Who wants to be average?

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for the lively and interesting comments; thanks to all of you who click onto Frugal Queen and especially those of you who are ‘followers’. Let’s all wave the banner of money saving and trying to buy or at least spend less.

There are all sorts of averages in this country. On average, British women spend £150 a year on cosmetics. On average, British women spend £1000 a year on clothes. On average, British women spend £400 a year on their hair. Well, I dye my own hair every two months and spend £5 each time, so I’m not average because I spend £30 a year on my hair. Foster Mummy cuts my hair and I usually get supper for free and lots of love and fuss too (as the advert says…….priceless!). I spend around £60 a year on clothing. I do use make up, but I certainly don’t spend the average amount. Today, I bought new make up and checked back through my blog to see the last time I bought any………….it was the 16th February 2010. So I spend £10.36 every 19 months! or, if my maths is correct………£6.56 per year on make up! Here’s what I bought.

I still have plenty of lipstick and blusher  left, so no need to buy any of that.

I have been wracked with guilt recently at my spending on new clothes, new shoes, hair colour and now make up! What ever it is, it’s still over consumption and really not necessary. I have to look smart at work as it is socially expected and neat and tidy hair and appearance goes with the job. Plus! I’ll be honest, who wants to look like a bag of spanners? But, I try and reconcile that with not being average. Most of my clothes are from ebay, charity shops, jumble sales and car boot sales as are most of my foot wear. I buy new clothes once a year for work and I can make a pair of work shoes last a couple of years. On top of that, I buy my make up from a discount supermarket and then…..I buy their own brand.

I don’t go to the beautician and give myself a facial every week. I wax my own eye brows, colour my own hair and down eight pints of tap water a day to keep my skin hydrated. I’m as vain as the next woman, I just don’t spend that much money being so.

Average? Me? Never!

What do you do to shun ‘beige’ and stamp on ‘average’?

See you tomorrow,

Love Froogs


23 thoughts on “Who wants to be average?

  1. im probably blessed with good skin, i dont do a thing, naught. no makeup no moisturizer just water in the shower. Im letting the greys come as they will, again well hidden in my mousy hair which i wash with my homemade soap. i cut my own hair, use baking soda for deodorant and use “washables” for No.1s. and more and more i see my cooking from scratch being far from average, even though on frugal blog land the opposite is true


  2. hi frugal queen 🙂 ive started reading your posts daily and dip into your archives now and then too, i love your blog and im so on your wave length, hubby calls me the money saving domestic goddess lol im not a big commenter (sorry) but just know your posts inspire me to keep living below my means, saving lots (for our dream home and piece of land where we can live sustainably and raise a family). you remind me that doing that is not a crazy thing only hippies do! thank you 🙂 love from Astra xxx


  3. And the average UK woman has £10,000 in credit card debt 😦 I'd bet that a good percentage of it is due to make-up, beauty treatments, clothes, shoes and of course nights out. I think I'd rather have the paid off credit card than manicured nails and worry-lines!


  4. Ha – I LOVE this post Froogs… I spent a lot of my “former” life trying to fit in and be average, but then I realised that I needed to just be me and to hell with anyone who was bothered about that. (Took me long enough though didn't it?!)
    Nowadays my hair is wild, my skin is clear (thanks to the natural diet) and my debts are gone.
    Stuff that – I want to be exceptional!!!


  5. I haven't tried the make up range yet. I have bought the day creams, which i love the smell of! So i may just dip my toe in and a have a frugal make up splurge. I last bought some a year ago, so i think it is about time i did..
    Have you tried the suncream range yet- very nice on the skin and i didn't get burned..well TBH, there hasn't been a lot of sun, but i have been for some coastal walks in sunny Cornwall a couple of weeks ago.
    You are definitely doing something right as others have said, your hair looks fab as does your skin.
    Gillian x


  6. I certainly dont spend all those 'averages' on hair, make-up etc. I used to spend a lot on what i look like and worry about 'labels'. All the expensive makeup etc does just the same job as the cheapest. At the moment, i'm in love with Cyclax face and body cream – 99p for a big tub in Savers or an independent chemist x
    PS – i like your hair colour x


  7. You look wonderful and your shiny hair is amazing. I love good quality well cut clothes, but 90% of them are from charity shops, e-bay, boot sales. I have some major allergy problems with skincare, so I tend to stick with high end products, because I can try before I buy, but I try to get most things on special offer, e-bay and stockpile, so although I am a lot more expensive to run than you I am a canny shopper, I have not had children to raise and worked full time from 16 to 61, so consider myself very fortunate to afford some nice things. You are an inspiration and as quoted by Silver Sewer, you keep a lot of us on the frugal straight and narrow. Thank you and god bless. Ali.


  8. I do colour my own hair, I never wear make up and buy clothes once in a blue moon. I hate going to the hairdressers, but am having to go because dd wedding is coming up.

    I can only access your blog via Angela's blog? Don't have access otherwise?

