Draught excluding!

  Hi everyone,

Don’t get too used to two blogs a a day, I’m back to work soon and I’ll be back to a blog a day. Recently, I bought thermal curtain lining for just over £2 a running metre from Trago Mills. I’ve bought enough to make lining for all of my curtains, they are simply cut to fit the size of the curtains, edged, a heading tape sewn on top and then hung directly onto the curtains themselves.

I made a door curtain by lining an unlined curtain. I bought a single curtain from the bargain corner of a local charity shop and paid two or three pounds for it. I have enough in one curtain, to make another door curtain if I need one. I un-picked the heading tape and sewed it to the side of the curtain, and cut off the excess and hemmed what I had left. I also added a thermal lining (blackout/rubberised material) so it really adds to the insulation. I love the glass doors in my house but they are totally inadequate insulators.

They are far from perfect, but they are heavy and will certainly help keep the warmth in. It’s August and very chilly and if we have another cold winter, with rising gas prices, we’re going to be colder than ever as the heating will have to ‘do’ as there isn’t any more money in the pot to pay for any more.

Is any one else preparing for winter? Any one collecting wood yet? Any one quilting or knitting something?

Lots of love,



25 thoughts on “Draught excluding!

  1. Hi Froogs,
    I am one of your silent readers because of trying to grips with commenting! Love your blog. I am a mum of 3 and about to start as an NQT. We have got a pile of logs, lots of insulation and warm fleeces for everyone. I am also knitting my youngest a scarf.



  2. Funny you should say that, I've just moved over 2 tonnes of logs (our second delivery and squeezed in before summer prices end on 1st september) we have installed log burners, removed oil central heating as we can't afford oil anymore, lined curtains, insulated loft and bought charity shop sweaters all summer. It seems everyone is dreading another bad winter!
    If we are still cold I may invest in heated throws for each of us. Saw them last year, what a fab idea, just couldn't afford them then. A bit more sorted this year so may try one.
    Flippin' horrible weather here today :0(


  3. I think I may have mentioned this in a comment before but for those who are new commentators here goes – if you see 'microfibre' blankets for sale for a reasonable place snap them up – they are far warmer than either fleece or wool blankets as they somehow seem to have magical properties of holding air under them – within a couple of minutes of sitting under one the warmth just spreads through you like personal central heating – lidl have them in from time to time at a reasonable price – I'm so taken by them that I'm thinking of buying one the next time I see one to cut up and make an over top something akin to a fishermans smock to wear round the house this winter to keep the chills away


  4. Funny you should say that, I was comparing prices of logs today…stood in the freezing rain at the carboot sale! Winter does not seem so far off!
    Curtains look good.

    I'm going to look into that microfibre idea… thanks Anne.

    Vicky x


  5. making a patchwork quilt, I will be using a fleece blanket for the backing, just seven more rows to stitch together,using up some curtains and duvet covers which are between 15 and 20 years old.

    Josie x


  6. i have started, need to sort thermal curtains for mini mans room, buying wellies before they get over priced, also having some guttering done too. I did a lot last year so only bits and pieces this year.


  7. Have made 2 door curtains from old ones I had stashed away, still cutting up wood for my little woodburner, I pick it up from different places and even on the side of the road if it is safe to stop. Also nearly finished a quilt and already wearing jumpers inthe evenings. I hope we do not have another hard winter, living on the side of a hill in the countryside is no fun when icy.


  8. Have made 2 door curtains from 2 pairs of old ones stashed away, still cutting up wood that I have picked up from various places for free, even from the side of the road if it is safe to stop and making a quilt from my stash, so have not bought anything for it. Already wearing jumpers in the evenings. Hope we do not have another hard winter, living on the side of a hill in the middle of the countryside is no funwhen it is icy.


  9. Door curtains are up and lined. Currently making new bedroom curtains and one of those has thermal linings. Here the leaves are already falling and a distinct autumn chill in the air!! Need to make a couple of quilts that I'll back with fleece again.


