Funny food part 2

Hi everyone – Funny food part 2. This must be the ultimate in odd food. Yeast extract is a bi product of brewing. It’s a sticky salty, meaty spread for toast. You spread it very thinly on hot buttered toast.

Here is DB’s breakfast! And here’s to Marmite! Go spread some joy on your toast this morning!

We get through a £3.50 pot each month! This is also what I had in my sandwiches for school lunch for my 11 years at school! In fact, I’m pretty sure that children will go back to school next week with Marmite sandwiches.

See you soon,

Froogs xxx


25 thoughts on “Funny food part 2

  1. Love the posts re funny food. Can't stand Marmite. Now Vegemite – that's another thing altogether. Here people tend to be in the Marmite or Vegemite camp.

    Nothing better than when you've had a few too many drinks to have vegemite on toast and a cuppa tea the next morning.


  2. I like Marmite, I had some on toast only the other day but it must not be spread at all thickly, otherwise it's far too salty.

    Another funny food paragraph! My ex husband was a very strange eater, for his lunch he would have a banana mashed for it's life on a plate with sugar mashed in, with bread and butter. Another thing he would have for lunch/dinner was pancakes, that is all!

    He was the absolutely most difficult man to feed. I'm a veggie but he would only ever eat chips and peas or bananas/bread and pancakes. No wonder I panic at the thought of cooking for more than the two of us, I hardly had any practise at all when I was married to him.


  3. I'm definitely in the Vegemite brigade.

    My Lovely Hubby HATES Marmite too, so why did he recently buy a great big pot of the stuff……why because you got a free Paddington Bear (complete with Marmite suitcase) if you did!!

    It was cute!

    Sue xx


  4. I blogged about Marmite this week too…I think I'm allergic to it as it's 80% yeast :'(
    I love both Marmite and Vegemite but am excluding them from my toast to see if they're the cause of my itchiness.
    and yes Jen…it's so rich in Vitamin B that it's the perfect “pick-me-up” 😉


  5. Here in the US, people always thought I was crazy for eating Marmite. I learned when I was 3 years old and spent the summer in England. Now I've taught my 2 year-old grandson to eat it. He comes through my door saying, “Marmite, Nan!”


  6. I don't particularly like Marmite and really only ever would eat it on toast, but being wheat intolerant, I rarely eat bread. On the odd occasion when we can buy the extortionately expensive wheat free bread, I'd rather have cheese and a slosh of worcestershire sauce. If a visitor ever leaves us some marmite I use it up by adding a bit to meaty stock, stews or gravy.


  7. I had a taste of Marmite when I traveled to Australia and thought it was the worst thing I had ever tasted. You must have to start very young. Very, very young.
    (I live near Seattle.)


  8. I've enjoyed your post about “odd” foods, Froogs. I'll admit I've been curious about some of the strange food you mention sometimes. Is there anything that we eat in America that you find strange?


  9. Mmmmm, Marmite on toast, or with poached egg on top, also love it on buttered cream crackers, and in a sandwich with a really thick layer of lettuce. Vegemite doesn't do it for me though. I have a severe B12 deficiency and have been known to eat Marmite from a teaspoon when my body has been crying out for B vits.


  10. As an aussie I love *vegemite* we are raised on the stuff 🙂 Vegemite on toast for breakfast is just *yummy* with lots of butter. My children take vegemite sandwiches to school, as I did as a child.


  11. Another marmite fan. It is the ultimate comfort food on hot toast with a steaming mug of tea.

    I've yet to convert anyone but I also quite like it with a little bit of honey, it gives a sort of sweet and sour (well salty) tang. But I gather it's an acquired taste!


  12. Great posts, can I use them in my classes ? (or I'll send the link to my students)
    We have a unit called True Brits, and one chapter is about food, which is apparently a cultural aspect that the French have to talk the most about (I'll spare you the clichés). As for me I have never been a big fan of Marmite, I use powdered yeast in my cereal, it's full of good vitamins.


  13. My kids and husband went off to school and work with cheese and vegemite sandwiches for lunch. This is my lunch of last resort, when I have nothing else in the house, but no one seems to complain.


  14. ohh and another good leftover sandwich mix is a soft boild egg where it is still “just” runny greated cheese and a little bit of onion mixed together maked a fab mix. Also good added to it is some salad cream or mayo lasts fro a couple of days in the fridge.


  15. I LOVE marmite – but since I had Jaundice I totally went off it – I am still recovering and am hoping my love affair will resume – but it's turning my stomach to think of trying it right now – damn you to hell LIVER!!! My other half HATES it!
    Vegemite – I tried when I was a teenager after watching the beautiful people on Neighbours eat it ( I am so impressionable) it was DISGUSTING – I can remember recoilling at the smell!!
    Brilliant Blog as always 🙂
    Rachel xx


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