What’s cooking?

 Hi everyone,

I went to a ‘table top sale’ this morning. I spied some baking tins where the bottoms are loose and you can easily get the cakes out. I just have the cheap fixed base types at home so these will be really useful. They offered me the food processor for free if I bought all the cake tins, so I took it. It does not have all the parts and the grater, slicer parts are missing but the blades is there as is the blending jug. I’m off shopping now as I have a family of four joining us for Sunday lunch, three big boys to feed.

A bit frustrating as you can’t buy spare parts for it anywhere so I’ll have to keep my old small processor for slicing and grating.

Anyone else get anything useful for free recently?

Until later,

Love Froogs xxxxx


7 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. I was given two loose bottomed baking tins [same size] but with only one bottom between the two! trying to work out what use I can make of the bottomless one!
    You should give us the full details of your new processor- someone in Blogland might have the parts you need, just lurking in a drawer
    weekend blessings x


  2. A friend who was moving to a smaller house gave us her microwave a few years ago. We had managed without for over thirty years but it has been so useful. I even make small batches of jam in it. Definitely one of the best “recycled” presents we have had!


  3. Yes, I'm so happy to be offered a free toaster and coffee maker. I should get them tomorrow or Monday. Mine are getting rather old looking. Once I get the newer ones I will freecycle the ones I have as they may be good for a student.


  4. When I broke the bowl of my food processor, I used Google to track down an authorised replacement parts supplier. I remember searching on “brand+model number+ parts+Spares”.

    I don't have the details any more of who they were. But they weren't cheap. I think the replacement bowl cost 50% of the price of a new food processor.

    – Pam


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