  10. Twn bush cords of wood waiting to be stacked, six trees to cut down to make into logs. A cardi on the go for hubby, two lots of polar fleece for ponchos ,a wall to be knocked down to make two rooms into one (the log fire will then heat two rooms),saving Swagbuck to get store cards to buy plastic to go over the windows….how long till winter?
    Jane x


  11. I've just made a list of things to do and getting ready for winter.
    Top of the list is to triple line the curtains, using thermal linings/blackout lining and woollen blankets. My place is all electric, have no open fires or chimneys to light one!
    The blind in the kitchen is a blackout one and sits right up to the window frame. there are curtain tie-back hooks either side of the window from the previous occupants. I'm making curtains with thermal linings but, sandwiched between with thin woollen blankets again.
    Gap that I've been meaning to fill in by the back door to be done and the tumble drier vent in the kitchen to be replace rather than bricked up as there are no ventilation bricks on that wall.
    Making quilted slipper boots that are washable, with the soles being thick sheepskin. One pair will have knitted tops, we'll see which gets worn the most!

    Sandie xx


  12. Great job on the curtains. I live where we experience winter (snow and cold) from October to May. Fortunately we built a superinsulated house a long time ago so we are good in the winter and the cost of heating much lower than others here. My plans are pretty minimal now, just change my car tires and keep a full pantry/fridge for the days when you couldn't go anywhere even if you wanted to.


  13. I'm always working on a quilt…large or small…but since I have a few dozen in the closet finishing them is another story…

    What I really need to make are some throws to put on the furniture for the cats to sleep on…

    As for the post yesterday…Mom gave me one of her nice market baskets the other day…other than that I'm still on a purging kick…


  14. Last year's wood is drying out and I'm hoping will be ready for this year (not least because I need the space for this year's wood to dry!
    I think your curtains look great. About 10 years ago I bought about 15 thick woollen car rugs from a mill that was closing down near Thurso. I think I paid about £6 each for them (original price aoout £90 even in those days!) We bought curtain clips and every winter the rugs go up over the doors. They are fantastic at keeping the draughts out and you can alter the length by increasing or decreasing the fold at the top. On the knitting front I'm almost (I hope!) at the end of a big throw/shawl and I am sniffing around my stash for the next project.


  15. Hi

    We will be double hanging curtains, extra bed blankets and trying to keep the gas to a minimum. We go to bed early, heat only rooms that are used, needed, heating off during the day, just a few hours at night and weekends -well it will be wrap up time.
    I recycle day clothes to night time wear – fleeces, tracksuit bottoms t shirts etc no need to buy pJ's.and you can't beat a good draught excluder!!! Easy to make, stuffed with old tights!


  16. Am very scared about the coming winter as the gas prices terrify me. We were freezing last year in our first winter in new flat – is rented. There is a hole behind the cupboards in the kitchen which is very cold and cannot be blocked sufficiently plus several excessive air vents. There is no double glazing and we have very high ceilings. Heating goes no where. Will have to look into more curtains but the kitchen leads into the living room and it will be dangerous coming through there, and down a step while negotiating curtains but is where the draft comes from. Can't afford to get all the layers of clothing I need, charity shops are too expensive here. Daughter expects to cavort around in a t shirt and expects heating to be up to compensate – a battle ground!

    Have a blanket done (crochet) and another which I hope will be done by October, which is lovely for cosying up on sofa but not enough I fear. Hands are tied which ever way. No money for draft excluding or heating. ALL money goes on food and bills – none left for anything else at all. Hot water botles would be good but again it is the initial outlay that makes that tricky as yes we are that strapped for cash. Living on a very low income means saving money is not a game it is a necessity! There are no benefits in the way of having cash to save from our efforts of frugality.


  17. Hi Froogs,
    Its Jan from Preston, I've read your post from yesterday (actually read your blog everyday – thanks for a fantastic blog). I've read Sara entry – please let me know if I can do anything to help her – my email addy is Snow-dropcottage@hotmail.co.uk. I'm very very lucky and appreciate being on a good salary and being able to manage albeit just. Frugal living is now a way of life and a continual education on how to economize. Many thanks again for all your hints and tips. Hope your family especially your daughter is well. I don't have your personal email so please forgive me using this. Hope you have a good bank holiday. Regards Jan


  18. I have just finished a quilt ready for winter. It cost me £13. All I had to buy was the wadding. I used old shirts, cotton trousers, clothes my children grew out of before they were worn through and used a microfibre fleece blanket as the backing. It is going to keep us warm this winter. Thanks for the inspiration.


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