A jumble sale and quilting!

Hi everyone,

Two more followers!! Thanks! I’m still surprised that anyone is really that interested in my on-line diary. It’s a funny old world, my day isn’t complete without hearing about your craft, your cooking, what you’re wearing, your political interests, yours pets, your livestock, your farms and homesteads, your small holdings and tiny holdings, your urban eco existence, your children, your thrifting, couponing and money saving. I enjoy your blogs and you are very welcome to keep reading mine. Thanks again to everyone who’s reading this.

We’ve now moved on to renovating our master bedroom. It’s quite a plain and simple room, I don’t agree with all that superior interior design nonsense about being a ‘sanctuary’. Millions of people don’t have a home! Every day I close my door and have a roof over my head; I count my many, many blessing. My bedroom is just where I sleep. I sometimes read there, but usually read in the sitting room. By the time I go to bed on a working day; I’m asleep before I’ve closed my eyes. Consequently, my room is very plain. I know it needs to be a ‘nice’ room to impress buyers. It already classes the house as almost third world as there is no ensuite bathroom; so I need what there is to look lovely. Our biggest expense is paint and fabric for curtains, or new curtains if they prove cheaper than fabric.

It always surprises me how long the preparation takes and how quick the painting is. We’ve sanded down, washed with sugar soap, filled holes, washed and painted the ceiling. Whilst that has been happening,(DB does the main share of any decorating) I’ve been altering a curtain I bought at a charity shop, that I’ve lined with thermal lining in readiness to hang over the hallway door to keep the heat in. It might seem overly cautious to be preparing for winter so early but with 25% increases in energy bills, we’ve got to do what we can to stay warm as there will be no more money in the budget, which means we have to use 25% less energy, just to pay the monthly payments we do so now. Trago Mills came to my rescue and they sell extra wide thermal lining (sort of a rubberised cloth that stops light and heat escaping) for £2.68 a running metre. I’ll show you the curtain when I’ve bought a curtain pole. I’m going to line all the curtains I make in the future as there are only so many layers one woman can wear.

Today, I’ve started ‘quilting’. I didn’t have enough backing material so I’ve used some of the patches which I had over to make up the rest of the back. I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t need to be perfect, that’s it’s good enough for me and we’ll be warm which in turn means we’ll get away with less heating.

I thought I would have a lovely gloat over the smashing clothes I bought at a local jumble sale this morning. They were raising money for the ‘Hearing dogs for the deaf’ so I was determined to find something to buy. Everything was really good quality and on racks but still they were selling three items for £1, so I bought a tee shirt, a jumper and a blouse and all were like new. I also bought three novels, which I’ll give back to a charity shop when I’ve read them. My fantastic find was unopened and brand new M&S opaque tights for 50p and a Per Una scarf for 50p! I will look posh when I go back to work. If only paint was so cheap………..I felt totally sick paying almost £25 a tin for the stuff! I so rarely spend money that I’ve almost forgotten how to, but I remind myself that if no one spent any money, I wouldn’t be able to buy lovely clothes at jumble sales!

Thanks again for dropping by and I’ll see you all tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


21 thoughts on “A jumble sale and quilting!

  1. That's a darn fine idea about the lining for the curtains. I'm going to have a look for some online – Better to do it now I guess than wait until the freeze sets in! Ta Froogs x


  2. We haven't had a jumble sale around here for ages, so well done on the finds!

    Good idea lining the curtains, we don't even have double glazing so need to keep as warm as possible.

    I've got four rooms to paint and decorate, but shudder at the paint prices!


  3. I made thermal linings for the kitchen curtains I made and I also bought a set for the curtains in our bedroom, mostly to keep the early morning light out, our room faces east and I was getting woken up at 3am when it started to get light…..

    Nothing woring woth using left over blocks to make y up the backing for a quilt, I have done it myself.

    Well done for your jumble sale buys. I was visiting the charity shops in our town this afternoon, but everything was blackm I look awful in black…..


  4. I spent 94€ for 15litres of paint yesterday.
    We have a huge lounge and I wanted a specific colour, so I had to go for a large tin!
    MOH is doing the same as Db, filling in holes, sanding down and getting ready for painting. He will paint all round the edges and beams and boy do we have a lot of beams – then I will use the roller to paint the rest.


  5. Which supermarket would you recommend for a cheaper shop? Aldi, Lidl, Tesco or Asda? Where do you shop and how do you know where the bargains are, eg your recommendation of ASda's salmon fillets 2 for £5. Do you visit them all or do you check them out online first?


