And breathe!

 Hi everyone,

It’s a good job I didn’t get my hopes up. The estate agent did have a buyer, with a specific budget, and offered me the price; the only price I may add and I had to refuse it. It was 10K under what I could take as I have a 7.5K early repayment fee. He understood and made it clear as he’d sold the prospective purchaser’s house and was party to the mortgage deals available to them that there was no more money. We left it at that. I think my house is worth a little more but I’m not the buyer and they dictate the price.

We hadn’t planned to do anything at all until 9th September 2012, which is the date our mortgage ‘tie in’ expires. However, after that, there is no hold on us at all. We can move our mortgage even if we don’t manage to sell. We will hold on and just live as economically as ever between now and then and pay as much of the mortgage capital as we possibly can. From December 1st, when the last payment goes out to the home loan, all of our spare money will go towards mortgage repayment, up to 10% of the balance otherwise we incur charges. See what I mean about financiers! They even sting you when you try to pay off your debts sooner.

 I can and will reign in all spending and make sure I live as frugally as possible. You all know me well enough to know that this is a minor set back and I will get over it. Some day, sooner or later, we will be in the position to sell our home and stop paying such a mammoth mortgage and have a reasonable house, with affordable costs.

The sun poured through our windows today, the house was bathed in natural light and the wall sized picture windows let us see all the hills and countryside opposite our house. I walked the short distance to the supermarket, walked around the friendly neighbourhood with my dogs, chatted to people as I did so. I saw smiling faces in a small and welcoming community. I came home to a bright and cheerful home, surrounded on all sides by a private garden and enjoyed a cup of coffee on my terrace. Life is good.

 My wonderful mum is coming to see me tomorrow and I shall take her out for lunch at a little local pub nearby. I’ll take her for a short walk on the moor to the standing stones (weather permitting) and we’ll just enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. I keep counting my blessing. I live in a stunning and beautiful place and will cope with the cost as I always have. I will live carefully and economically so I can always afford it. I know I can make my home comfortable with limited funds, charity shop and car boot sale finds. We’ll be fine and we’ll carry on.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


15 thoughts on “And breathe!

  1. Enjoy your life and living. By living frugally I retired early (57) in order to live a life for me, just gardening, making, baking, walking, volunteering and being with family and friends. Your goals are in sight and with your thinking you are actually 'there' already. Happy living.
    Love from Mum


  2. A year is nothing as you know and you'd have been silly to throw away £7.5k – all will be well & you'll have an easier time of it later. You've been a massive inspiration. I'm not as good as you but I'm making small very useful steps in the right direction. xx


  3. Keep going Froogs! You are doing so well and are such an inspiration to the rest of us. I have loved learning how to live a simpler and more fulfilling life from you and others out there in the blogosphere.


  4. I tell myself every day how lucky I am and I mean it!

    I'm now retired and although I live on a severely restricted income, I have no debt, can afford everything I need and I'm able to spend my time doing the things that are important to me. Spending time with my family, voluntary work, reading, gardening, oh I could go on and on!

    I really do count my blessings every day.

    And I do so admire what you're tryng to achieve.


  5. I live in the States, South Carolina, to be exact and I think I became frugal when we began having droughts on our farm back thirty or more years ago…now it is a way of life for me. Squeeze out the last little bit of toothpaste….buy on sale whenever possible etc…. We were about to be foreclosed on by the very people who encouraged us to borrow more and more money when we had a bad year until we couldn't pay it back. Even though “the lenders” had twice as much equity in our land and house at a foreclosure they wouldn't care as long as they got their money. We sold the farm and went to work off farm. Fortunately, we are retired now and only owe for our car and truck and pay cash for everything else (no credit card debt). Keep your goal and you will make it…and continue to count your blessings.


  6. It just wasnt meant to happen. When its the right time, everything will fall into place like dominoes. I feel very blessed too because I have a job, a roof over my head and food in the pantry.


  7. You have such a brilliant attitude. Sorry the Buyer didn't work out, but as someone else said you'd be silly to throw away 7.5k just for the sake of a quick sale.

    I think if it were me, I'd ride out this year thinking of that money, you'll be in a fantastic position next year.

    Love the sentiment posters, I've pinched one to use at some time in my Blog, I hope you don't mind.

    Sue xx


  8. hi i live in a very rural area of spain .moved here 4 years ago sold up in uk now have a village house no mortgage very few outgoings am very lucky….i thought i was good at reusing recycling but this community i live in has taught me a thing or two…they grow fix and mend everytyhing they running to the supermarket if you forget something its 30 miles away.
    on that note if you mix in treacle with granulated sugar you have muscovado its cheaper than the real thing and works well..good luck ,enjot the blog karen


  9. I am very confused by British mortgages, over here you either get one for 15 or 30 years, which you can refinance any time you're willing to pay to do it or you get an ARM an adjusted rate mortgage with a rate that can go up or down depending on what the rate is tied to.
    We've owned nearly 10 homes (some we rented out) and never had to pay a fee for paying them off early.
    We can pay as much additional principal as we want.
    We refinanced our current home in January for a lower rate and our house payment is now nearly $400 lower than it was.
    Sorry about the buyers, but if you're getting offers now it should be even better in a year.


  10. Hi mac and janet – if you get a fixed term mortgage, say at 5%, then you fix into the deal for a nominal amount of years. it's a good way of knowing how much you will pay, however, there is a fee to get out, mine was £7.5K – the fees vary. some mortgages have different deals, different fees and different rates, it depends which one you buy


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