Saying no to take aways!

 Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who became a follower over the last few days; it’s lovely to know who you are and again, thanks so much to all of you who comment or who left a comment recently. I really enjoy reading your remarks.

We don’t eat out. I don’t see food as a treat; it’s just fuel and nutrition. I don’t like restaurants or cafes or pubs. As a trained cook, I know every trick in the book and most of what you eat is out of a freezer, over priced and never worth what you pay for it. I do though, like good quality and healthy food that doesn’t cost too much.

I am struggling to find low carb Chinese sauces as they are full of sugar. I’ve had a hunt round Lidl and found some marinade, which was 5% carbs, which although too high is the same levels of carbs you find in milk or cheese. Most Chinese stir fry sauces are almost 25% sugar, so I avoid them. Much too fattening!

Tonight we had thinly sliced pork steaks (on offer in Lidl) with onions, sugar snap peas, mushrooms and green peppers, all stir fried together/. One fried, add a couple of spoons of water, put on the lid and steam.

How many of you dear readers have said no to restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeaways?

See you tomorrow, Froogs xxxxxx


25 thoughts on “Saying no to take aways!

  1. Looks very nice. I must say since I am trying to change my spending ways. I am getting more frugal with regards to things like eating out. I enjoy eating in the comfort of my home no crowded atmosphere!. Keep up the good work x


  2. We are now entering a frugal phase and one of the first things off the list of expenses have gone takeaways – this will also help with mine & MrVV's planned weightloss!!!

    Just wish we had a Lidl or Aldi nearby – they are wonderful. We shopped there loads when we were camping last week – great quality and wonderful prices.


  3. A definite no-no to restaurants etc. unless we get 2 for 1 vouchers, but I agree it's often food-disappointment, as we eat better at home. I've subscribed to some underground tea rooms and dining clubs – I'm sure it's cheaper, good company and better quality food. I think it's difficult to say no to eating out completely if you love food. I have started to say 'no' to more invites out, as I know I can't afford it (your good advice!)


  4. I've gone in the opposite direction and we eat out a lot, but cheaply. I thought when I retired that I would do a lot of cooking. Nope! I no longer go to pricey restaurants because we've found good ones that are reasonable. And anyhow, I hate snobby restaurants.

    When I cook at home, though, I'm really mingy.


  5. we occasionally buy indian and sometimes on our club night, wednesday, we will have a burger or nachos. I love a “treat” out at a restaurant. not often otherwise it wouldnt be a treat would it. but i see food as being much more than fuel. Last night we had takeaway as i had a splitting headache and couldnt bare the lights, so while i hid in a dark room glen went out for chips and burgers. But when im not sick i love to cook and its way more than just food, its putting love and attention into a meal that i then present to glen and i, its aways a treat at home, no wonder ive got a lard arse!!! haha. for me, id rather be like this, id be miserable without carbs,


  6. Eating is a big part of our family life, we all love our food and we tend to use this as a big get together especially on Sunday. we used to love eating out but then realised how crap and over priced it was. So now we tend to have a nice treat at weekends. Hubby and I tend to stay in (due to my job) and he cooks up some great meals. I prefer to eat and get drunk on a budget in my own home where I know I dont get ripped off and can where my pj's and no bra at the table/sofa and dont have to leave a tip for crap food and crap service


  7. I went thru a stir fry phase and used soy sauce and no sugar. Probably not as sweeet as i now like but now I would use an artificial sweetner for that touch of sweet in my sauces.

    We loved a mess of veggies all stir fried.

    We do like to eat out but only occasionally for breakfast or lunch. If we do Chinese takeaway, I get at least 2-3 meals from the leftovers. Serving our portions in the kitchen keeps us from eating past the full feeling. We would eat it all in the restaurant.


  8. We have cut down on our eating out times. I have been cooking more at home, mostly on the grill and some summer salad type side dishes to go with. I will say that if we both worked late or just feel too tired to cook and just want to treat ourselves, we go out. The Mr said he does enjoy coming home to a home cooked meal after work….


  9. I must be in a minority here. I spend £40 a week on food for the two of us, no more is available to eat out, or for take away, I must keep a very tight budget and take away food is salty, fatty and over priced here and restaurants are just hell holes which charge you for the misery they induce.