    Gill in Canada


  9. I only wear makeup on special occasions – and rarely buy it. I use home hair colouring I've just changed my technique tho – dearly beloved applies it, because he noticed I was not doing it very evenly – so offered to take over.Which is fine – as I cut his hair for him.
    I repair and recycle as much as I can esp clothes.
    in maths, another word for average is MEAN- and I am determined to prove you can be thrifty and frugal without being mean or average!
    blessings x


  10. I often cut my own fringe but have also allowed my 17 year old to cut my hair a few times. She is a florist not hairdresser but still does a good job of it , following my directions on how to layer quite nicely. I think it is a useful thing for a girl to learn as it will help her to have the confidence to cut her own children's hair should she ever be in a situation to need to do so. Cherrie


  11. I've just topped up my beauty supplies mascara from Poundland! Tomorrow I'm off for a big girl's interview- tried on my outfit last night and scared myself half to death with this business woman looking back at me in the mirror. All of it is immaculate and all of it including the shoes came from the local charity shops apart from the black handbag which was 10p from a jumble sale. My nana always maintained it's not what you wear it's the way that you wear it!
    Good post Froogs!


  12. Make up – whats that? rarely use it. At 68 my hair has some grey in it but not a lot, I decided years ago I was not going to colour it and have left it as nature intended.

    Clothes, thats another story, very rarely find anything in Charity shops, there do not seem to be many larger ladies put their clothes into charity shops……and if they do they are black which I just cannot wear, takes all the colour from my face, Navy or grey are my black.

    I am still wearing clothes and shoes I bought before I retired, I might buy one thing a year to extend my capsule wardrobe a bit. Last year it was a pair of brown Italian leather shoes which will probably see me out. I have 2 pairs of brown shoes which I can wear turn and turn about. 2 pairs of black shoes and one pair of navy. all flats. In the summer I have cream shoes and one pair of gold sandles for evening 'do's' not that we go to many.

    I mostly wear trousers have a couple of skirts for formal wear and a red wool coat I bought 12 years ago for posh wear. 3 in one jacket which I wear all year round either with or without the lining.


  13. Im not average either and proud of it. I don't buy makeup other than the occasional lip gloss. I get my hair cut rarely. Though I have to say your hair looks much better that. Mine!!!


  14. Your hair is fab Froogs! Mine is similar length but silvery (looks blonde from a distance) and I have it like that for like you I don't want to be Average! I also don't want to get started on the white roots syndrome. I also have it cut two or three times a year at a nice girl in the market at a cost of £6.00. It's a bit irritating as she lets out a chair on her stall to a nail 'artiste' and I find that so utterly self indulgent, I can hardly look.

    For those not yet convinced, I have never had such fabulous skin products and make up as those from Aldi and I used Froogs' recommendation, as I thought they'd be harsh. Not at all. They are wonderful.

    I have tried to buy the moisturising lipstick shown recently but it is always sold out in the colours I want, pale. Grr.

    I am retired now but used to be able to find good Next smart clothing for work in charity shops, as I needed to be smart for meetings etc. However I was a 10 at the time so there seems to be quite a lot of choice for small sizes.

    I was also very frugal in those days when I didn't need to be, it was something I was brought up with.


  15. Those are good prices for make-up. Who's brand is Lacura?

    I have a stockpile of make-up bought at discount prices: some Avon, some Boots No7, some Max Factor. I stock up when I see a good price on a product in my skin-tone. I'm still waiting for my 20+year old Clinique powder blusher to run out.

    Re Boots, I always check out their clearance shelves. Several years ago, I scored 6 Boots No7 make-up bases for 50p each. Thought they'd last me 3 months a bottle. Instead, since they had dispenser tops, they lasted 10 months each! (I think I used 2 squirts each day, maybe three.)

    A year or so ago, I had the misfortune to forget my make-up when I was travelling for work. (I had my lipstick but nothing else.) So I wandered into Tesco and bought the cheapest stuff they had: their “All About Face” makeup base, powder and blusher. The powder and blusher were great; the base was pretty awful. It'd bead on my skin. I've since tried their waterproof mascara and it was excellent. (You can read my review here: http://pipneyjane.blogspot.com/2010/05/frugal-friday-cheap-make-up-review.html )

    – Pam


  16. I think I spend more than you on clothes, unfortunately we have almost no charity shops in France…
    I only buy on sale and sometimes from ebay for my kids.
    I go to the hair dresser less than once a year (last time august 2010), I cut my kids and hubby's hair, I have very few grey hair for the moment, so I just dye with henna every other month or so… when I have a lot of grey I plan to let it go natural, I don't want to use chemicals on my head and henna won't do the trick with many whites !
    I like make-up very much and I buy brand make-up once in while, but only on sale: for example I bought a YSL lipstick with 70% off last June and I will have it for at least 2 years so… And last, I never go the beautician, I do my own stuff on sunday mornings !


  17. You're a great advert for not splashing the cash.
    Who wants to be average anyway? I'd rather be weird old me on a non-existent budget than some beige clone.
    Have you tried Superdrug's Vitamin E range? I know you love a skincare bargain and it's lovely, animal friendly stuff. x


  18. So, if you, and all these wonderful “commenters” are spending significantly less than average on clothes on cosmetics, then there must be lots of women out there spending significantly more! I find that staggering.


  19. My ex wife spent a fortune on all sorts of cosmetics, shampoos, creams, scents, lipstick, face stuff, etc, etc, etc, the bathroom was over-flowing with bottles, tubes and all manner of strange things unknown to a mere man. Also required the services of a hairdresser at monthly intervals, and new clothes, shoes, handbags, etc every week. Dunno why, she never looked any better.
    My present wife has shampoo, conditioner, and a bottle of perfume, visits the hairdressers annually, buys clothes from charity, car boots, factory return shops, and always manges to look just fine.
    So none of them are average.


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