Chutney and foraging

 Hi everyone!

I’ve had a busy few days with my daughter. I am delighted to be able to say she’s taking her meds and attending all of her counselling sessions. She has asked her GP if she can go into rehab, which doesn’t exist on the NHS so she’s being referred to the Harbour Centre, which is the first point of call for addicts who want to get ‘better’.

Today, I’ve had a bit of time for some stove side pottering. I’m in the middle of making damson chutney. I picked wild damsons and the basket of apples and pears are from Jo’s dad and the onions are from my garden, all in all, this is going to be low cost chutney. But have you seen the price of sugar these days!!!!1

 I found the recipe on Delia online, she calls it spicy damson chutney. I don’t quite do it they way she does as I just bung the ground spices in.

 There’s a great deal of piddling about to get the stones out, but Aunty Delia tells you how on her recipe on her website. So there’s no need for me to tell you how. Just google, “Delia Smith Damson chutney” and you can see how I did it.

 I have open access to Jo’s dad’s orchard! He has an orchard that’s over run with brambles and weeds and I just helped myself!

 I just throw everything in the biff baff boff machine and then let it bubble away for hours on a very very low heat.

 I’m just reading all of your blogs and every so often, I go to the kitchen for a stir. I’ll complete this ‘thrifty’ chutney later and show you  the finished product.

Here’s the end result; nine jars of spicy damson chutney. It’ll just about keep Dearly Beloved satisfied as he love chutney1

Until later,

Froogs xxx


13 thoughts on “Chutney and foraging

  1. Good on you Froogs that looks good. Nice to see a kindred spirit working a Maslin pan especially with hedgerow fruits and freebies. Sugar – Asda have recently had an offer on for 2kg bags of sugar for just over £1 – OH snaffled me some but could do with some more. Also if you check out the pound shops they sometimes do 1.5kg bags for £1 – well they do around here. Thought it might help

    Glad everything is going well with your daughter and I wish her and you well. [hugs]



  2. I love to hear of people making chutney even better if free. So far this year I havce had apples and I am so grateful for that as I haven't got a garden. I shall make a crumble at the weekend x


  3. Well good evening, Your Majesty, I can smell that chutney from here. Mmmm! I can imagine the healing that comes with every stir as well. I shall be tagging along on Thrifty Thursdays- more to learn than to contribute admittedly! Yum yum!


  4. What a beautiful colour it is.

    My own 'children' have been down the same path as your daughter and once they decide to get 'well' it's a wonderful first step…it sounds like she has a responsive and caring GP which is crucial as well her loving family. As Jayne said, “Have faith”



  5. Wonderful news about your daughter, could you ex step in and help pay for her to 'go private'?

    I have Damson Gin steeping on the kitchen worktop and 6 kilos of damsons in the freezer waiting to be used by me and my mum, so a busy few days ahead, we've also just been given a HUGE carrier bag of pears, so maybe a bit of chutney will end up being made too.

    I love the colour (and the smell) when they're bubbling away.

    Sue xx


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