Sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice

Hi everyone,

I’m feeling really flat today. I’ve been sewing and I spent more time taking it apart and trying to get it right and still not getting it right. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. We’ve been painting all day and we’ve got two coats on the wall and on the ceiling. Tomorrow, I will go back to fighting with curtain linings and quilts. I need a whole room floor space to pin out my quilt correctly as I’ve taken it all apart again as it started to ‘twist’ which would result in pleats in the backing if I didn’t start again.

We had roast chicken and salad for supper last night and today I pulled off the leg and wing meat, made sure nothing was left on the carcass and put it in the oven with some sweet and sour sauce. It costs 59p from Lidl and there is no way I can make it any cheaper than that.

 I defrosted some rice I had cooked earlier and fried it with some oil, garlic,ginger and peas and then scrambled two eggs through it. I then put some in ‘tupperware’ for DB’s lunch tomorrow when he goes back to work.

Here’s the finished result – DB loved it.

What do you make from left overs?

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxx


15 thoughts on “Sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice

  1. Today I made chicken, ham & mushroom in a white sauce, I either make a pie from it or serve it with pasta, I've also made stock from the chicken carcase. There are enough chicken scraps left to make chicken spread for sandwices tomorrow.


  2. Yesterday I cooked a small smoked gammon joint from Aldi. First I cooked it the pressure cooker with carrot and onion. Then I took the rind off, scored the fat and rubber mustard and brown sugar into the fat and then into the mini over with the top element on till the sugar caramalised,

    I used the liquor to make enough leek and lentil soup for 3 days,

    Once the gammon was cold I sliced it on the slicer. divided it up to make supper tonight and tomorrow and a packet for sarnies in the freezer.

    I put 6 slices of the gammon in foil and put them in the top of the steamer whilst I cooked new potato's carrots, green beans and cauliflower in the bottom of the steamer and made parsley sauce.

    Tomorrow we will have some of the sliced gammon with salad.


  3. The chicken looks lovely! I have a smaller, 4 lb fryer chicken in the Crockpot for our Sunday dinner. It's resting on a bed of sliced fennel, carrots,scallions and topped with fresh lemon juice, fresh herbs, black pepper. I will serve brown rice on the side. It'll make a lovely stock, which i will save for a future soup. The remaining meat will be stripped from the carcass after supper, the bones and skin will be brought to a boil and simmered for 1 hour before I strain and cool it off. It will also become a stock. the leftover meat is destined for a rice stir fry as you have made.


  4. Hello, have you tried safety pins (like the nappy ones)or smaller for your quilt? It was recommended to me when I was in a quilting shop and it made life so much easier and stopped blood getting everywhere when I used to accidently stab myself!!!! lol…


  5. Hi Jan – me and the quilt almost went off the tamar bridge today, it drove me quite literally to the edge! I have discovered that I don't have a 3m by 3m space anywhere in the house and I couldn't get the layers straight and it' s now all apart – I'm so stressed out that if I had any glue – I would sniff it!


  6. That looked nice. What a good idea for the rice. I must try that one.

    That nappy pin is a good idea Jan. Have you tried clothes pegs FQ?

    I have no floor space at all in my tiny house, i have to push the two sofas right back into the corners if I want to do anything. Plus a coffee table which holds Mr C's business papers.


  7. We love chicken pie as well. At the moment I have some pastry packet mixes from AF so it's really economical. Left over gammon tends to get used as “ham, egg and chips”. I enjoy the leftovers as much as the roast dinner!


  8. Please don't get too stressed about the quilt – believe me, every quilter has been through the same thing. However, it will all be worth it in the end. Jan's advice re pins is good. Special quilting safety pins are best/easiest as they are shaped to allow for the thickness of a quilt. Ordinary ones will do, too. When you lay your backing on the carpet pin it at the edges to the carpet with straight pins and then put wadding and quilt top on top. Use LOTS of safety pins! Hope this helps and we looking forward to seeing the finished quilt in due course x


  9. thursday – roast chicken & veg
    – then stripped all meat and made friday – soup from carcass stock and leftover veg
    saturday – family visited- cold meats plus salad
    sunday – more cold meats – and leftover salad
    monday – planning to make curry with last bits of meat
    [and if any left, that will go in jacket spuds on tuesday]
    thats at least 14 portions of food from one chicken!


  10. I was motivated by your post about not eating out, but thought “it is more fun to eat out”!
    Last night my husband and I grilled barbecue chicken and ears of corn, and had a salad. I wanted dessert and we are watching our weight so I made homemade low fat brownies, but served them in pretty dessert dishes with a dollap of ice cream on top.
    But the best thing we did was to dress like we were going out, set a pretty table, and put on a Kenny G CD. It was a great evening and our meal only cost about $5 for us both! Thanks for your inspiration!


  11. During the week we'll have one or 2 meals that are made up of only leftovers. I keep them all in plastic food containers in the fridge and just reheat them in the microwave.

    Usually mid week or on a Friday I'll have a look in the fridge to see what I have and serve them as a meal, sometimes this means that each one of us will have a different dish from the others depending on how much there is.

    When I roast a whole chicken, for instance, I can usually make 2 to 3 meals out of it for the 3 of us. The last one being some sort of pie or pizza.


  12. Tonights tea will be roast chicken (stripped from a roast and frozen), baby potatoes, coleslaw & salad. Tomorrow the leftover baby potatoes will be put in a fritatta, along with onions, peppers and some diced gammon (from the ends of a joint i cooked and froze a few weeks ago) which will be serve with baked beans and crusty bread. Another portion of the roast chicken will be mixed with a tin of sweetcorn, white sauce and made into a pie later in the week. Nothing gets wasted in this house if i can help it! I like your idea for the egg fried rice, i've never tried that before but i'll be having a go soon. Take care, K xx


  13. One of our favourite meals in 'Leftover Quiche'.

    Lilterally any odds and ends in the fridge at the end of the week are placed in pastry case and topped with a couple of our free range eggs (lightly beaten) and then a sprinkle of grated cheese.

    It has never failed….yet!! And we had had some unusual mixtures.

    Sue xx


  14. I am roasting a chicken today, so we will have a roast dinner today. I couldn't get a chicken as large as I would have liked it, so there may only be leftovers for a lunch or two for my husband to take to work(chicken salad).If it was larger we would have cold chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and Branston pickle for tomorrow's dinner. I will be making soup from the bones as always – a recipe adapted from one a friend gave me, involving chicken, tomatoes, sweetcorn mushrooms and ginger. Yum.

    Looking for forward to seeing your version of spaghetti carbonara – thanks for doing that FQ! 🙂


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