  10. We did not have a takeaway the other week but we had a couple of ready made pizzas bought from the supermarket and boy did we not enjoy the meal. We thought our homemade version was of better quality and far tastier. Like you said, the salt content is too high and it is very noticable when you make all meals from scratch.


  11. We rarely eat out as husband works all the hours god sends just to try to keep his business going. We ate out two weeks ago when we went for weekend away (classed as our 'holiday') to Steam and Car show, where he might have got some work from) and as we were with a party, had to.

    We are like you, what you spend on food for two somewhere, you could probably feed yourselves at home half a week.

    It amazes me how many people go to local shopping centre just down the road from them, meeting friends for coffee in the middle of the afternoon. Coffee at some of these places is £1.80. I begrudge that as I can just have it at home.


  12. we never eat out and haven't for quite a lot of years. I just refuse to pay heaps of money for something I can make better at home.
    For the kids we have 'home made takaway' every now and then I'll make some burgers, cut up some chips for the oven or sometimes make chicken nuggets add a salad and they are happy.


  13. I cooked a nice meal last night of chicken with cheesy rotini and broccoli…and then had to throw it in the trash when a bowl broke into a million pieces and got glass all in my chicken. My husband said no worries so we ordered a pizza. I could've gotten mad and really kicked myself but I made a choice not to.

    We probably eat out a little too much. I'm not a very good cook but I'm trying.


  14. I'd eat all my meals out if I could afford it…don't like cooking or doing the dishes one little bit…plus I'm not a good cook!!!

    Since jumping on the frugal train I've packed more lunches than ever and lost weight from eating more fruits and veggies…


  15. Minority? you say, No you are just the Queen dear froogs,frugal royality. we are all unique and we all dance to the beat of our own drums, i might buy the odd takeaway but then unlike you when i buy groceries i dont buy any pre made sauces or other foods except bread, everything else is straight animal meat or vege, or baking needs or dairy or spice. oh i lie, we buy peanut butter.
    we have a great chippy, their burgers are lovely, real chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese on a bun ($5.70). i buy indian about 3 x a year and go to restaurants about 2 x a year.


  16. Apart from the occasional visit to McDonald's as a treat for our son we don't eat out or buy take aways. Husband worked as a waiter and as a kitchen porter for a catering company and saw what went behind on the scenes and it made him even more reluctant to eat any food that's not homemade. Wherever we go we always take food from home. That way we know what we're eating and save some money in the process.


  17. We never go out to eat in fast-food or cheap chain restaurant. But as a treat, every other month or so, we have dinner with our 3 kids in a good restaurant. In France we have really good ones for an affordable price and I can't make this kind of gourmet meals at home, even if I am a pretty good cook, I am not a Chef !!
    I think you can make your own version of those Chinese sauces. I don't like to buy ready-made things either, because they are full of garbage like MSG, food colourings and loaded with sugar.
    I buy organic soy sauce in 1 litre bottle, it's a bit expensive but it's the only way to be sure to avoid GMO and it last for months !


  18. Delicious. We rarely eat out nowadays but enjoy a variety of Indian/Thai/Chinese/French/Italian meals at home…there's good recipes everywhere on-line and you know what you're eating if you make it yourself.
    Our one treat is to share a combination plate of Chinese food in a Food Hall in the city now and then…good value at $8Au for both of us.



  19. We eat out as a treat, but not a lot. We do take out for things we can't make ourselves — if it is not overpriced.

    While it isn't totally low-carb, I like to use fruit juices for sweetener in oriental type dishes. Sometimes it is the juice from a canned fruit I used for something else (I buy the fruit packed in juice, not syrup). Or I boil the ends of fruit and use the water.

    Also, fruit only spreads can be a nice base for sauce to add just a touch of flavor but not as much added sucrose.

    You might also try a sweet wine that has the alcohol cooked off.


  20. We live so far from a takeway that it is impossible to have one. I much prefer our own “takeaways” so much nicer, thanks fro the tip re lidil's perfume, got some yesterday, amazing. ta X


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