Out and about in the sun.

 Hi everyone,

First of all a message for Sarah who left a comment yesterday – Please email me direct. We’ll ‘talk’ via email and we can look at options together to help you get through the coming winter.

We cooked lunch for friends today and then headed out for a walk. I love walking. A good pair of boots and the joyous simplicity of the out doors. I wish I’d appreciated it earlier as I used to hate any form of exercise as I hated sport. Now, if I’d of had my time again I would have been into outdoor expeditions as I can’t think of any thing lovelier. I even enjoy a good old walk in dreadful weather as I really don’t mind the cold and wind, if I can come straight home afterwards and warm up.

No sight of cold and rain today as it was glorious. It was lovely to share the walk with friends, their dog and their children. Really good company.

 We went to Siblyback lake, which is a short drive from our home. It was surprisingly quiet for a bank holiday weekend. There were plenty of people there on wind surfers, jogging, cycling, sailing and canoeing. The walk around the entire lake takes just over an hour and is one of my favourite walks when I want a really easy, hill-free, well signposted walk. I’m even happy to do it with just me and the dogs (Scruffy still can’t go out as he’s still limping about on three legs).

Oh, and by the way…….if you’re ever in Cornwall on your holidays, you really should try a day out at one of the lakes run by South West Lakes Trust, you can look them up as see the facilities on offer. I wouldn’t normally make suggestions to people as I think they can make their own minds up, but this place is lovely.

Other than paying to park the car and the diesel for the ten minute car ride, the rest was free but the views are priceless. What do you do locally, either for free or very little money that makes you really happy?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Out and about in the sun.

  1. We have the beach! But the weather here in the northern reaches is very much like autumn. We have lots of lovely walks however even in the winter if we get a good day!


  2. I love walking and that looks like a great place for a walk.

    We're on our 2nd year as members of the National Trust, the places we visit are beautiful and full of history and after the 3rd or 4th visit the card is fully paid so from then is just the diesel for the trip. We always take a picnic which saves us a lot of money too.


  3. We have may walks pretty much on the doorstep , but a fave walk is the Slit Woods (about 10 min drive from me) a site of special scientific interest in Weardale. I passes a lovely waterfall then through woodland crossing the burn using rustic wooden bridges up to old lead mine workings. Lots of nice little spots for picnics and lovely any time of year.


  4. Right now I'm on holiday in Norfolk and just sitting knitting or reading and watching the river flow past the bottom of the garden is pretty good! At home I like to walk along the beach, preferably in winter when there's nobody else there and follow it up with a massive mug of tea! We have fantastic beaches in Durham and Northumberland, though the swimming can be a bit chilly!

    At this time of year we visit all the county shows. You do have to pay to get in, but so long as you are fearsomely strong and don't succumb to the assorted stalls you can have a great day out. I love pigs and sheep best.


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