Frugal ten minute work out!

 Hello everyone!

Did you look down at the tops of your arms on your 40th birthday just to discover they were wider and wobblier than they used to be? Fortunately I enjoy wood chopping as I can’t stand the gym!

 Here’s my frugal solution to keep fit! Chop your own wood! All that gym nonsense of bicep and tricep curls!!! Just swing your own axe, or in my case, a mawl, much easier than a conventional slim axe.

 DB does the big thick bit and breaks a whole pile into two whilst I then finish them off chopping them down into burnable sizes.

 I would recommend ten minutes a day……………three of four ‘rings’ a day?

What manual work do you enjoy? What do you do to keep fit and save money?

We’re both off to do some heavy duty building work on our house………….all will be revealed later.

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Frugal ten minute work out!

  1. I'm trying to loose some weight but on the other hand don't like exercise and would never go to a gym so I try to go for walks as much as possible, I also took over lawn mowing as I've heard it's good to burn calories, other than that just try to move as much as possible for example when cleaning, doing the laundry, etc.

    In Winter I have to dry my washing inside and instead of taking a basket full of wet clothes upstairs I take one item up at a time, this means I go up and down the stairs quite a few times and it seems to work. My legs certainly feel it afterwards.


  2. My beloved has just bought a bike (from savings) to go to work on some days of the week, otherwise he uses the car. It's so much cheaper than even the council-subsidised gym which he used to use, which was £17 a month, although cancelling that won't pay the bike off yet! But meanwhile it's saving us petrol and keeping him fit..


  3. Wow – you are looking fantasticly slinky & slim! That Dukan diet has obviously had great results. Yes, chopping wood is a great way for the “bingo wings” that one acquires from 40 onwards 🙂 I have always mowed the lawns (now on half an acre so a good workout) rather than the gym as I can't stand it either. Used to run & play squash but due to a back operation 3 years back, walk instead now – probably better for the bones.
    Keep up the great work.


  4. I just put lots of extra effort into everything I do, whether it be walking the dogs, hoovering or weeding or running up and down stairs to fetch things.

    Why pay for a gym when you can fit fit just by living!!

    Sue xx


  5. hi dub – we have a fire, soon to be replaced with a stove, more heat for our wood and less danger of sparks – goes in – october, next pay packet will have saved enough for it. piad for it in stages, had chimmey lined, had to pay builder – it's taken since spring to get the money together, it's been on the schedule for years but other payments meant that's where the money had to go.


  6. I've been in the woods 2 days so far this week coppicing for a community woodland project, and allowed to take homewhat I cut… Mainly ash and blackthorn, so good to burn. I'll saw them down from the 3rd lengths then split. I'm 30 and overweight. I hope doing my fair share of this will help on all fronts!


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