Clean it, chop it, walk it and saying goodbye to Lloyds

Froogs……… her best Lyon’s tea maid outfit, doing a bit of cleaning!

Hello Dear Reader!

It’s pay day! For just under seven hours I had money in my account today! Every last penny has gone already! Some into various accounts for food and bits and for fuel and transport costs and the rest has gone to Lloyds………………….oh by the way Lloyds, for ****ing up my account for years on end, for not being understanding when I needed it, for being neither use nor ornament, now I am solvent I am ****ing off! To the Co-operative Bank……………….please feel free to go **** yourself! Twice!

It’s been a busy old day, everything has been cleaned, swept and mown, car cleaned, house cleaned. I’ve walked one dog, as the other is still trying to amputate his own foot and has gone back to wearing the cone of shame! I then did this!

 Oh yeah! Got the log grenade out! I also split kindling and stacked logs. Even my *******s ache today! I have drains running across my garden, so I split logs at the bottom, so not to damage afore mentioned drains and carry logs up the garden to stack them. I’ve also sawn branches, cut up waste wood and stacked it all away. My left arm aches so badly…………it’s a funny thing, I’m right handed but heavy work gets done with my left side…… my left arm aches so badly that I couldn’t perform the most basic of personal functions! I can recommend wood chopping for bingo wing reduction.

 I’m also going to recommend a product. A ‘maul’ It makes log splitting so easy, even the bone dry cherry that was left around the garden from last year. Also, WD40 on a saw makes the whole jobs so much easier! I bought mine from Homebase and I make sure I sharpen it every time I use it with a whet stone.

I can barely move tonight from the cleaning, chopping, walking and stacking! I did hours of exercise today and I’m feeling older than I actually am. What do you do that makes you feel your age?

Sorry about the delay today, but I couldn’t type until I recovered the use of both hands.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Clean it, chop it, walk it and saying goodbye to Lloyds

  1. We had a Lloyds account when we lived in England. They kept forgetting to pay our mortgage, so we moved the account to a building society instead.
    Jane x
    Had to laugh, given your predicament…the word verification is 'bumpang'


  2. What do I do that makes me feel my age and older? Well after hauling my a**e around Cornwall today I have the sneaking suspicion that the excess weight I'm carrying why I'm aching tonight! So it's got to be the self abuse with the spoon and fork that I indulge that HAS TO STOP!!! Lol xx


  3. love the ***** good one.
    feeling my age, mostly its when the younger ones talk about old school music….thats from the 90s and naughties, but man lately when i have to get off the floor from stoking the fire (yes the real fire, not some reference to other activities, wink wink) my knees are starting to feel the years, to those reading who dont know im about to turn 45 in a few weeks so im at the edge of the slippery slope


  4. Good for your for walking away from Llyods. I hate that banks offer you the world to open an account with them and then the minute you need a bit of help (unless it's a loan with HUGE amounts of interest going into their pockets) they clamp down on you like a ton of bricks, say no to everything, and generally make life a pain in the a**e for you, boucing payments, forgetting direct debits etc.

    The Co-operative bank is where I'm heading I think, I hope they're as good as I've heard.

    What do I do that makes me feel old….just about everything is slowing down and taking me longer. my challenge over the winter is to get myself superfit….so I need to step away from the home baking!!

    Sue xx


  5. Just wanted to say how amazingly well you have done paying everything off and ahead of schedule, a total inspiration. I am pleased to say I have read you blog from almost the beginning and have been with you every step of the way both good times and bad. The little cosy house is getting closer, roll on the end of your mortgage deal and away you go.
    My daughter has been badly treated by Lloyds too, they are a really awful bank, I was with the co-op many years ago and had problems and moved to Barclays where I have been ever since, but the Co-op has probably improved by now and I might relook at it in the future. There are probably loads of readers who hate Barclays but they have been reasonably ok with me and I have become complacent and not looked for a better one.
    thanks for all the inspiration and I am now looking forward to the next chapter x x


  6. What makes me feel older is when I'm cycling to work and really struggling on the hills. I don't drive,we live in the middle of nowhere and it's that or walk. It used to be so easy when I was a kid now it's just torture.


  7. I took up some lawn last year, slicing it off, in order to put down some gravel. That was really hard. A man would have done it in 1/4 of the time. I'd like do get some more up but am afraid I might not be able to finish it.

    Well done!


  8. I have a cooking question if you don't mind! How well do you find homemade cheese sauce etc freezes? I'm never sure if you're 'supposed' to freeze it or not. I know quite a lot of my recipe books say not to freeze soups that contain milk but I'm not sure how this applies to other things that contain milk. If you know/have some experience I'd love to hear – thank you!


  9. Lol froogs…well done on getting rid of lloyds..we were with them for ages and all of a sudden i had nasty letters from the council about my council tax..seems it wasn't paid for about 4 months..enter me one very irate and very upset 8 month pregnant lady, giving the advisor a piece of my mind and exactly where,how and when to shove his excuses..and if he persisted i would gladly it sorted in the end but it wasn't very nice..the council i have to say were brilliant and very understanding…we moved to the Alliance and Leicester(santander) and they are great..
    What makes me feel old..hmm thats a toughie really,i have 2 tots of 5 and 2 that keep me going..i suppose its when my granchildren come to play and call me granny…but i don't mind at all…and having a 24,23,21,17 year old all calling me shorty or the little hobbit..cheeky sods
    take care froogs
    well done babe


  10. what a great feeling for you to put two fingers in the air and tell Lloyds to “FORK OFF”
    as for the aching….no pain no gain……but just think how toned up you are going to be :0)


  11. Ha ha – I can certainly relate to your bank-angst! When I finally paid off the mortgage I was soooo happy to say goodbye to the Halifax.

    Every month, when I paid in my capital repayment (whatever I could afford) they acted as though I was doing something wrong or weird – and I always had to tell them how to put it through the system, as the people on the counter just did not know. They used to ask me if I was paying towards arrears, and were flummoxed when I said no I am 10 years in advance! ;0)



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