  6. Paint prices are truly obscene – I have seen it for sale in Wilkinsons before but never checked out the price – I wonder how they compare because they're often reasonable for other things – we tend to use Wickes' own brand which is not bad quality but their colour range can be limited


  7. Hi Jo,
    1. I'm not loyal to any store – I use lidl, aldi, tesco and asda. asda and tesco are on my way home from work and I go to mysupermarket to look for offers. I know asda is best for frozen, i know lidl is best for meat, veg, flour, eggs, cheese, bacon etc, i know tesco is best for store cupboard staples and i buy their value range. i know aldi is best for cleaning products and toiletries – sign up to lidl and aldi's website and they will email you three times a week with their offers, they also have links on their pages to reduced prices e.g sometimes all frozen is half price so stock up on things like pizza if you eat it, we tend to stock up on stir fry veg and frozen meat – get onto their websites, sign up to tesco and asda and then mysupermarket and you can compare


  8. I'm definitely going to make a heavy door curtain for the front door this winter – have already primed the kids that we are saving money and they'll need to 'layer up' in winter as the heating will be turned down! Cosy blankets at the ready! Your blog is great, I love reading it every day.


  9. I have invested in a product from an eco store which is an additive for normal paint
    ( sorry couldnt work out how to post it as a link)
    its supposed to help prevent moisture coming through and acts as a thermal barrier.
    supposed to cut upto 20% of your energy consuption.It reads good im just hoping it works as im like you fq trying to go for 25 % less consumption, hense why we are sat in the dark with only the glow from the laptop for light.


  10. Every now and then an estate sale or garage sale can produce a bargain. I got 10 yards of cotton for one dollar yesterday. In good condition. We will use for a quilt back. I am headed for a country auction to see if there are quilting supplies tomorrow.


  11. My gosh you are busy!! I am having a lazy summer. Your house is going to look great when you are done. But it is so much work. Been there, done that! And it is good to get ready for winter before it is here. The ant and the grasshopper is a lesson we have all learned as children. Guess I better get moving too!


  12. Well done Froogs on your shopping and quilt making! Are we getting a pic of the model wearing these new purchases??
    I'm lucky that I have off-cuts of blackout lining nd stitch these together patchwork syle but, have to 'Bondaweb' the joins because the stitching holes show up when the sun shines through! Or as in one occasion, I'd already got loose linings for the curtains and simply put the black out lining that was joined next to the curtains and then the thermal linings next and the stitching holes didn't show through.

    Sandie xx


  13. I keep trying to find jumble sales around here but there aren't any. To get real bargains they need to be in a certain area, otherwise the stuff isn't so good.

    I agree about bedrooms and bathrooms. I must be the only person in our close who hasn't had a new bathroom suite and new kitchen and the house was built in the early 80s. My bathroom is blue which I think is rather pretty but the finish lets it down, they finish off much better nowadays. The kitchen I'd love to change but it would still only be a smallish kitchen and the lack (to me) of worktop space & cupboards would still be there so I may as well save my money just now.

    The furniture is make do although my bed is good, that's the most important thing.

    There is too much rubbish being spouted about houses, all to get people to be dissatisfied with their homes. Everyone expects things and with little money they go into debt for it.

    You're certainly been busy, and working really hard. Asda sell paint, I don't know if it's any cheaper.


  14. I am investigating large bubble wrap for some of my windows this winter. Just cut to size spray the window with water and put the wrap in place; it apparently just peels off when you want to remove it. It could work on bedroom and guestroom and bathroom windows. Worth a try in addition to thermal lined curtains.


  15. Good idea starting now thinking about winter. No use making linings etc when your fingers are frozen solid!

    Speaking of freezing, I took on board all your lessons on filling up the freezer. I didn't have one so I asked on Freecycle and this lovely lady gave me an almost new one – so chuffed. Her family even loaded it into the the back of my car for me – there are some angels out there. The trouble is that after so long without one I keep forgetting about it and that I can freeze my leftovers.

    I used to get all these designer Dulux colours for my walls, but in recent years a huge tub of white matte emulsion from wilkinsons has been used on my walls. Now if I want to ring the changes with colour etc I just fish out a different coloured throw (from charity shop) and chuck it over the sofa. Saves me loads of money and hours with paint colour cards.

    Looking forward to your next blog, you're such an inspiration.

    L xx


  16. Paint has gotten very expensive, but in its defense–it has also gotten a lot better. Thirty years ago, we had to repaint every 3-4 years. This house will soon be 14 years old and the paint is original to the house. It still looks good, too!

    It covers better, too. Besides being less work, you don't need as much paint. I used to have to do 3 coats to get truly opaque walls; I haven't painted more than two coats in a very long time. Yesterday I painted a room the same color it was before, and one coat did it and did it well.

    Do you have Behr paint in Britain? It is sold at The Home Depot in the U.S. They have a new formula that has primer in the paint, and it covers really, really well. It is $30-something a gallon, and well worth it.

    As for linings…although thermal would have been better, I lined curtains for a new house with unbleached muslin. (I've used sheets bought at thrift stores and yard sales, too). Besides being heavier (hopefully more energy efficient) they hang beautifully, too. I just sewed the lining to the face fabric and turned it–making a large tube. Then I hemmed the top and bottom, treating the two layers as one piece. Depending on your rods, you may be able to make separate linings and simply hang them behind curtains you already have.


  17. I feel your pain, we had to touch up a patch of the landing this week and the paint was £20.
    Great news on the jumble. It's wonderful that people still think of charities in these hard times. x


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