Spaghetti Carbonara – cookalongafroogs!

Hi everyone (three blogs in one day! I am a yappy so and so today!)

When I look up and down a restaurant menu, I can see huge great big words saying ‘rip off’. They will charge you a massive amount of money for food that a child could cook. This weekend, treat your selves to some home cooked food. We always lay the table, set cutlery, drink out of our nice glasses and use cloth napkins. We deserve to be well fed. Turn off the radio and take time to talk. I did this at home as a child, we did this everyday when the children were at home and even now, when there’s just the two of us. We still do this. I haven’t cooked spaghetti carbonara since the kids were at home and it was something I would knock together on a cold winter’s night. Well, tomorrow night or any night, make the effort to cook something lovely, eat at the table and enjoy that chat whilst you do so.

I make this cheaply as I don’t buy Pecorino cheese, but buy Parmesan instead. You can buy a sizeable chunk of it in Lidl for £2.50 and, if you use it sparingly, it will last for weeks. This recipe calls for a mass of cheese and I put about 100g in there. You could get away with less. You could use quark instead of cream or to save money, you could make a cheese sauce but that can be heavy with the pasta. Also, this is extremely rich and you only need a little. I made too much and DB has a tupperware box full of carbonara to eat at work tomorrow. And yes, it will keep for a day or two in the fridge and it heats up just fine. So here goes, cookalongafroogs part 2 – Spaghetti Carbonara.

1. Put a large pan of salted water onto boil – drop the spaghetti in as soon as it is boiling. You now have time to prep. everything else.

I use half a pack of cooking bacon, chopped into small pieces, two thinly sliced cloves of garlic, one small chopped onion, two eggs beaten together with two or three tablespoons of cream. I used thick Cornish cream and loosened it with milk, season the egg mixture well with pepper.

 2.Whilst you are prepping the ingredients, get another large pot on the stove and get it hot.

 3.You will need to finely grate some hard Italian cheese.

 Add some olive oil (or cheap oil if you want) to a hot pan and add the onions, garlic and bacon, keep stirring. When the spaghetti is cooked and the bacon is cooked. You will need to work really quickly to not lose the heat as now you’re going to mix it all together.

 Add the well drained spaghetti to the bacon mixture – either turn the heat off or down really low.

 Add the egg mixture and stir really quickly, then immediately add the cheese. Stir through thoroughly.

 The egg and cream mixture will cook through in seconds. Keep stirring and serve immediately.

Serve with salad, if lucky, you will find a bag for 20p in the Co-op or even better, get some out of the garden. Please don’t eat this more than once a month as it’s so calorific! I succumbed to a tiny amount and remembered why I shouldn’t eat it! This would cost you about £9.50 in a restaurant and they would be laughing all the way to the bank if you’re willing to pay it. This is a great recipe to teach children and I know both of mine can cook this as they had it so often when they grew up.

Now, although I ‘don’t do curry’, I am quite willing to give anything else a go – any suggestions of something you would like to know how to cook?

I’m off for a very, very long walk after eating that!

I’ll be back tomorrow,

Love Froogsxxxxx


19 thoughts on “Spaghetti Carbonara – cookalongafroogs!

  1. As soon as I open a new pack of Parmesan, I grate it all finely and then keep it in a plastic tub in the freezer, this extends the keeping time for even longer and it's always there ready to use.

    This works well with ANY grated cheese, it stays free flowing as long as you don't overfill your tub and melts within seconds of coming out of the freezer.

    Sue xx


  2. Looks lovely Frogs. Thanks for the tip about the Parmesan I will stock up. A tasty variation is substituting cold cooked ham/gammon (especially if yellow stickered), or a veggie alternative using lots of chopped mushrooms instead of the meat. I hope you have mastered the quilt, they look so pretty.


  3. That looks really delicious, see what you mean about calorific!

    Can you please tell me where and how you store your potatoes when you took them out of the bag? I did so today. I think I've got about 15lbs out of two bags. Maybe I'll just grow greens next year, a lot of watering for a few spuds! They disintegrate in the pan so better to steam them.


  4. Thats my favourite, but then I enjoy all Italian food!
    I buy my Parmesan from Lidl too, I buy two and finely grate one into individual small portion. It lasts for ages because I freeze the portions for Spaghetti Bolognaise as it is so finely grated it can be used from frozen straight on to a meal if you forget to defrost it. The other one I use sparingly!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


  5. That's the kind of dish I like to cook on a cold winter night, when I'm too lazy for real cooking but hungry and longing for a hearty and filling meal !!!
    I really like your tutorials btw, you make it very clear and easy too understand for people don't have a clue about basic cooking, that's a really good idea !


  6. Only me for tea tonight, so thought I'd look to you for inspiration. I had to improvise with what I had, so used ham instead of bacon, cheddar instead of parmesan, garlic granules instead of fresh and milk instead of cream. As you mentioned to toffeeapple it was like spag and scrambled egg, but it was very tasty even so. I will though make sure I stock up on bacon, parmesan and especially cream. Many thanks also for showing a picture of your mini oven.


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