have to start wrapping myself up in my blankets as well!!


  7. You forgot the obvious–your dogs! Nothing like a warm puppy to keep you warm…and of course, two are better than one. That's what they call a two-dog night.

    As for us…it's 74 right now. I live in the northwest of the U.S. Our autumns are much nicer than our springs, and I don't anticipate having the heat on for 4-6 weeks yet. It's supposed to be in the 90s later this week.


  8. It's rare that it gets too awful cold for us, since we have a wood stove in the basement,but even when we choose not to run the furnace in order to hold the electric bill down,we stay plenty warm.This is grabbing for straws, but possibly, you could try using one of those pans with the candle under it for keeping foods warm, fill the pan with water, and light the candle to see if it might put some moisture in the air. Moist air helps you to feel warmer.It might be worth a try,but don't leave it unattended. Boiling anything on the stove does the same thing. When you cook, you can be warming your house a bit.Say like the T-shirt one of our daughters once had, “I'll try anything, once. Maybe, twice.”(That's a family joke around this house. The baby girl read that off her older sister's shirt, and proclaimed,”That's vulgar.” The older girl asked,”What's vulgar.” The baby girl answered,”That second part.” She was 8 at the time. Her older sister was 16.)


  9. its still quite mild in the midlands but very windy the last few days which seems to find every draughty spot in the house, perhaps the wind has been sent so that we can deal with the draughts now rather than when it gets really cold here too. Must start on all your tips to keep the house warm, really need some door curtains. I am trying to make a quilt like your but cutting out the squares seems to be taking ages, do you have any tips on how to do them faster?
    thanks Chris x


  10. My bed is the only place where I can be truly comfortable so in summer I sit on it and now, since it is distinctly cool, I am in it. I love my bed and I have two hot water bottles for when it gets cold.


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